What to do with the kids this week? From June 27

Make way for music this week with the Parc Floral Festival. Immerse yourself in a festive and colorful atmosphere with the Tropical Carnival, the Tuileries Festival and the Steelworkers Festival. Lastly, visit the Parisian Library, the Kwai Branley Museum or the Cine Cultural Tour. Good week!

Heart stroke

Pestacles Park swells

For this 2022 edition, Pestacles invites young and old to discover demanding and poetic multi-sectoral music projects with families and in the great outdoors. Every Wednesday will be the occasion of a fun, sensitive and dynamic journey, from French songs to slam, from techno to creole sound … for a fun and creative odyssey! In the program: 8 free concerts to discover with your family!

It’s a party!

Tropical Carnival

Welcome to the 20th edition of Carnaval Tropical de Paris at the Champs-Elysées. The foreigner will be honored and will return to fascinate the most beautiful avenue in the world. About twenty are expected Mature carnival groups in practice from associations in Paris and -le-de-France. These groups will offer their new creations in choreography, costumes and music in a selected theme: Overseas Territories, 3 Ocean Europe.

Festival of Tuileries

The Tuileries Festival gives you an appointment from July 3 to August 30 to meet the thrill In the program: bumper car, ghost train, rifle shooting, ice palace, 1900 wooden horse etc. A few skill games are also offered, such as Chambalout or Duck Fishing, a classic for the youngest. Children can enjoy the trampoline, learn to climb up and down big slides. Relax with family or friends!

Metalworkers get party party circus time

Friendly, family-friendly and free, events, workshops and small-scale shows celebrating metalworkers revolve around a theme that is renewed every time. In July, this meeting, open to all, enters the show during the circus Anjalusia Which celebrates the encounter between Accordance and Flamenco-inspired music.

Calm down!

Summer garden at the Kwai Branley Museum

During the summer, the museum becomes “green” through a free program that gives nature and the environment the pride of the place. From July 3 to August 28, summer is back in the museum garden! Concerts, workshops, storytelling, visits, shows, meetings, introductions ধরে for two months, enjoy a season of free activities with a combination of relaxation and festivities around themes of nature, environment and living. Opportunity to offer you a real bracket in the heart of Paris!

Library outside the walls

Libraries and media libraries are being set up in parks and gardens in Paris for reading moments this summer! Take a summer vacation with a book, sitting in the shade of a tree, lying on the grass or by the water. This summer, libraries in Paris invite you to read books around the Basin de la Villette. Photo albums, stories, reading stories, can be heard through the pages every week in a garden in Paris.

Cruise to discover the sites of the Olympic Games

While waiting for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, cruises give you the opportunity to rediscover the Saint-Denis Canal, from competition venues to future celebration sites. St. Denis Canal, an Olympic canal!

Let’s go!

The jogging festival mixes sports and art

Le Carreau du Temple runs the adventures of Olympism, happily engaging in creativity, self-transcendence and solidarity. Fun and exciting shows, an explosive roller party, sports lessons (pilates, rollerblading, capoeira, kundalini yoga, etc.), contemporary art, debate … for five days, As.

Scooter Grand Prize

The Cassdale 14 Association organizes the “Grand Prix Trinitates 14e” which will come to animate the Didot – Porte de Vanves district. This race has been intended for educational, sports and festival purposes. This route will cover Marc Sangnier, Georges Lafenestre, Porte de Didot and Rue du Général Séré de Rivières Avenue for a total of 700 meters of circuit. Runners will be expected at 1pm in front of the Paris Anime ‘Mark Sangnier Center. Along with the beautiful surprises the show will enliven this day.

Electric scooter on a bicycle path

Cinema Hall

Cinema-concert in the legendary room of Luxor

On Sunday, don’t miss the Luxor movie-concert featuring a program of Charlie Chaplin’s 3 short films. The cine-concerts are accompanied by Axel Nuwau on the piano. A pianist, improviser, composer and conductor, Axel Nuwau is a plural and passionate musician.

Stanley Donne in the spotlight from the movie

In July, a special place was reserved for Stanley Donnen, the king of Hollywood musicals. Visit the Cinémathèque Française to discover this pearl of cinema. To get started, look specifically for the “let’s sing in the rain” ritual. In your diary.


Street Circus Festival

After a three-year absence, the Street Circus Festival will return 100% open circus and free for one day in the Saint-Blaise district on Saturday 2 July! Discover shows that will mix clowns, mime arts, acrobatics, juggling, but also music and dance.

Raউলl-Gallett, Russian folklore in music

With these stories of Russian folklore, we face the test of life through the eyes of a child. During encounters and adventures, between grief and terror, these early stories boast magical situations and colorful characters, whether funny or cruel. What to dream, laugh and shudder at in the amazing setting of Radio France Studio 104.

Steve Hales reinstated!

The Canopée #Network is back this year with its festive and free Canopée # Estiv’Halles weekend. On the menu of these days of the festival: giant karaoke, DJ marathon, screening, dancing, concert, walking around, etc. Artists, teachers, amateurs, animators or even students will occupy the venues of the Forum des Hales for two days with events and artistic performances where the public can be invited to take part.

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