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In 2018, Poulletier Kindergarten (Paris Center) became the first public institution in Paris to be labeled a “bilingual school”. Today, seventeen institutions (some classified REPs) provide elementary education in English. And all the staff involved!

Students are looking forward to you! Agnès Gosselin opened the doors of Poulletier Kindergarten (Paris Center) for us. The Guard, all dressed in red, did not take her role so seriously: On this day dedicated to the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II (70 years), she proudly wears a British Guard headdress. Despite the rush, he moved away with a big smile: I spent my evening making a cake in the shape of 70!

Learn English while having fun

Tensions are running high in the courtyard of the bilingual school group in Ile St.-Louis. Among the audience, a few facilitators and guardians supervised the primary students of the house next door, who had come to attend the festival. But the real queens and kings of the day are the children of kindergarten, who will soon be on stage.

The show was held under the watchful eye of Florence Le Page, City Educational Manager (REV) and Godmother of Activity. With a smile, he admits that he will not trade his space for anything in the world and he likes to work with the little ones, who are always ready for new creative activities. The person in charge ensures smooth running of the performance, switching from English to French, reassuring the most intimidating.

Poulletier Bilingual Nursery School

Students sit in a circle around English language assistant Celia Petersen and begin the first note All you need is love Despite their young age from the Beatles, it’s flawless. The American assistant, who has been working at the school since last October, is amazed at the students’ talents: “ They know as much as CM level from other schools! A

An adventure where every member of the school is involved

In 2018, the Poulletier School Group was the first among the recipients of the bilingual school label in Paris. Today, 16 institutions offer advanced English lessons for students in their sector. In kindergarten, the program is enriched with 3 to 6 hours of language introduction, in addition to fun workshops during extracurricular times such as noon or Wednesday afternoons.

Poulletier Bilingual Nursery School

The purpose of the bilingual label is that every member of the organization can speak English. Learning is through training, but also through immersion. In February, babysitters, several specialized nursery school agents (ASEMs), facilitators and teachers from the Poulletier school group set out for Dublin, Ireland for a week-long intensive English and cultural visit.

For Margot André, head of the city’s foreign language project and source of the trip, it’s an essential step to make everyone feel included. An idea approved by Eric Dennis, director of the establishment: ” Everyone can participate in this trip, as much as the facilitator teacher or maintenance worker. “An experience that ended with recovery:” Per On our return, we have organized a big festive afternoon in the theme of Ireland for children “Florence Lepez says her office is full of all kinds of creative materials.

A Team formation A Which fascinates students’ families, such as Gail Barbier, the parent-representative who raises ” Personal involvement and team coordination “A resident of the neighborhood joined Victor at the beginning of the bilingual program, her older now at the next elementary school. She quickly noticed a change in her daughter’s work learning and concentration, because” For the care of the teaching given in the school

Poulletier Bilingual Nursery School

The student’s mother is happy that such an initiative is taking place in a public institution and is testing the model with one of her junior, Domitile, middle school students: He managed to communicate with our English-speaking friends and one day he told me Now we only speak English “, and we were able to have a real conversation! We sometimes forget how fast children learn. “And Gail Barbier laughs at her daughter’s specific disobedience that lets her talk without thinking about making a mistake, happily making an announcement.” Mom, can I have a cake?

Focus on the beginning of the 2022 school year!

Paris counts today Seventeen bilingual institutionsIncluding kindergarten and elementary school. Spread across 10 districts, these institutions (some of which are classified as Priority Education Network, REP) welcome students from the area who live in the district. Of these seventeen institutions, sixteen offer basic and intensive English learning. Italian is taught in the same way in an institution. At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, Eight new schools Become bilingual: three of them will teach English, two will teach German and three will teach Spanish.

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