In short: Tony: The Child of the Rivers, The Minions, Stamping, Little Catherine Johnson and Donald and Jupiter’s Mission!

Look back at some of the most interesting innovations in comics from May and June 2022. In the program: Tony: River Child, Minion (Vol. 5 and 6)Stamping, Donald and Jupiter missions! And Little Catherine Johnson.

Tony: The Child of the Reverse. Sport is an inexhaustible source of strong emotions. It involves determination, resilience, cancellation, and increased imitation when competition becomes tougher. A sports history of single-seater canoeing triple world champion, Tony Estanguet, is closely linked to his family history. Her father, a sports teacher, her first coach, her older brother, her first model and rival. As a child, he already dreamed of being on par with their performances, traveling in the same waters as them. He was upset that he still could not follow in their footsteps on this very small excuse. Reading this first volume, entitled “The Child of the Rivers,” we can see how constructive this initial experience was for him. Elsa Cream and Fred Campoe immerse ourselves in the minds of our athletes, whose feelings are verbally expressed in the first person. From his beginnings in kayaking to canoe training to his rivalry with Slovak Mikal Martikan or his conflict with his brother Patrice to qualify for the Sydney Olympics, Tony Estanguet revealed himself through the menu in this first half of Diptich, both intimate. And exciting. A fan of Carl Lewis, a hard worker (both physically and mentally), the French cyst tells us three dimensions: family, sport and their emotional comfort. The “Coup de tête” collection from the Delcourt version again demonstrates how “comedy” is a high-level competitor.

Tony: Son of a bitchTony Estanguet, Elsa Cream and Fred Campo
Delcourt, May 2022, 64 pages

The-Minions-Mini-Bo-Kabuki-review-bdThe-Minions-Sporta-Bikini-review-bdMinions (Volumes 5 and 6). In 2010, the animated film I mean, ugly and The little yellow men in front of the stage are virtually inseparable from each other and led by a disgusting guru. These creatures, with their large spectacles and childish curves, will soon gain priority over other characters in the film from their comic book series to the point of benefiting from their own suffrage. Making voluntary mistakes, expressing themselves in obscene language marked by code-switching (from English, French, Spanish, Italian, etc.), these minions, a variety of yummy moles, are now benefited by the features of Reynold Colin (pencil) and (jokingly) Stephen. By Lapas’. This June 2022, the Dupuis version is offering two new albums featured as thumbnails, the first being “Sporta Bikini” and “Mini Boss Kabuki!” We thus discover that our yellowish heroes are cheating in football or hockey, endangering the lives of bungee jumpers through negligence, converting a racing car into a boat during pit stops or practicing bowling by throwing pins… the traditional shoes provided by the hall. Poor athletes, on the other hand, are seen to be extremely innovative, where these housewives are said to undermine fitness efforts by screaming painfully in the gym. This well-mannered humor is plentiful in “Mini Boss Kabuki! 7, where the framework is wider and where comic situations are more diverse as a result. We discover the little guru, whose life and night! – is obsessed with minions. Misunderstandings (ice cream trucks), extras (cheating at school), reassurances (motor racing) mark the relationship between the future villain and his little yellow chicken, because they are more oppressive than small hands. On one or two boards, with or without a grunt, the minions are constantly paired with pathos and irrationality: we impregnate a sofa with coffee in the hope of hiding a small spot (and thus avoid the wrath of women), we dig a hole to fill a few more centimeters To collect the soil needed for, we hijack a poster JawWe carelessly handled the garden hose… it is worth noting that the two albums, completely silent, are suitable for the youngest listeners.

Minions: Sporta BikiniStephane Lapuss’ and Renaud Collin
Dupuis, June 2022, 48 pages

Minions: Mini Boss Kabuki!Stephane Lapuss’ and Renaud Collin
Dupuis, June 2022, 48 pages

Comic-critical-stampingStamping. Benjamin took the side of Le Boucher “Outstanding”. He joins the black and white prints with irrational, irrational, often innovative, mentioned and ridiculous comments. Consists of about sixty separate pages, Stamping As effective as a method of humor using drawings by Juan Cortada, Miguel de Cervantes, Jean de la Fontaine, Jane Austen or even Louis Figuere: a print, a legend, the first featured historical situation or everyday, serious or trivial, the second in their semiology. “Eves always wanted to be on screen”We are specified under the image of a hanging man. “Julien began to wonder if she had been tricked into buying her cows on the Internet.”We slip under the representation of a man who is watching, his arm over his buttocks, a horse. “The first part of the musical chair was a disaster.”, We declare a social and / or political struggle under a painting depicting Benjamin Le Boucher added a few games in French (“Donate donate, repaint its shutter”) And famous cultural figures / phenomena such as William Tale, Pokemon or hints Calvin and Hobbes. The whole thing can be read at once, with pleasure, and absorbs a great deal of the contrast between printing and what it presents and the way its legends remove its meaning. We want more!

StampingBenjamin Le Boucher
Rabbit, June 2022, 60 isolated pages

Donald-and-The-Mayon-Jupiter-Comic-ReviewDonald and Jupiter missions! Luciano Botaro is a real Italian institution. Disney has more than 150 stories, representing a total of about 5,000 pages. Glénat versions have paid a beautiful tribute to him today, by combining several of his stories for the first time on the same album. Led by Drum Beating, Rebo, Donald, Daisy, Jantaf, Geo, Magical Hazel or Goofy, Donald and Jupiter missions! As much as its light tones and beautiful nature are valuable for gags for the roundness and smoothness of its design. Alternatively, the reader will be credited with the cunning act of a warrior on Saturn, Daisy’s angry temper, Hazel shamelessly trying to convince the idiot that witches really do exist, even Scrooge’s adventures in a strange spaceship. A scene or vignette twist shows a fisherman working in an astrophysics lab, extraterrestrials interrupted unexpectedly … cuts in advertising or even Hazel being confused with a sales representative or film director. Coral, colorful and as smart as it looks, Donald and Jupiter missions! Mixes adventure and humor without dead time or false notes. Something to delight junior readers.

See side by side


Donald and Jupiter missions!Luciano Botaro
Glénat, June 2022, 184 pages

Little-Catherine-Johnson-Comic-ReviewLittle Catherine Johnson. Freely inspired by the life of Katherine Johnson – the born Coleman – the album is the fourth in a remarkable collection of La Boyette editions of the Bulls edition, dedicated to the childhoods of gifted people who have identified the history of ideas, art and science. Scriptwriter and designer William Agel explored three dimensions to portray the early years of an important figure in the African-American community, a mathematician who had his heyday at NASA. Thus, in the family case – his parents, his siblings, his Hen Lucinda – are added his passion for mathematics, which contaminates every story, and his daily life in West Virginia, a region that is still characterized by separatism. In the short story, between one and three plates, bound with humor and curiosity, William Eagle shows how young Katherine Johnson was already fascinated by numbers, which helped her understand the world around her (and even farther away, as the moon is invited). More often in turn). We discover more bitter veins, the separation of the little girl, the color of her skin, the activity directed by her father – the farmer and the tool – even the relationship between whites and blacks. The author significantly staged Catherine and her brother imagining extraterrestrials from the moon by enslaving white men. They are wondering what black people can claim: “What’s under a slave?” A Highlighting science and math, putting it together, Little Catherine Johnson Also includes a biographical sheet, various games and puzzles following different stories. Something to keep junior readers busy.

Little Catherine JohnsonWilliam Agel
Bubble Box, June 2022, 80 pages

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