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Edition of 06/29/2022

Discover portraits of 290 distribution groups in the 2022 directory

The 13th edition of the group’s directory has been enriched by 16 new operators with a total of 290 counts, which we present in the form of individual credentials and in the form of a classification (by turnover, by NV volume and by category).


Nissan: The proposal to hire Renault as the parent company was rejected at the general meeting

(Reuters) – Nissan Motor shareholders on Tuesday rejected an investment proposal at the Japanese automaker’s annual general meeting that would lead to the release of a detailed agreement with Renault, which owns 43% of its capital.


Michelin will sell its activities in Russia “by the end of 2022”

(AFP) – Michelin announced the sale of its operations in Russia “by the end of 2022” on Tuesday, representing 2% of the group’s sales, noting that the operation would have no effect on its financial objectives.

Equipment manufacturers

Electric Battery: Plastic will acquire a branch of omnium actuator

(AFP) – Plastics Omnium on Sunday signed an agreement with Actia Group to acquire the “power” division, specifically dedicated to making electric batteries, the two groups announced in a separate press release on Monday.

Equipment manufacturers

Who is the fixer, the start-up has just been acquired by Renault?

With 400 partner garages in the United Kingdom that generated a turnover of মিল 3 million in 2021, Fixtor arrives in France as a new subsidiary of Renault. But who is the person who defines himself as the “A to Z Car Maintenance Platform”?


Pierre Leutier appointed Renault Group Netherlands Sales, Quality and Network Strategy Director

Pierre Léautier, Director of Network Strategy at Renault Group Netherlands, replaces Stephan Griffioen and will include after sales and quality in his scope of responsibility until July 1, 2022.


Siemens Electrify is a US shareholder

(AFP) – German manufacturer Volkswagen Siemens has sold a share worth “hundreds” of millions of dollars in the US capital, Electrifie, which specializes in charging stations for its American subsidiary electric vehicles.

Equipment manufacturers

Nissan has suspended production in Russia for six months

(Reuters) – Nissan Motor has suspended production in Russia in the first half of the fiscal year starting April 1, Japanese carmaker Makoto Uchida said on Tuesday.


Ian Boyle Hela New Sales and Marketing Manager for UK Spare Parts

Ian Boyle Hella joined Forvia as Sales and Marketing Manager for Spare Parts in the UK and Ireland.


Renault has partnered with Atos to sell an industry data collection solution

(Reuters) – Renault IT Group, in partnership with Atos, has marketed a solution for collecting and analyzing industry data, already in use by the automaker, which is expected to save 200 million euros a year.


Termination of thermal engines in the EU: Berlin wants to give up synthetic fuels

(AFP) – Germany on Tuesday proposed that the automotive industry be allowed to use combustion engines running on synthetic fuels after 2035, a date set by Brussels to reduce CO2 emissions to zero from new cars.


Category Fair

Electric-Road professionals are invited to meet in Bordeaux on 29 June

The Bordeaux meeting of electrical mobility professionals will be held from 29 June to 1 July in the Palais des Congrès. The last day will be dedicated to a working forum.


The Ile-de France is in the process of testing an electric car this weekend

This weekend, the Remove Show, the Ferté Gaucher Circuit (77), and the Electrical Test Day at Park Floral in Paris, will have the opportunity to see most of the electric models on the market for free and make reservations.


Vivatech has announced a busy program around digital, mobility and green energy

The contribution of digital energy to new energy, new mobility services and trade and the automotive industry will be honored at the 6th edition of the Vivatech exhibition starting June 15.


Paris Motor Show 2022: Missing can be wrong

The timely Paris Auto Show in October 2022 gives automotive brands the opportunity to reconnect with the public who have been distracted by a change in power during this time-consuming power shift. Focusing on automobile highlighting, this version will show the ongoing renewal of players in the sector, including the presence of many new brands, especially the Chinese, attracted by the new functional price offer. Staying there may be essential. Meeting Serge Gachot, director of Mondial de l’Auto.


Dedicated to electromobility will be seen on April 27 at the Ever Monaco Show

Dedicated to sustainable mobility, Salon Ever Monaco will open its doors from 27 to 29 April. Many highlights will pause this 17th edition which will bring together more than 40 exhibitors at about 9,000 m2.


Happy start to the first day of the Leon Motor Show

Yesterday, attendance at the Leon Motor Show made distributors laugh before the expected crowd this weekend. Discuss with a few exhibitors, manufacturers and distributors.


Automotive brands employ entrepreneurs at franchise expos

About twenty autonomous networks are hiring at the Franchise Expo in Porte de Versailles until tomorrow. For the first time, the Motrio brand is present at the show, along with Renault, which is offering acquisitions to about a hundred agencies.


Renault 5 is celebrating its 50th anniversary on Retromobile

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the iconic Renault 5 From March 16 to 20, Renault pays homage to the Saloon Retromobile by showcasing the Renault 5 prototype as well as 12 historical versions of the model.


The Autonomy and Retromobile Show kicks off March 16 in Porte de Versailles

The Autonomy International Sustainable Mobility Fair will be held on March 16 and 17 in Port de Versailles, at the same time as the Retromobile Fair which will run until March 20.


Leon Motor Show is full

It is the first major European motor show of the year with the cancellation of Geneva and Brussels. Salon de Leon will open its doors on April 7 with the ambition to break the 2019 sales record!


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