Christoph, a maternal assistant: “People don’t imagine I’m a nanny.”

Christophe Merese, Morbihan’s maternal assistant, is confident that the proportion of men in his profession will only increase. © Le Ploërmelais

0.6%. It is the ratio between men Childminder In 2020 in France, according to the Home Employment Observatory. Among them, Christoph Merese. Live in Pluralmail (Morbihan), He started this new professional adventure last September and doesn’t regret it for anything in the world. “The little ones are great,” she laughs.

Father of three children

When Christoph himself realized that Became a father. “I have Three children And I took care of them because Madame did a lot of work. A

Which naturally led her into the teaching profession, in college and high school, before returning to the maternal assistant.

An activity he finds Effective, Because we participate in education and we see them grow up. When they arrive, they can’t walk and they leave clean. A

What’s up “Beneficial Relationships” With them, even years later: “My son, who is 12, still exchanges emails with his nanny, for example.”

A female occupation until 1993

However, not too long ago, a 40-year-old child-minder would not even be able to practice his profession. “Until 1993, Men had no rights To be a nanny.

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There is also the irrational “one priority” that has made families reluctant and incapable of handing over their children to male childminders.

1993 change

Before 1993, men could not become childish because they could not get a license. The May 1977 law, which created the status of maternal assistant, always spoke in a feminine language. It mentions, for example, that “if the childminder is married and lives with his wife, the placement agreement must be signed by the latter” and bears the name of “law relating to the childminder”. A
The July 1992 Act, which went into effect in January 1993, no longer gives conditions to femininity. We see it in the headlines, since it became the “Law on Childminders and Childminders.”

These Ready ideasThey are still there Living today, “with parents who are more interested in handing over their sons to men than their daughters. But it’s fading a little bit.” It’s basically on social networks that we see these speeches and then, networks … “

A thoughtful communication

In his daily life, Christophe has never encountered such a discourse. “It simply came to our notice then System for Communication Somewhat interferes with childish minds. A

Parents will see first Riley InterMuscular Parents Nursery Assistant (RIPAME), who share a list of incomes with them. “As a result, people that Annoying Don’t contact me, “Christophe explained. But there areThe opposite effect :

There are those who want to brag at the coffee machine that their nanny is a man.

Professionals are responsible “Very carefully” “Before signing the agreement, the parents check with the child to see if it is appropriate. If someone starts telling me that being a human being and doing this job is very good, this kind of thing, I have to be skeptical. “A situation that Christoph claims he has not faced at the moment.

It doesn’t work every time

Currently, Christoph is responsible for three children: malo22 months old, Ines16 months, and Dimensions, 6 months. Every morning, their parents drop them off before picking them up in the evening. So many opportunities to discuss with them, to be sureTo be the same wavelength :

Faith is very important, not only with parents but also with children.

And it may not work all the time. “There was a little girl with whom it was complicated, I didn’t understand her. We did A fortnightly trial And after that time, I explained it to his family. A

Christopher Meres Ass Companion Plourmel
Kids can enjoy the garden. © Le Ploërmelais

By mutual consent, they decided so Find someone else, And Christoph helped them in this task. “I knew a co-worker had a place, so I contacted them. A

For Malo, Ines and Ayam, the current is gone immediately. “When they come back from vacation and they Very happy to see me, That reassures everyone! A

Friday market

But there is still a whole day between morning and evening. For him, Christoph can rely on him Large gardenWhich allows him to install games and create one Small vegetable patches.

Malo and Ines love blueberries, no more for us!

In the program, “Very little manual work, I’m not Not a working manOr of Kindergarten rhyme Because I sing so badly, ”Christophe smiled. On the other hand, he walks in the market on Friday morning Electric cargo bikes.

Christoph Meres Ass Matt
On Friday, it is walking the Ploërmel market (Morbihan) on a cargo bike © Le Ploërmelais

The market is where it starts to become known and recognized, which doesn’t stop there Some confusion. “People often tell me that I have a beautiful family, they don’t even imagine That I can be a maternal assistant! One day an old woman told me that my children were beautiful and asked me if my mother was working. I replied: ‘Yes and Dad anyway, I am their nanny! ‘ She bugged! But this one This is a very rare situation, “he said.

Until retirement

This job, Christoph likes it and he doesn’t want to change it anymore. “The plan will continue until retirement,” he says. In fact I think Two and a half with colleagues in the office, Great! A

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