OECI has issued the European “Extensive Cancer Center” label of Excellence for AP-HP’s Necker-Infants Malades, Cochin-Port Royal and European Georges-Pompido Hospitals.

On June 16, 2022, the Paris CARPEM AP-HP Cancer Institute, which combines care, research and teaching activities in the “adult” hematology-cancerology of these three hospitals of the AP-HP University Hospital Group. – Université Paris Cité, from SIRIC-CARPEM and Université Paris Cité, has been recognized by the OECI as a “Comprehensive Cancer Center”.

This European recognition, issued by the OECI – Organization of the European Cancer Institute for 5 years, thus rewards the commitment and excellence of the teams involved in the care of cancer patients.

With more than 390 beds, 90-day hospital chairs and 2,000 professionals, Paris Carpem is a major player in oncology at the AP-HP Cancer Institute -le-de-France. It provides comprehensive care, from prevention to rehabilitation through sports after treatment of the disease. It also offers access to innovative therapies for robot-assisted surgery, radiotherapy with stereotactic radiotherapy, and access to new therapies with more than 150 open therapeutic trials at various tumor locations.

Recognition as a comprehensive cancer center, the ultimate consequence of long teamwork

The project has been a crown of success for the general organization of all parties for more than two years, making it possible to meet the characteristics of the OECI.

“We sincerely thank the teams for this joint success which is part of a relentless effort to improve the quality of care, research efforts and more efficient access to innovation for greater publicity. Knowledge through high quality education. This recognition of our oncological activities allows us to integrate into a European network, increase our national and international visibility, and respond to the call for European tenders as an institute. Explained by Professor Pierre Laurent-Puig, Head of the Department of Tumor and Cancer Genomic Medicine at Georges-Pompido European Hospital AP-HP and Director of the Institute. “This recognition is a source of pride for all AP-HP staff. Cancer Patient Care Center, it shows that the quality of care in patient care is one of our essential concerns. A

The other two AP-HP university hospital groups are involved in the same process of recognition of their cancer institutes by the OECI: AP-HP. Sorbonne University and AP-HP. Answer – Paris City University.

[En vidéo] 1 minute 30 to discover the Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM


Recognition is the main stage

> January 2020 – Official submission of recognition request

> Current 2020 – Self-Assessment Episode

> 1er And 2 December 2021 – Inspection by OECI experts

> June 16, 2022 – Paris Cancer Institute CARPEM recognized for 5 years as a comprehensive cancer center

To learn more about the institute, visit its website


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