“Bullying”: What are the risks of school and child offenders

Bullying at school is a curse. What is the way for the victim child and his parents? What does the law say and what are the risks to the offender?
The point with me is Reena Ramdin.

Mrs. Reena Ramdin.

Whatever the law says

According to Reena Ramdin, bullying is regulated by the Child Act 2020, which came into force on January 24, 2022. Article 26 says that no one can threaten a child A child, as Me Reena Ramdin specifies, is defined as anyone under the age of 18.

Definition of “bullying”

Under the Children’s Act 2020, “suffocation” means repetitive, persistent, and intentionally harmful behavior in any way, including information and communication technology. Harassment can also involve a power imbalance between the bully and the victim, resulting in helplessness, fear, loneliness and a lack of confidence. This can lead to serious physical or mental harm, disability or death of the child.

Criminal misconduct

Bullying the Children’s Act of 2020 makes it a criminal offense. Anyone convicted by a court of law is liable to a fine of Rs 1 million and imprisonment for not more than ten years.

Legal responsibility of the school

“The Children’s Act 2020 recognizes not only the rights of the child, but above all the characteristics of the child, i.e. their vulnerability. As a result, the emphasis is on the responsibility of protecting the child through the establishment of the school, ”I underlined Reena Ramdin.

According to the Children’s Act 2020, the best interests of the child (i.e. their physical and mental health) must be the primary consideration of this benefit. Thus, the lawyer understands, the school has a responsibility to protect him and promote his rights because it is a place where he must feel safe.

A school can be legally liable if it is proved that the “religion” defined by law was an act. And no reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the child is not victimized.

In numbers

From 2019 to date, about 100 incidents of “bullying” have been reported to the Ministry of Education. Of these numbers, 35 are under investigation.

What are the ways parents have against the school?

Parents of a child who is a victim of “bullying” can take civic liability measures against the school. It must prove that its guilt and neglect has caused the child to suffer prejudice, i.e. “religion” and all the physical or moral harm it has caused.

“Under this Act, there is an obligation on any employee of the educational institution who has reasonable grounds to believe that a child with whom he is in contact may face bias, report the case to the supervisor or the police. “Said I am Reena Ramdin. If he fails to do so, the parents of the abused child can file a statement against him with the police. If this employee is found guilty, he is liable to a fine not exceeding Rs 200,000 and imprisonment for more than five years.”

How does the Department of Education

Elvisen Adaken, press secretary at the Ministry of Education, explains that each case of “hooliganism” is different. “Confusion can take many forms. There is humiliation, threats, intimidation, sexual abuse, aggression, verbal and physical violence, ”he argued.


When a lawsuit is reported, the school administrator will first try to find a solution between the parties concerned. Parents on both sides will be called if the incident continues.
“The case can also be reported to a psychologist at the Ministry of Education so that he can help the victim and the perpetrator of the crime,” explained Elvisen Adaken.

If the incident is serious, the school will ask parents to report the juvenile brigade. The matter will also be sent to the Ministry of Education for investigation.

In the meantime, he continued, the victim, the author of the crime and their parents would be followed by a psychologist. Depending on the seriousness of the crime, the possibility of the perpetrator being tried in a criminal case cannot be ruled out. If there is a consensus among the parties concerned, the Ministry will end up “taking no further action”.

The Ministry of Education, specifying Elvisen Adaken, organizes regular prevention campaigns to make children aware of “bullying”. Psychologists often visit schools to give lectures and explain their rights to children in such cases. “Our goal is to educate and educate our children to be responsible adults in the future. A

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