Legislature: “I have not decided to appoint myself to the Assembly”, assures Elizabeth Bourne


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“Prime Minister’s work is a CDD”

“The work of the Prime Minister is a fixed term contract, I assure you. I want to give back what my country has given me, ”the Prime Minister concluded.


“Everyone has to take responsibility”

“Everyone has to take responsibility. We have an unprecedented political situation. There are rules in the assembly, I will not define them, ”the prime minister assured on the possibility of working with the RN.


“I have not decided on my appointment in the assembly.”

“I have not decided to assign my responsibilities to the Assembly,” Matthewson’s tenant believed after a question from Ruth Elcriff.


“I am very confident of being able to find a deputy to vote in the text.”

“I am very confident of being able to find deputies to vote in the texts, because we will consolidate their position. We have deputies who are close to the majority, we will find them,” Elizabeth Bourne explained.


“We will work with other teams”

“We will naturally work with the Republicans but we will work with other parties as we have done with the communist group in the past,” the prime minister assured.


The presidential ceremony is still on the table

“This will be the first bill to be introduced in the Assembly: we want to immediately upgrade pensions for retirees and raise the minimum pension to 1,100 euros. These measures need to be financed. Collectively we need to do more,” said Elizabeth Bourne Development, referring to the presidential program.


“This is not an ultimatum”

“There is no absolute majority. The President’s appeal to the parties is not an ultimatum. Not what the president meant. Among our neighbors, this situation is common. There are alliances. How do we take the country forward? The alliance may be compromised or we are told We don’t want that, We can see the text by text. I am not afraid of hemicicycles, ”the Prime Minister explained.


“We need to listen to each other to find the majority”

“The French want us to have more dialogue with the political forces elected in the assembly. We need to listen to each other to find a majority, ”assures Mattignon’s tenant.


“If anyone thinks he’s providential, I’m waiting to see.”

“If anyone thinks he’s providential, I’m waiting to see. But going to meet the French, hearing of their inconvenience, I did just that in the countryside. When you meet caregivers who tell you about their difficult daily lives, you tell yourself: We need to change thingsThis is my mission, “added Elizabeth Bourne.


“We’ll find a way to find a, something, a majority.”

“I can tell you that I am taking action because there are issues that call for answers. I extend the Tariff Shield. We will also extend a helping hand. We’re looking at how we’re going to find a way to move one, some, the majority country forward, “Elizabeth Bourne explained at the LCI this evening.


‘Dialogue with all political forces’

“No one has the answer alone. We have to engage in dialogue with all the political forces that are ready to take the country forward,” the Prime Minister assured.


The first session of the new assembly will be chaired by an RN deputy, dean of Palace Bourbon

“Jose Gonzalez, dean of the National Assembly, will preside over the first session of the XVI legislature on Tuesday. It is an immense pride for our movement! “Welcome to Marine Le Pen on Twitter this Thursday.


Elizabeth Bourne will not eventually accept group presidents but will talk to them on the telephone

The Prime Minister will meet the presidents of the parliamentary parties by telephone on Thursday and Friday.

Thursday, June 23:– Laurent Marcanzelli, President of Horizons Group – Jean-Paul Mattei, President of Modem Group – Olivier Marleix, President of Les Republican Group – Andre Chasine, President of PCF Group – Boris Valoud, President of Socialist Group – Aurora Berg, Renaissance Group

Friday, June 24:– Julien Beau and Mrs. Serial Chatline, EELV Group Vice President – Marine Le Pen, RN Group President – Mathilde Panot, LFI Group President


Former LREM deputy Benoit Simien sentenced to eight months in prison for trying to harass his ex

Girond’s former deputy ex-LREM Benoit Simian, who tried to harass his wife and was in the process of divorcing, was sentenced by a Bordeaux criminal court on Thursday to an eight-month suspended sentence. A verdict under the Public Prosecutor’s requisition, which last March sought an 18-month prison sentence as well as a three-year disqualification sentence. The court did not uphold this additional fine that “the information was not committed within the framework of its parliamentary activity”.

