A form of hypersexualization from the cradle?

In summer, you will see children sleeping on the beach and running around. The picture makes you have fun … and maybe you didn’t notice it, but a lot of little girls, without developed breasts, wearing bikinis. A two-piece swimsuit that covers the penis and breasts of women and adolescents whose breasts have already developed.

Insignificant details? Not so sure when you remember that a few years ago, little girls wore one-piece swimsuits or plain swimsuits like little boys. Where does this reversal come from? Why are children and girls wearing bikinis now? Why do some ready-to-wear brands for children offer bikinis from the age of 2/3? Are we moving from cradle to hypersexualization? This is an editorial file.

Desire to “do as adults”

Pink bodysuit for girls, blue bodysuit for boys. Gender stereotypes begin at birth. And it’s not those of us guys, but parents who are directly concerned and aware of this phenomenon. We remember the TikTok video of this American father published in 2021. He says how much he was with her It is difficult to find non-genderless clothing before the birth of her youngest child. Worse, he explained that he had found a birth-sized bodysuit with the inscription: “Sorry friends. Dad says no date”.

She also talks about the countless frills, sequins and other variations of pink available in all outfits “for little girls”. Worrying fact: He mentioned On that same age label, baby girls ’clothing was shorter than baby boys. Certainly not in width, and not in length. And the fact is that she was not able to find a one-piece swimsuit for her baby, only a bikini.

Faced with this observation, we tell ourselves that it could be somewhere else … but that France certainly won’t get into this unhealthy little game. And then, by surfing the internet a little, we realize that Reference brands such as Petit Bateau, Vert Baudet or Okaïdi also offer bikinis from 2/3 year olds.

“These little girls just want to copy and act like adults.”, You tell us. Of course, but it should not be exactly remembered for parents “You’re still just a child, not a woman. You have time to grow up.” ? Still 5 or 10 years behind, no one was surprised to see a little girl in a simple swimsuit. If you have fun counting them on the beach this summer, you’ll find that their numbers are much lower for those who wear children’s bikinis.

A history of physical diktats?

A few years ago, many people protested against the Mini Miss competition where little girls dressed like adults, styled and dressed. An event augmented by social networks today. It is necessary to add 3 layers of filters to unveil his life and turn his ratings into dreams. As if, from childhood, the little girl was already a woman under the dictates of society.

Of course, premature puberty can happen. And young girls who want to hide their bulging breasts with bikini tops. However, this is certainly not the case for girls younger than 2 or 3 years. Bikini, known to be worn by a certain type of woman (in this case thin with a flat belly), isn’t it? A way to impose on little girls, from a young age, a kind of ideal body to achieve ?

At a time when girl / boy equality is a struggle that is being led by many parents and childhood professionals, it is unfortunate to see this move backwards. In addition, When she is completely unaware of many parents.. Because yes, as it turns out, there is nothing wrong with buying a baby bikini for your three year old daughter. It’s even some beautiful. Except when you think about the message you send. And it can cause damage to the child’s self-image.

Empires are needed to sexualize the female body

By pressing a bikini top over a little girl, we teach her to hide what she still doesn’t have. He is taught humility in the eyes of others. Bowing to social pressures: “As a young woman you have to do what is expected of you.”. Even more controversial when adult women are asked to remove hair completely to restore a prepubescent body. As if, at any age, we have never been able to escape from this essential need to have sex with women.

EventsFor or against bikinis for children is a personal choiceFor which only the parents as well as the children are responsible for those who want to wear this dress or not. You can absolutely wear a bikini for your daughter and educate her so that she has confidence in herself and learns not to follow the dictates of society. This article is not intended to start a debate on what is right or wrong in terms of education.

He’s there for that Focus on an event and the problems it can cause in the case of self-image and, more generally, female body sex. Also if you want to talk about it and discuss the matter in more depth, We will meet you in our forum.

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