Galaxy Tracker Review – Space and Tiles

Gender : Construction, Tiles
Number of players : 2 to 4 players
Duration of the game : 30 to 90 minutes
Suggested price : From 35 to 36.50 euros
Author / Editor : Vlada Chavatil / IELLO
Illustrator : Tomás Kučerovský / Jakub Politzer

When you’re passionate about the world of board games, it’s hard not to come across the name Vladivostok. A real monster on the field, Czech is behind a few bombs like Dungeon Petz, Through The Ages, Mage Knight, Tash-Kalar or even Codenames… but there’s another one that has celebrated its fifteenth birthday: Galaxy Trucker. And if it’s not the most well-known of the creator’s games, it’s as fun as a game. The good news is, it’s back in a new version that gives it a well-deserved second life

Right off the bat, let’s clean up. For the sake of psychological reasoning, it is better to turn off the more logical parts that are sheltered in the pink things soaked in the juice. Because he spent a few minutes with her Galaxy Tracker, It is not difficult to understand that nothing is wrong. But what is most incredible in this delusion is that, in the end, everything is perfectly combined in this universe where irrational reasoning is at the very center of the theme. After all, everything is perfectly straightforward, it is said quickly, because if something goes wrong at the first opportunity, it is the ship that we must bring back safely.

If you don’t know Galaxy TrackerLet’s do the introduction. Fasten your seat belts because you have a galactic adventure, an incredible adventure with Capital F … or something like that … Anyway, who cares … the goal is to be the best pilot in the galaxy to take your ship and run away Location: Well, no, actually, for the corporation. Inc. The least of the concerns. Truth be told, their goal is to exploit even the biggest pigeon in the area to risk his life to make it miserable … You know, space pirates, asteroid fields, great crazy flying light speed boosts, what a great thrill of space. This is the main reason why life insurance is always essential by pressing the take-off button.

And if in the Galaxy Tracker, all these dangers are present, the most terrible of them is none other than the ship, because the corporation. Inc., a flagship sanitary ware company, excelled in its economic concept of reducing all costs and even driving downwards. And so it was that, after intense consideration, the company decided that shipbuilding from pipes could save cargo and add usefulness to the economy by finding pilots crazy enough to drive. A crack …

And we realize it very quickly from the first round game In this regard, Galaxy Tracker is one of the most effective games when it comes to combining chaos and control. Because if every round of the game proves that everything can turn into a little spark, we also notice that the universe is not so dangerous with a little strategy … if we are a star race without the innumerable adventures inherent in it.

Everything starts with the first part of the game where the pressure for the greatest enjoyment of the table is evident: the construction phase. There are plenty of face-down tiles in the middle of the game space that are used to build your ship from scratch to protect it from future galactic galleys. Nearby Hourglass limits the time allotted for this episode and which can be reversed by players to ensure an extra point of stress “Damn, I’m never going to finish my ship on time.”, It would be a question of entering the tiles one by one with a total chance factor. For pipes, lasers, space thrusters, crew pods for humans but also for extraterrestrial co-pilots, storage areas, energy storage and shield generators, different tiles need to be connected to each other in hopes of forming a tub worthy of this name. Clearly, in order not to sink into the chaos of wonder, if some part of the journey is hidden, not without concessions, another will be known to the players to help them build.

Because as you can imagine, there are very current time constraints and other players around the table who will take tiles while respecting a certain discipline to avoid fights where pieces can fly all over the house (reminder: chaos is under control, not panic! ), There will always be a time when things do not go according to plan. Lack of weapons to defend from attack, very few boosters prevent you from running at full speed (because the game is also a race, arrive first to get more bonuses) … there could be many reasons Things Fantastic ships while traveling.

The journey, this second part of the game is as chaotic as the first and where some changes in the situation can appear in amazing ways, without moving a tooth, always bound with laughter. Because it is one of the qualities Galaxy Tracker : It would be nice to see his ship crumble, we will always have fun while surviving on different events.

In fact, once the ship goes into space, it will be a question of drawing cards from a randomly made deck for each epic and causing the store to shine. From collecting resources to losing crew members, going through a competition in asteroid fields or different tubs, not forgetting meetings with pirates who would not hesitate to shoot and loot players. And with every incident, it can happen that everyone fears: that could involve structural damage, some parts of the cargo, the crew members are forced to sacrifice but and above all seeing the pipes explode, the whole part of the ship is lost. In the emptiness of space, converting ships into flying garbage cans is not always able to reach safely …

And right now, we want to say all that. But this dual blade, in the middle of construction and trying its best to underestimate the path of a space barrier – with laughter – all the effort (no… never…) to bring the perfect ship to life, also leaves room for those who want a little more. Since the sidelines of this “normal” adventure, which will last about thirty minutes, play a very good game when it comes to playing one game faster (spoiler: we always want to play another), it will also be possible to bet on Transgalactic Trek, a kind of mini-campaign that Objectives will be achieved from one game to the next to increase the challenge a bit, this track will give the opportunity to run a series of three rides with larger ships, and therefore it is complicated to build, and where the danger will always be bigger. In short, it’s enough to make it a bit more epic for players accustomed to or liking games that are a little longer and closer to the initial experience of 2007 …

And it must be acknowledged that if this 2022 version comes with a modern visual environment with a very light extra module with the title to unlock the promotion, the experience remains the same as 15 years ago, far from being criticized, the original game is effective, It was fun, delusional and addictive. In short, if you have just discovered Galaxy Tracker, You can go for it, knowing that an extension is planned for the end of the year An extension that will greatly shake the experience of the extensions published for the 2007 edition The “chaotic road” game, also available online and thanks to which the travel conditions have become more complicated for the most experienced pilots.

One thing is for sure, it revives this very beautiful part of the game’s past, IELLO Capital U. or F … In short, it doesn’t matter …

Game love judgment:

In 2007, Galaxy Trucker was a great game that blended two ideas into one fun and addictive game, combining action and puzzles against the backdrop of a large space noise. Today, with this revised version, no wonder, nothing has changed. We always enjoy building his ship on a voyage before he enjoys the fact of forcing him to do what he can… should রেখে leave the pieces there, especially with the maximum calibration difficulty. Chaotic yet controllable, dynamic yet quiet, comprehensive but easily accessible, Galaxy Tracker is a highly balanced board game, capable of appealing to a wide audience.

We love

– Build your ship with tiles
– Get him out of space with more or less success
– Parts that adequately renew themselves
– Quality material
– A fun rule book that, in addition to learning the rules, immerses you in this crazy world

We do not love

– When you don’t want a chance … don’t …
– A visual style that may not appeal

To go further, discover this video of Galaxy Truckers shot by IELLO and come back to this very beautiful game through a game:

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