Faced with an unusually large number of sick children, these parents led the investigation in Normandy.

Sixteen children south of Rouen, in the vicinity of Pont-de-l’Arche, have been ill for five years: leukemia, lymphoma, brain tumors … they were between 2 and 14 years old at the time of diagnosis.

>> In 2021, the National Assembly voted 20 million extensions for research against pediatric cancer against the government’s advice

To find out why they became ill, their parents analyzed their hair and the hair of healthy children before visiting the village hall in Igoville to comment on the results of this test. The chemical plant, which burned down in 2019, provided the Lubrizol Victims Association, their sample collection kits, and conducted toxic laboratory analyzes. The results are irresistible: Almost all of the eleven babies tested contain unusual amounts of lead, but also two rare metals found in telephones or batteries, Cerium and Lanthanum.

Hugo is 13 years old. He was treated for lymphoma. He is currently in pardon and wants to get his hands on the person responsible. “If I’m in pain, it’s definitely someone’s fault or something else.”He is rebellious, confident that he has “The desire for revenge. Let them pay the price! I know that in the end those who did it will be punished, it comforts me.”

Matthew Davoli, co-founder of Toxic Laboratory, (2eG) Eure (June 2022) explains to parents the results of analyzing the hair of their children with cancer in Egoville.  (Anne lr Dagnet / Radio France)

But finding the culprit is not easy. Toxic is the only laboratory capable of tracking 1,800 contaminants and 49 heavy metals and yet its co-founder Matthew Davoli cannot determine the cause of this abnormal number of pediatric cancers. “We can only do a toxic searchHe is explaining. We can’t link causation, it’s not our job. Associations, on the other hand, can use these analyzes to look for possible sources or causes that could cause this type of cancer.

Precisely, these parents who live near Rouen have formed an association to find out the source of cancer in their children and they want to continue their investigation. Corali Jargel Hugo’s mother. She co-founded the organization “Cancer: The Truth for Our Kids” with two other mothers of sick children, and for her, the results of this hair analysis are already a good start.

“We know where we have to go to fight, so we’re already moving forward because before, we were fighting in the void.”

“Cancer: The Truth for Our Kids,” said Corali Jarguel, co-founder of the association.

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“We run into violations and we’re going to digFighting, he says. The next step is to list all the industries and see which ones could potentially lead. ” If found guilty, these mothers will go to court. “To stop it, Corali Jarguel says. Our goal is to have no more sick children. “

In the association’s viewfinder, the college has two relay antennas installed and an organization that pollutes more than the others. Parents in Igoville and Pont-de-l’Arche want other tests, especially blood, to get more involved.

The hall of the village of Igovil, decorated by the Lubrizal Association, with a banner on industrial accidents in the region (June 2022).  (Anne lr Dagnet / Radio France)

At the request of the parents of these children with cancer, the health authorities also investigate. The Normandy Regional Health Agency, the Regional Department for the Environment and the SPF have concluded that there is indeed a cluster of leukemia, but air and environmental pollution analyzes have not been able to identify common exposure causes for all sick children, so no alleged perpetrators.

To find them, more in-depth analysis will be needed in the laboratory, explains Robert Baruki, Toxicologist, Insaram’s research director: “To prove that this chemical factor is the origin of this pathology, we need to go to the experimental level where we can, for example, attach these substances to cells, see what their effects are and how this can happen. In human epidemiology. You both need to be sure.”

In short, what would be needed to establish the cause of this cancer is a large study of a large number of people, ideally pregnant women who would follow their babies year after year, taking lots of samples: hair, blood, urine, skin … and Once the culprits have been identified, go to laboratory research to prove that the molecules in question are responsible for this cancer. However, for the time being, in France, no research of this magnitude has been launched.

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