Ludon-Meadow was charged with more than forty counts of “sometimes 2 or 3 times a day” at their home between July and November 2020, which he has not been able to enjoy since a restraining order. The 39-year-old former elected official has increased the number of arrivals and departures, especially in the out-of-house building converted into a parliamentary office.


June 30 Finance Committee fight

In the near future, another battle is going on in the chamber for the chairman of the finance committee, which must go to a member of the opposition. Left and RN are sharpening their weapons: LFI Eric Cockerel and RN Jean-Philippe Tangui are “candidates”, while PS Valerie Rabalt says he is “interested” in the position.

Voting will be on June 30.

Groups of the Nupes Alliance (LFI, PS, EELV, LFI), who held their first intergroup meeting on Thursday and promised a general proposal, especially on purchasing power, have assured that they will present “joint candidacies” for other key positions. Assembly


A “good thing” for the relative majority, two-thirds French people, according to a survey

Nearly two-thirds of French people believe that the relative majority obtained by Macroni in the legislature is “a good thing”, acknowledging that the winner of the RN ballot, while 57% want Elizabeth Bourne to leave Matignon, according to an Odaxa poll for Le Figaro. The fact that no political force won an absolute majority in this legislative election is “quite a good thing, because it gives the National Assembly a real role”, with 64% of voters believing that “the government must play its part. Opposition party to the law.” One-third (33%) of respondents believe that “it makes the country ungovernable and risks blocking France”.

The majority of French people (53%) say they are “satisfied” with the results of Sunday’s vote, while 80% of those questioned believe it is a national assembly that is “rather victorious” in the ballot.

Only 22% of presidents say the same thing for a majority assembly !, although it has won the most votes and seats in the National Assembly.


A Nupes intergroup meeting, once a week in the assembly

Nupes announced that it would hold an intergroup meeting every week. The next meeting will be on Tuesday. The first is held today and lasts 1h30.


For ecologist Julian Beau, the Finance Committee must return to the LFI

“The Finance Commission returned from La France insoumise between Nupes and Nupes”, announced Julien Bayou, vice-president of the environmental group.


Elizabeth Bourne received the chairpersons of the parliamentary group this Thursday and Friday

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne will give a reception at the Hotel de Matigan this Thursday evening, and throughout the day on Friday the chairpersons of the parliamentary group, newly elected to the National Assembly, will announce the services of the Prime Minister. “An update on the progress of the talks following the intervention of Emanuel Macron” is planned, according to our information, confirming the announcement made by RMC. The Prime Minister is also a guest of LCI at 8:50 pm.


Civil Service: Unions demand to start wage negotiations “without delay”

All public service unions are calling for “immediate” opening of discussions on the destabilization of index points, while the legislative election complicates the adoption of political landscape purchasing power bills. “Public Service Representative CFDT, CFE-CGC, CFTC, CGT, FAFP, FO, FSU, Solidaires, Unsa, note the unprecedented results of the legislative election and the elements of the democratic crisis it has revealed”, according to a joint statement.


Stephen Vojeta is back in the presidential majority

“For my part, I am always clear: dissent or not, once re-elected, I will rejoin the presidential majority. The fall of Wells, who is back in the presidential majority.


Two-way presidency for EELV in the legislature

“Elected as Vice President of Environmental Group in the National Assembly with Serial Satellite!”

Proud of this pair and this group. You can count on us! Julien Beu tweeted.


“Rally never, probably ally”

“I am in a constructive approach. I do not want to block the country, explained the deputy. I am a middle-left man. I consider that the melanchoists do not represent the left, but the far left, ”explains Olivier Falorni, the various left deputies at Charente-Maritime. “So from there, I’m open. But I’m both independent and claimant. Independent, because I don’t want to join. I can be an ally in the end, but on a very clear basis.”, He explained. “Allied rallies never, probably not allies,” the deputy replied to the government, seeking to increase its majority.


Marine Le Pen has been elected to the Assembly by praise of the RN Group

The filmmaker of the national assembly was chosen by his peers through praise.

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