At 62, Christine Bravo thought her personal life was over

Journalist Christine Bravo, 66, is married for the third time in her life. When she could no longer believe that she had married Stephen Bachat on June 11, 2022. Crazy in love with her sweetheart, the host stays in Cloud Nine.

The former host of “Free Union” and “Fru-Fru” programs has always been a woman of strong character. She no longer believed that she had the opportunity to experience the intense happiness of marriage, and yet life had saved her this beautiful surprise.

She says “yes” to the man she fell in love with like crazy. Although she was a little “too tight” for her taste, Christine Bravo was not happier than she was in her previous marriage which is why she could not collect her pension rights.

She wanted a simple wedding ceremony, which is why she chose a dress for only 50 euros. Discover his confidence.

Christine thought her sex life was over, yet her boyfriend proved her wrong

Christine Bravo surfs on happiness. Newlyweds, the host enjoys her life as before. He gave an interview to Gala Magazine, where he said “yes” to Corsica on June 11, 2022, whom he agreed to believe.

“She was a just, caring person. She was a lonely person. When she fell in love with someone like me, she had no historical appetite or resentment towards women. Since then, I have had the opportunity to be her essential.” I’ve been in love before, but at the moment, I don’t know.

What did he say?

With the stars in her eyes, Christine Bravo also talks about their sex life on this condition:

“Unless a man has a problem, he can be 20 and a woman. Love gives birth to desire. And then, well, we can stop making love in a week, even if it’s not a disaster. You should be on your own.” Don’t stress. “

In an interview she gave to Fame Actuel in July 2020, she already spoke about her love life and the intense happiness that her husband gives her.

“At 62, I thought, for me, it’s all over. I was happy with my children, with my friends … Love was no longer a project. And there, I was 14!”,

She is confident

Stephane Bachot officially holds the key to Christine Bravo’s heart. He makes her happy and fills her with happiness every day. However, he also has flaws revealed by his wife. Christine never hid it: her darling was a little too sticky for her taste:

“He goes everywhere with me, he brings my scooter in the morning so I can go to ‘Big Heads’, he brings me coffee (…) he does too much”,

He explained.

In conclusion, he gave a message of hope to all those who have lost hope of happiness:

“It’s proof that life can hurt you all, bad or brutal injuries like the best surprises. One day, you’ll be at the bottom of the hole and the next day, everything will be enlightened.”

Full happiness in contrast to her previous relationship where she is deprived of paying for her retirement

In 1991, Christine Bravo married Philip Brunel for the second time. Their marriage ended in divorce after several years together. If Christine had thought that this episode of her life was behind her now, that would not be the case! Since this divorce, the host has not been able to retire due to her ex-husband. How to understand this rather unusual situation?

It turns out that the French administration, through the pension fund, is seeking her ex-husband’s social security number so that she can claim her pension rights. The problem that arises is this: Philip Brunel is not yet ready to communicate this with him.

Christine viewed this decision very badly and we understand her frustration, especially since her ex-husband has been receiving her pension rights regularly for several years. The host said angrily on his Twitter account:

“I am mentioning that my ex-husband is retired and has been collecting his rights for 3 years. Was he asked for my social security number? Was it in his possession for 20 years? Lack of communication, I ‘ignore’.

And continue:

“Note your husband’s social security number illico. Why? Even after 20 years of your divorce you still need pension funds to pay your dues”.

Many Internet users have reacted and sympathized with Christine Bravo’s situation. One of them, employed at Cnav (National Old Age Insurance Fund), explained that this information was actually necessary to calculate the amount of pension entitlement. This answer is far from the beneficiary.

Her wedding to her loved one in a 50 euro dress, but without her great friend, Laurent Ruquier

Christine Bravo, 66, walked in front of the mayor for the third time in her life. For this occasion, she wanted to make something simple, but not charming and elegant. She has saved a decent budget for her wedding dress: 50 euros.

“It’s very simple. It’s recyclable. For two months, I’ve struggled to find a dress with a liquid component. And a friend, Isabel, who knows how to sew, told me: ‘But the skirt you wore l’ was what you saw last summer. Very good. It was a beach skirt that I bought for 20 euros. We went to BHV to buy some lace. She has customized it by sewing two ribbons on it. He did the same on a top. My daughter gave a pink spot to the mule for 29.95 euros. I ordered them and Vyla. No need to waste yourself “,

He explained.

Yet she gave herself some pleasure for her wedding dress:

“My only luxury was wearing pink glasses from Traction, like Jean-Pierre’s Cuff, for which I felt affection and tenderness.”

He concludes.

During the wedding ceremony, Christine was assisted by her children Clara and Matthew and some friends who were able to attend despite schedule problems. This is why her great friend Laurent Rukuer could not attend her wedding.

Laurent Roque and his friend Christine Bravo. Source: Getty Images

However, Christine doesn’t hold it against him, because he knows very well that he would have come if it was possible.

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