GPA: 4 out of 10 French women will be ready to bear children from another family

On the occasion of the June 25 Pride, Ifop published a survey showing the growing progress of public opinion about surrogacy in France.

There isAfter the abolition of the right to abortion in the United States, the news of the June 25 arrogance and with it the defense of the right to the unseen was obscure, resonating more strongly. On this occasion, IFP has released a new study on the perception of GPA (Pregnancy for Others) in France. Produced in February in partnership with ADFH (Association des Family Homoeparentales) and Media Stubborn, The survey was interested in a very specific aspect: that French women tend to be carriers. Conducted on a sample of 1078 women of childbearing age, The survey revealed that 40% of French women would feel ready to bear children from another family, if surrogacy is legalized in France. A statistic that shows how much public opinion grows on the subject, even if the conditions for which they are prepared to enter the process vary from one woman to another: 35% can do it to help a loved one who is unable to do so. A child, 27% for a more distant group, 26% to help an unknown heterosexual or gay couple but whom they can choose and 24% for a single person whom they do not know but whose profile they will also choose according to friendship.

A new push in the superstition associated with surrogacy

If this study confirms the growing interest of the French for surrogacy, it also strikes at several arguments made by its opponents: even if the question of the exploitation of women’s bodies is a real social problem in the world, this argument continues to be used in the debate around surrogacy. An argument that does not hold water in the context of a moral, supervised surrogacy, as planned in France, has been shown by survey results where a large proportion of women voluntarily declare themselves to give birth to a child who is not born from their oocytes.

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Another clich হয়েছে has been underestimated: the profile of women in these careers, often stigmatized as young, young or educated, and whose sole purpose is financial gain, is analyzed by the media. Magicma. In fact, the survey revealed that 40% of respondents have a post-graduate diploma, 38% come from higher socio-professional departments and women who have already had children and have never had children represent an equal proportion of volunteers (38% and 37%).

Favorable public opinion, disobedient law

If the use of surrogacy is still banned in France, then Alexandre Urwich, President of the ADFH, called for a debate on the possibility of legalizing an ethical surrogacy in France. . ” According to another equally recent Ifop study, a desire shared by a large majority of the French population: They support legalization for heterosexual couples in 75% of France, and 59% for gay couples, a statistic that has increased by more than 10 points in 8 years.

Beyond its prohibitions in France, let us be reminded that an amendment to the law on bioethics in 2021 contributed to the restoration of the rights of families entitled to a GPA outside France, so a child’s birth certificate can only be copied for biological parents, and not for second parents. Adoption procedures must be adopted.


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