Lor (married at first sight) reveals why he advises against signing up for casting

One of the star couple of Lore and Matthew Marriage at first sight. Candidates for Season 5, their adventure was a real fairy tale that was followed by thousands of viewers. Especially since they quickly became parents and they are still together today, more in love than ever before. In short, their couple would be the perfect showcase to encourage anonymous people to register for the casting of the M6 ​​show.

But this Monday, June 20, Lor Larry has created an amazing confidence in his customers. In fact, contrary to all expectations, he does not advise them to participate at all Marriage at first sight. Although his life has changed thanks to the show! Since she has become a mother and she has married someone she loves and who loves her. Objeko Invites you to discover the details of this amazing warning from the influential.

Lor advises her fans not to cast Marriage at first sight

Marriage at first sight This is an M6 program different from any other. Of and Love in the meadow, It is not difficult to understand that romance is one of the main stones of this television channel. In fact, the producers realized that the public needs to dream and need a significant tendency to be driven by great stories. That being the case of all the candidates without Laure and Matthieu stories and too far Marriage at first sight.

Indeed, rare couples who end up and candidates who can appreciate the merits of the event if they have to face the frustration of falling in love in front of the whole of France. Objeko Not to mention, breakups can be particularly painful. But going through this ordeal in front of the M6 ​​camera after an important commitment like marriage is quite a challenge. And we can imagine that this is what inspired Lor to warn his customers.

Because, season 7’s Marriage at first sight Just finished and the public was able to see how much the candidates could suffer and isolate themselves. Nonetheless, there are others who are a little clouded and who will give wings to future candidates. Even if it means playing the devil’s advocate, Lor therefore prefers to discourage those who hesitate. And while we can’t resist it, it’s best to convince yourself to start such an adventure.

Those who have been able to follow Season 5 of the program will probably remember that both Lore and Matthew had nothing to lose. And above all, they did not feel the outpouring of hatred from Internet users. This year, for this sixth season, almost all the candidates have accepted it for their rank on the web.

A clean-cut opinion, determined by an indication of bitterness?

“Like last year, I would close my eyes and advise him. Now, I have some reservations. ALaure told her customers on her Instagram account. Objeko I won’t tell you, Lear’s mother discusses all kinds of issues with internet users. From season 6 Marriage at first sight Just finished, it’s an opportunity to discuss his experience and the potential experiences of his fans. And more precisely now, to understand why Matthew’s wife changed her mind.

“I am struggling to understand and follow everything this year. I see a lot of hatred and a lot of … “, Then add Laure. Indicates that those who are truly determined must inevitably prepare “Everything from now on”.

Eventually, a touch of bitterness emerges from Laurie’s speech. She had just realized, not too much surprise, that she had finally admitted that the production’s focus on them was not as sincere as she might think. “Overnight, I don’t even bother to get the news of the production. When we put so much confidence in them, we gave our all and boomed. We really feel the TV side, the ‘numbers’. We are losing something in human terms. AFinally Matthew’s wife joined.

But its readersObjeko Can’t blame production for not being too connected with program candidates. In fact, there are so many of them from one season to the next that it would take a whole dedicated team to continue to hear from everyone. And we have no doubt that Lor is a little disappointed but aware of this.

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