Cowork’a, a fellow space for lawyers in Montpellier

In April, Cowork’a began living on its new premises in Rue Enclos Tissie Sarrus, near Promenade du Peyrou in Montpellier. This Fellow space for lawyers Also open to all professions with similar restrictions.

Interview with Elody Mananviler, the founder of this place.

This peer space was created two years ago. What is the purpose?

At first, it was for the convenience of lawyers Workplace And above all, innovation, since Montpellier’s lawyer incubator is also a partner in this space. So the goal was to have a place that looked like other places that innovative companies use next to them to grow their business. Create a place with a combination, a place different from what they used to rub shoulders.

In April, you moved. Who says new place is also called new profession. That means your coworker’s space is open to new careers. Which one?

Cowork’a was a fellow space for lawyers and it has become one Third place dedicated to law and innovation. I welcome all professions that have the same limitations as lawyers when it comes to information privacy. The internet system I have allows me to encrypt data.

Currently, I am hosting a legal expert, an association that promotes a digital safe for asylum seekers, but also an Australian lawyer. He is not affiliated with the Montpellier Bar. But he also needs all the rules of privacy that he has to give to his job.

What exactly does this peer space allow for those who don’t have their own office?

This allows for a cost that ultimately includes an office, insurance, internet and furniture. This allows them flexibility because they only have one month’s notice. If they want to settle down somewhere else or build their firm later, it is too early for them to get out of their contract with me.

The second thing they come up with is coordination. All the workshops we offer with or without incubators to develop their personal and professional skills.

And economic networks since I am a business manager. So I got from time to time after work so they could participate because doing these kinds of networks or events is not in their DNA. And there is coordination between them. File exchange. That is, when someone enters a file that is not compatible with his or her specialty, he or she gives it to a colleague who is right behind the door.

Also, in a file, when there is a problem, that he can not get out of it, he will ask for help next to him. What is already done in the traditional cabinet. But there, since they are not partners or associates, they have no sequential links. It really made a professional friendship.

And in my place I fixed the offices with a separate reception room and a large training room. At present not all lawyers are in their office, so they are in the big room It’s really a roommate. They may very well lock themselves in their office and stay calm, but they choose to stay together.

We feel that reunion is happening there. I think in terms of coworking, there’s that collaboration up front and that’s really the most important. I am very happy because it has not been won before. We are still in a profession that seems to be individualistic when in fact it is not at all. These are people who, like any profession, are looking for cooperation, mutual assistance, exchange.

How to rent an office in Cowork’a?

It happens on websites or social networks. We can’t just make an appointment like that and reserve an office on site. I first need to have a minimum of control that comes to us. This is very important. See if it’s a lawyer, if it’s a person who is consistent. I am very careful. In order to integrate the resident community, it will be on the waiting list after all the offices are rented And for others, we can see together if there is a free office and for how many people. I choose a room that I can rent in hours or days.

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