As she filmed her child’s babysitter, she can quickly understand why the other 6 have given up

Being a mother at home and working at the same time is a job that many women face every day. Fortunately, babysitters have a job to make life easier for these young mothers and to ensure the comfort and safety of their children. If a babysitter resigns, for some time, the mother struggles to control her schedule. So imagine the frustration of this woman who went through more than six interviews to hire a babysitter in the space of a few months. They all resigned after two weeks. He did not find the reason for his resignation until the seventh nanny. How did he do it? We will tell you everything in this article.

Single mother

To ensure a better life for her family, Bridget Alex needs to stay home and work full time. A mother of two with a missing father, having a nanny for her home is essential. Since she doesn’t want to leave her children in anyone’s hands alone, Bridget does several interviews. After a discussion with Lisa, she finally discovers someone who makes her happy.

Initially the two young women seemed happy. The nanny loves to take care of the children. For mom, she finds a light schedule that allows her to pursue her professional career. Lisa had to take care of two children: the eldest Marie, six years old, and the youngest, Kirk, just one year old.

For those who already have experience with children, two children’s cakes a piece! But there is no end to his surprises, because with his years of experience, this time he had a lot of trouble …

Resignations keep coming

Three weeks later, Lisa announces her resignation to Bridget via text message and demands her salary. Surprised to see this message, the mother returned home early from work with the conviction of knowing what had happened. Once at home, she asks the nanny. This one struggles to answer.

After a long confrontation between the mother, little Marie and Nanny, Lisa breaks her silence and says it’s because of the little girl. Like all mothers, Bridget stands for her daughter. He then lets Lisa go and starts a new interview to find a new nanny.

Within a few months, six babysitters were successful in Bridget’s family. And they all leave suddenly. The mother begins to doubt her daughter’s kindness, as the six grandmothers announce that they have left because of the little girl. But what will happen in his absence?

To find out the truth, before the seventh nanny named Meg arrives, Bridget sets up the camera. It’s about filming everything that happens there. As he had hoped, history repeats itself: Meg announces her resignation after two weeks of work. Mom then decided to watch the videos recorded by the camera and finally discovered the truth.

“I’m your boss!”

While watching the videos, Bridget did not recognize her daughter. At first he was very wise, but a week later he became a real monster. The mother gets angry at a scene where she sees her daughter Meg screaming:

“You have no right to tell me what to do!” I’m your boss! A

These words come out of the girl’s mouth whenever her nanny asks her for something, even to wash her hands. Meg wanted his resignation because the baby’s words were unbearable to him. When he told Marie to keep quiet, because her younger brother was sleeping, the little girl shouted back:

“I am your boss! You will be fired!”

In a fit of rage, the mother decides to have a serious discussion with her daughter and forces her to watch videos in which she responds insultingly, the daughter:

“We pay him, I’m his boss.”

Annoyed and surprised by this answer, Bridget decides to punish Mary. She shares her story on social networks so that internet users respond.

“It’s because of the nanny who leaves and until I find someone else she won’t be able to do all the fun things that the nanny would have taken with her,” she wrote.

And you, have such monsters in your home?

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