The bride pushes the homeless man out of his marriage until he sings a song that his late father sang for him.

Jessica dreamed of getting married year after year, thinking it would be the happiest day of her life. When that day finally arrives, he meets a homeless man who he thinks is there to interrupt his party, until he sings him a song that his late father used to sing.

For Jessica, her wedding day was something she had been looking forward to for the rest of her life. Growing up in an orphanage, he dreamed of a fairytale life.

She dreamed that a prince would fall in love with her and take her to a beautiful house where they would one day start a family. Since his vision was towards that exact goal, it finally happened.

Don Sullivan was a great partner for Jessica. They met when Jessica was in her final year of college and she was a young entrepreneur in the district. They fell in love and when she wanted his hand, she knew she could make her fairy tale dream come true.

Jessica got engaged to the man of her dreams and they immediately started planning their fairy tale wedding. | Source: pixels

Everything was ready for their wedding. They have booked the most delicate venue in Dhaka city with fresh flowers. The couple hired the best coordinators, event planners and caterers to organize what they wanted to be the “wedding of the century”.

On the day of the wedding, just before the reception began, Jessica could not cloud anything until a security guard called. “Madam, there is an old gentleman who wants to see you, but he is not dressed according to your dress code, and he does not appear to be in any condition to be present at the reception,” the security guard told him.

Jessica walked to the entrance and saw an old man who looked like Trump. “I don’t know this guy,” he told security guards immediately. “Please take him away before this stench of my guests.”

“Jessica, don’t you recognize me? I’m your father,” the old man said weakly. Jessica is shocked and begins to feel more upset.

Jessica tried to get the guards to take the old man away as soon as possible. | Source: pixels

“Dad? How dare you disrespect my dad like that? He died so many years ago!” He said he was trying to keep his voice low so that none of the guests could hear the noise.

The old man tried to explain himself further, but security quickly pushed him aside. Jessica thought maybe she wanted to eat, so she went to the buffet to get him some food. “Maybe it should go away“, He thought.

While he was at the buffet, security guards told him they were in control of the situation and the man had left. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief and went to join the party.

However, when everyone was busy enjoying their food, the homeless man entered the wedding ceremony and even took the stage. Before Jessica could say anything, the man picked up a microphone and began to sing a sad song that made everyone cry.

Jessica decided to go get some food for the old man from the buffet, hoping it would take her away. | Source: pixels

Jessica also cried when she heard this, because she last heard this song twenty years ago, when she was seven years old, before her father’s supposed death. At this time his aunt told him that his father had fallen ill. She had to be sent to an orphanage because her aunt could not raise another child. “Could it be she?” He said in a whisper

After the song, the man congratulates Jessica and says he doesn’t want to push himself anymore. He told her with a necklace:

“This necklace was your mother’s. You never met her, but she loved you so much that she gave her life for you. Let this necklace guide you and bring your destiny as soon as you start your married life.”

Before leaving, he told his daughter where he would find her if he ever decided to talk to her. Jessica saw him go out the door with the necklace.

The man gave Jessica a necklace that she said was her mother’s. | Source: pixels

A few days later, as Jessica and Don were moving into their new home, he saw a small box that he had left in the orphanage. There she finds the only picture of her mother that the man she was wearing gave her the necklace.

“She wasn’t lying,” he told Dawn as they watched the film. “This guy was my dad.”

Jessica went to the place the man had indicated. He smiled at her and thanked her when he came. They went to a restaurant and talked about what had happened in the past.

“My name is John,” the man revealed. “Your mother died shortly after you were born. I wanted to raise you, but I was offered a well-paid job in Alaska. It was very dangerous to take you there, so I told your aunt to leave you in an orphanage.” He started.

“I’m sorry, Jessica. I was greedy, I chose money for my own family, and I had karma. I lost my business and went home but I stayed on the street. I know I can’t go back after all these years, but I I wanted to apologize to you and tell you how big a mistake I made, ”the man told him.

John reveals that he told Jessica’s aunt to leave her in an orphanage while she went to work in Alaska. | Source: pixels

Jessica was crying. He is furious because his aunt lied to him instead of telling the truth about his father’s death. However, he decided not to think about the past.

Although she could not enjoy her time in the orphanage, she realized that without these experiences she would not be the strong, independent woman she is today. Without hesitation, he forgave his father in the blink of an eye.

“I thought I couldn’t be happier than when I got married, but I was wrong. I’m twice as happy now that I’ve got you, Dad. I’ve always dreamed of having a family, and now I don’t have just one family. Husband, but I have my father by my side, ”she cried.

Jessica promised to take care of her father that she could. Don happily set up a small cabin outside their home so that John could find his own place. They ate their food together every day, and the happy old man took care of his grandchildren after birth.

What can we learn from this story?

  • Family is priceless. John did not realize that he had made the mistake of choosing money over family until he grew up. Fortunately for her, it wasn’t too late to start again and she was able to fix it with her left-behind daughter.
  • Choosing to forgive enables new beginnings. Instead of resenting her father for leaving her, Jessica decides to forgive him. This allows them to start from scratch and they are able to feel a happy family, which they always dreamed of.

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