Nathalie St.-Creek, a 5-year-old mother, first married at the age of 55 when her son called himself a ‘bastard’

After building a career to be proud of, Nathalie St.-Creek also has nothing to complain about in her personal life. Having a perfect love affair with a man who shared his passion for politics, the journalist has finally decided to become his wife. What is the reason for this sudden decision after 30 years of relationship?

Political journalist, mother of five, and now married woman, Nathalie St.-Creek is full. Along with Patrice Duhamel, she followed her profession, which was passed down from previous generations and was a devoted mother.

However, an incident aroused the journalist’s desire to put a ring on his finger and it has something to do with his son. Discover the details of Nathalie Saint-Cricq’s successful career and love life.

French journalist Nathalie Saint-Creek was seen on February 17, 2022 in Paris ahead of the political program “Elysee 2022”. Source: Getty Images

Nathalie Saint-Creek and her salary is 7000 euros

Over the years, Nathalie has lived her career in politics through St.-Creek television.

By playing the role of head of the political department or even a columnist for a political program on France 2 Channel, the journalist led the debate in the second round of the 2017 presidential election, especially between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

A busy career where there are many television characters with curiosity about pay. To this end, Jordan de Lux plunged into the water during a journalist’s pass on the Chase Jordan show at Télé-Loisirs’ weekly meeting and tackled the heart of the matter.

Faced with this, Nathalie Saint-Creek, without a hitch, agreed to disclose the amount she received each month, which would be more than double France’s average salary, about 2,300 euros.

A rather vague claim whose details Jordan cannot help figure out. The host then told the reporter that he may have a keen ear for some rumors that hint at 7,000 euros. An amount that Nathali St.-Creek confirms.

“This is a good salary”,

He added.

Journalist Nathalie Saint-Creek poses during a portrait session in Paris, France on 03/18/2022. | Source: Getty Images

However, the journalist made a point to explain why this sum is not as inconsistent as the tendency to believe something.

“To be comparable you just have to explain that there are animators in the private sector who get very good salaries (…) salaries for people who have studied for seven or eight years”,

He explained.

If from a professional point of view, the journalist “earns well” his life, we can say that it is the same from a personal point of view. With his mate for more than 30 years, the two lovebirds have not said “yes” even after many years. What will be the reason?

Why did they decide to get married?

More discreet about her personal life than her skills as a political journalist, Nathalie St.-Crick decided to have confidence in her long-term relationship that was finally realized in front of the altar.

Along with Jordan de Lux, Nathali was ready to share the reason why she decided to get married only after living together for decades.

French journalist Nathalie Saint-Creek hosts the political program “Elysée 2022” on February 17, 2022 in Paris with the candidate of the European Ecology Les Vorts Party for the 2022 French presidential election. Source: Getty Images

The story takes place in 2017 when Patrice confronted Duhamel, thanks to the man Natalie enjoyed the joy of being a mother, she said “yes”.

Holding on to this “stupid relationship with freedom” for all these years, Nathalie will later explain that her work has always tasted moving through her reporting.

For Nathalie, the idea of ​​landing was not appealing to her, the day a comment called for her to order.

“One day, my son came home and said: ‘I’m a bastard'”,

The reporter remembers.

It took a few words to overcome this reluctance to promise. So Nathalie St.-Creek wanted to give her family a warm home and “give them shelter”.

Who is her husband, 16 years older?

Married at the age of 55, Nathalie St.-Crick continues to share happiness with the man who finally won the husband’s title after a 30-year relationship. Without too much mystery, the person who makes France 2’s iconic journalist happy is none other than Patrice Duhamel, a journalist.

Patrice Duhamel and Nathalie St.-Creek participate in “Le Mansonje”: Drama. September 14, 2015 at the Edward VII Theater in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

After making his debut in the economic department of ORTF, the journalist has climbed the ladder of his career by linking the passages of TF1, France Inter, France 2 but France 3 and has become the General Manager of France Television.

Later, he will publish a book called “Curtis Sur Table” which he will publish with his famous brother, editorial writer Alain Duhamel.

Ansi, a journalist and writer, shares the same passion for politics as his wife, and has respected her for years by embracing her independence. Yet, his feelings still seem relevant, as he repeated them by tying the knot with the woman of his life at the age of 71.

Mother of 5 children: her family life

On the occasion of her passing on Cnews, on Wednesday, March 24, 2021, Nathalie St.-Creek did not refrain from making her debut in the family situation that pushed her into her career.

“I’ve bathed in it since my grandparents, it helped me”,

The journalist himself heard.

French journalist Nathalie Saint-Creek was filmed with the French Prime Minister in Paris on September 24, 2015, before the live broadcast of the French television channel France 2’s political talk show ‘Des Paroles et des Actes’. Source: Getty Images

In fact, being the granddaughter of the founder of the Republic du Center-West in La Nouvelle, her father took the reins of the newspaper and today she lives with a man who is happy to swim in the same bath.

Is it a tradition passed down from generation to generation? No doubt even his son Benjamin Duhamel chose the same path.

“I have a son who is a political journalist on BFM TV”,

Political journalists shared.

Of the five children of the Patriots and Nathalie couple, Benjamin was the one who wanted to honor this tradition. For Nathalie St.-Creek, it’s an unparalleled pleasure, but it’s also a major professional resource:

“The advantage is that we often talk about it, we compare our perspectives, we certainly exchange information!”

What more could you ask for than a professional and personally fulfilling mother?

Journalist Nathalie Saint-Creek presents the talk show “Des Mots at Diction” with David Pujadas, the chief guest of the show during the show ‘Vivment Demanche’ at the Pavilion Gabrielle on June 2, 2015 in Paris, France. | Source: Getty Images

Her relationship with her son: “They say she’s just like her mother. C * N”

The youngest of 5 siblings, Benjamin Duhamel himself became a political journalist at the age of 25. However, although he took this path partly thanks to the legacy of the previous generation of the family, the young journalist made a rocky start to his career.

In fact, Benjamin was accused of “boosting” his mother. Benjamin chose to follow in the footsteps of later parents, but also a political columnist uncle, famous for his mediocre politics.

“When he was at LCI, Alain was also Duhamel so it was complicated. He was hunted by BFMTV. A few days later, Alain also came to BFMTV. When he does something, we say he’s more CNN than his mother.” ,

Shared the journalist with humor.

Franোয়াois Langlett (R), economics journalist for news channel BFM TV and editor-in-chief of “Des Mots at Des Action” for France 2 Channel, Nathalie Saint-Creek (L), took part in the political program aired March 8, 2012 in Paris. | Source: Getty Images

The legacy seems to have been successfully passed on to the next generation, hopefully it will pass the time.

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