From Antoine Vilediu, MMA fighter to RN deputy

Strasbourg (AFP) – “Will we still be able to demonize us after this?”

Double world champion in this discipline, which combines significantly in wrestling, jiu-jitsu and karate, in just a few years he has built a reputation in the French-com media.

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Sometimes to popularize what was still called free-war, sometimes as an ambassador for charitable work, donating some of his fighting bonus to sick children.

“A good mood behind which humanism shines,” Republican East wrote about the champion in 2017, immortalized in full dictation for the ELA Association against leukodystrophy, one of whom is Zinedine Zidane Godfather. Tight-fitting T-shirt in a sharp build, we see him reading a lesson from Leila Slimani in 6th grade.

His career in the ring over, Vesol’s mayor, Alain Cretaine, a former LR macro-companion, offered to keep him on his list for the 2020 municipal election. So a peacekeeper, Vilediu, took over. Get elected … then resign after a few days in office.

In the question, a like below a tweet from Julian O’Dell, the very media representative of the RN in Borgogne-Fran -ois-Comte, who scratched Christoph Kastaner.

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“If we had known he was relaying RN publications on social networks before, we would never have taken him,” Alain Cretin regretted today, adding that his interim municipal councilor, initially registered under the Agir label, wanted constitutional rights above all else. “Shine”.

– “Frustration with Philon” –

“I didn’t feel comfortable on this list,” Vildeau argued, never being inserted until then, with an oath not to wear an advanced mask. “I felt like a sarcophagist, and then I had frustrations with Philon. In 2017, Macron-Le Pen, I didn’t vote, I don’t believe in it anymore,” he explained of his political position.

After becoming a police officer, first in Seine-Saint-Denis before joining the Besancon police station, Antoine Vilediu was “tempted by RN’s speech + law enforcement”.

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An open membership in the party followed following meetings with Julian Odul and Marine Le Pen, and here is the former champion bombing divisional representative of the RN in Hout-Saun at the start of the 2020 school year.

Last year, he became the spokesman for the Independent Professional Federation of Police, a union known to be close to the extreme right.

“I was the most beautiful, the most beautiful in the world, and overnight, I was blamed by the press,” he lamented, although he assured “not to blame anyone.”

After departmental failure, he revived in the autumn by bringing Marine Le Pen to Vesole for the first time on the occasion of the annual event Saint-Catherine Fair in this town of 15,000 inhabitants.

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– “First big slap” –

Take selfies with all the smiles and hang out for hours on end for RN’s boss. “The pictures served almost the entire campaign, it was insane,” the new deputy recalls. “I gave the first big slap on the local political plan.”

In the presidential election, Marine Le Pen has its fourth-best national score in Hout-Saun, about 57%. “Better than weight, it’s impossible”, still proud of the former champion of Italian descent, who traveled to Bergamo before the legislature election, where he has his roots, to meet deputies from Matteo’s right-wing party Lega. Salvini.

“They disappointed me by reminding me that a two-round majority ballot was too unfavorable for us”, compared to the transalpine proportional system.

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A few weeks later, Antoine Vildeu still won. It was well supported by local LR Baron Aline Joandet, who did not support the outgoing walker against the former boxer: “It could not be worse for Hout-Saun than in the last five years,” the former sarcastic minister announced.

“Valediu had an incredible opportunity, it’s a vote of etiquette rather than skill,” ridiculed Mark Mantovani, department manager at Reconquest! In Haute-Saône, a time associated with RN, which warns: “He has a lot of ambition”.

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