Modern Family: The Best Quotes of Every Season

Ariel Winter recently agreed that a Modern family Spin-offs to Alex would be a great idea, he said Digital spy, “That would be pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind. That would be great!” Viewers will be satisfied with all future episodes, as the show’s 11 seasons are as fun as they are sincere and full of emotion.

Although there are many memorable quotes, each season Modern family There is a particularly silly or meaningful line that summarizes why fans love the show so much, helping to develop a character or moving a story forward.

11 Season 1: Phil says he’s great

“I’m a great dad… I’m connected, I surf the web, I text. LOL: Laughed. “

Phil’s best Modern family Quotes are a mixture of silly jokes and wise thoughts. In Season 1, he shares how important it is for him to be a “cool” parent, but of course he destroys that image by saying “LOL”.

It’s clear that Phil cares about his kids and wants them to love him and think he’s interesting and funny, and while he can be stupid and silly at times, fans appreciate how much he loves his family.

Ten Season 2: Phil chooses his career in real estate

“You know what? You can insult a lot about me: my hair, my voice, my balance board practice, but don’t insult my sales. It crosses a line. Which line? Oh, you can’t see? Because I I sold it.

Across the whole sitcom, Phil opens a magic shop because it is one of his lifelong passions, but in the end he enjoys selling the house the most. This is the perfect career for Phil because he likes to be around people.

Phil’s real estate career is portrayed realistically because sometimes he does well and at other times he struggles to get a home from the market. Whatever it is, Phil continues to try his best, a lesson he wants to give to his children.

9 Season 3: Haley wants to go to a party

“I have a party tonight. You promised that if I got B in my exam I would be able to go. I studied. I read things. What was the purpose of all this? “

Season 3 episode “Express Christmas” is funny because the family tries to celebrate early, and Haley wonders why she studied hard for an exam when she couldn’t go to a party.

Although Haley doesn’t like school, she got a great job at NERP and started parenting. Haley’s character’s arc shows are related because she learned more about herself as she got older and figured out how to make things work.

8 Season 4: Phil speaks on School Career Day

“Guess what? I was at your house when you weren’t home.”

Although Phil may be immature Modern family, She takes her career seriously, always happy to be a part of her kids ’school career day. Phil begins his speech with an awkward remark that is entirely his.

While this is not true, viewers can say that Phil really loves his work and wants to inspire that passion in others. Phil wants students to think that they can find the career of their dreams, and his interest in life is certainly inspiring.

Seven Season 5: Alex is under pressure about school

“I’m insisting. This is my first year. Some parts of me think my limbic system is a bit upset. It’s a strategy, isn’t it? I wanted to.”

Season 5 episode “Under Stress” is hard for Alex because he shares that he is overwhelmed at school. When Alex sees a therapist, he shares his concerns about the future.

This is one of the most serious quotes from Sitcom and shows that Alex has been trying to be perfect for so long, but it doesn’t make him happy. As Alex gets older he realizes that it’s a good thing that he enjoys learning, but he can have fun and find some balance.

6 Season 6: Lily talks about the origins of kids

“You just put eggs and tadpoles in a glass, and the woman has to drink it. Then women and men kiss and jump on their bed. A year later she urinates and a baby comes out.

Luke and Manny are babysitting Lily in season 6 of “Haley’s 21st Birthday” and Lily says this unforgettable quote about how babies are made.

Of course, Lily is so small that she is completely wrong, but she moves forward with confidence. Since Lily has such a large family and sees them all the time, she tries to think about how the process works and this scene is very captivating.

5 Season 7: Cam goes crazy in Gloria for selling hot sauce

“This case was my idea. I put you in the farmer’s market. I put you in that basket. When I found you, you were nothing but a housewife. “

Season 7 episode “Spread Your Wings”, Gloria and Cam work together on Gloria’s hot sauce company, Finding Blood Chillies. The characters start to fight when they let their ego go their way. It’s a callback to Mitch who said the cam gets annoyed during breakups.

Cam’s words are the best quote of Season 7 because he falls into a moment of emotion and doesn’t realize that what he’s saying is actually harmful. This makes the show relatable, as everyone occasionally says the wrong thing to family members. Gloria is strong, smart and knows she can do what she thinks.

4 Season 8: Luke cheats on his parents

“I wanted this beautiful journey from the moment I saw it, but I knew my parents wouldn’t let me get it. I also knew they would never keep it if I gave it to them, so … if you have SAT questions about cheating with your parents, I’ll go to college. “

It’s nice to see Manny and Luke graduate from high school, and it’s ridiculous when Luke comes up with a plan: he’ll buy a car, pretend to give it to his parents, and then wait for their gift back.

The development of Luke’s character may not seem so obvious, as he maintains his childish innocence and a desire to have fun all the time, even as he grows older. But Luke grows up, and in the final of the series he makes the big decision to go to college. Although Luke can still act like a child in this scene, he is starting to grow up and he can’t help but want a fancy car.

3 Season 9: Jay wants to bond with his family

“I just wanted one thing: to share a memory with all of us, with me at our center.”

Season 9 premiere “Lake Life” features a great family vacation as everyone soaks up the sun on the shores of a lake. Jay is annoyed from the beginning because he wants everyone to spend time with him so they always associate him with good times and happiness.

Jay’s quote is the best in Season 9 because he feels a bit confident and arrogant because he wants his family to pay attention to him. Sweeter than listening to Jay’s words is because she wants to connect in the end because she loves her loved ones, who are really important to her.

2 Season 10: Dylan accepts Haley’s offer

“Just as I imagined.”

Haley and Dylans A. Modern family Haley, involved in the relationship, proposes to Dylan in Season 10. They are expecting twins and it’s amazing to think how far they’ve come since dating in high school.

Fans knew that Haley and Dylan’s engagement would be just as stupid as theirs and Dylan was not disappointed in his statement that he always dreams that someone is asking him to marry them. Although the couple may be immature, it’s ongoing to see them start a family and start life together.

1 Season 11: Haley is inspired to say goodbye

“Who knows when we will all be together?

It’s hard to see Modern family The characters end the series without saying goodbye with them walking away. Mitch and Cam move to Missouri, Manny travels, Luke goes to college, Haley leaves, and Alex goes out for a research job.

While Haley says it can take a while for families to see each other, it’s an incredibly moving and heartwarming quote, summarizing the whole of Season 11 and the whole sitcom. It is also important that Haley says these words because it shows that she is growing up and appreciates how close she is to her family.

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