Our test of the Porsche 919 Hybrid

Part 1: Revision and Simulation

Wiesach, Germany, Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 11 a.m. In exchange for my smartphone, a badge bearing my name was given to me at the reception. It allows me to enter Porsche’s most secret development center, the Holy Shrine. From that moment, isolated from the outside world for the next five hours, my life enters a parallel world, an Odyssey that will conclude next Tuesday on the Spanish circuit of Mutterland-Aragon.

The purpose of my visit is simple: after vaccinating the people in charge of the program two years ago with the idea of ​​a 919 hybrid test drive, they are on shortlist of shutter actors Patrick Dempsey and Michael Fassbender, as well as some international journalists, ready to present it to a handful of VIPs. But before taking control of the most successful LM P1 prototype in the last four years, Porsche insisted that every candidate should undergo worthy preparation to the name.

Step 1: Cockpit preparation. Porsche

The Weissach site, located on a hillside, is an anthill where we see future projects of all brands, and in particular Mission E, this is a 100% electric sedan Which will hit the market next year (named Taycan at the end of 2019. Editor’s note). The building is rising from the ground and the test track will soon be surrounded by buildings. Practical, remember, to ensure the privacy of what runs there … The motorsport department is like an off-center, satellite-protected satellite at the other end of the complex.

Access is super-secure, but at the intersection of various corridors, here I am entering a workshop dedicated to the 919 Hybrid. Four chassis have been installed there: two laboratory versions from 2014, Already the legendary 919 EVO Beaten lap records at Spa-Francorchamps and Nordschleife and which I will drive in Spain in 6 days. This is the n ° 1 world champion of the Bernhard-Hartley-Bumbar trio in the correct configuration. Its last race, mid-November 2017, In 6 hours in Bahrain. No time to worry, the day is over.

The first task is Adjust driving position, Exquisite exercises where visibility, comfort and safety must be combined. A space in the back and, in the event of shock, paralyze it. A bump in the ribs and, alternating by 4G, the pain will force him to beat. Mine Perfect combo Available by marriage Mark Weber Tub And “Patch” (Additional inserts) By Brendon Hartley. In other words, girls, I have a New Zealand butt… but the man is much older than me.

Also, his driving position worries me: where did he put his foot behind the wheel? And the chief mechanic give me a secret: “Our greatest pilot was Nico Hulkenberg (2015 Won the 24 Hours of Le Mans For his unique race with the Germans. Editor’s comment) And when he was turning the steering wheel, it happened Clutch pedals come against his kneesThe moment was hesitant because the car was freewheeling in the bend … “.


Step 2: Transition to Porsche Simulator. Porsche

Using this in the cockpit, I spend 30 minutes there in silence, like I would try to tame a tiger. I have never felt so well settled in a closed prototype and no incident of claustrophobia has ever overwhelmed me. Probably the reason The front view is excellentJust like that take care of the air so that the wings are fairly laid out with the mirror on the back.

Martin Kausen, a 2-meter tall man with gray hair, took care to get me out of my daydream. I quickly cataloged from my conversation “Crazy Magician”, So much that engaging in discussion mixes seriousness and humor. Martin, dressed as a 45-50 year old teenager, is responsible for the electrical safety of the 919 hybrid project and provides his knowledge to the entire Volkswagen Group. In the preamble, he insisted

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