Lahrichi and Hadi talk about the success of the play “Allah Islah”

The troupe combines the successes of “19H Theater” His play “Allah Islah” or intentionally literally translated “Allah repair” seduced the public. Playing to the sold-out crowd, this part in dialectical Arabic calls into question the outcome of the patriarchal model of education. In comic situations, the actors reveal a number of everyday life in Morocco. Funny and realistic, “Allah Islah” refers to the life of a Moroccan family with a strict father, “Ssi Mustafa”, a mother and three daughters who express three opposite results of the same education. However, the appearance of their daughter Kawtar’s childhood friend Salwar reveals the fragility of this education system. Meet writer and director Youssef Lahrichi and Iman Hadi, the actress of the “19H Theater” troupe.


Question to actress Iman Hadi

“Allah Islah” is funny, intergenerational, timeless and Moroccan!

Can you tell us about your background?

Without any originality I admit that I have always dreamed of being an actress. As far as I remember, I did theater at home too! But I followed my father’s example and went to France to study engineering. At the same time, I continued to do theater in the university team and participated in various workshops related to theater. Once back in Morocco, with my engineering degree in hand, I enrolled at the Casablanca Conservatory to continue my training in the theatrical art under the direction of Professor Abdelhaq Khairi. And that’s when I met this group of actors who have become the “19H Theater” team today.
I have jumped on television through a number of shows, including “Nahar Mabruk”, “Jawaji Mouhal”, “Jar Labatul” and “Daba Tajiane” under the direction of Hisham El Zebari.

What is your role in the play?

I am playing the role of Hafiz. A housewife, the mother of 3 young girls who gives her hard times and marries an authoritarian man who gives her hard times and constantly devalues ​​her.
This description may indicate that Hafida is a bad shape woman. Which is partially true. But she is also a bubbly woman who has wealth, is a strong woman in spite of appearance and who maintains the joy of living within herself which she tries to maintain in the best way she can thank her best friend for some hilarious moments. Friend Rabia.
The character of Hafida has taken a special place in my heart. It’s amazing, fun and it allows me an incredibly stimulating field of explanation. But beyond that, she embodies this cruel lack of justice from which mothers suffer in our society and which I want to condemn. Indeed, we put our mothers on a pedestal, we sanctify them, but we really value their work!

“Allah Islah” has been done several times, do you think the public reaction varies according to the city and the profile of the visitors?

Even in one and the same city, the masses we may have today certainly will not look like the masses of tomorrow. And it’s just impressive. In my opinion, this is why it is a living art. He is never frozen. On the one hand, we actors never act with the same mental state, and the public never brings the same energy, the same expectations, and that’s why this moment of sharing and interacting will never be the same from one show to another.

What do you find interesting about this piece?

He is funny, interracial, timeless and Moroccan!
And above all we are enthusiastic. People see it, feel it and tell us at the end of each show. And it is truly one of our greatest pleasures.


Question to writer and director Yusuf Lahrichi

“People go out in chains on important matters, they are happy and they recommend” Allah Islah “

How did you come up with the idea to write this piece?

First, there was the desire of a group of friends who had just graduated from the Casablanca Theater Conservatory to remain united around their passions. And personally, I took the initiative to write this first play of the troupe “19H Theater” and took care to write a play in response to this wish so that every member of the team would act. As you have understood, “Allah islah” is the first and foremost holiness of a beautiful friendship. As for the story of the play, I had a number of important social issues in mind that had great comic potential, so I took the time to adjust to them …

Why did you choose humor to talk about sensitive issues like religion, love and adultery?

Humor alone allows us to go so far on certain things … without being shocked and without the idea that we are teaching and when it is subtle, it gives a certain satisfaction to the mind who “decodes”.

The play was a great success. What do you think

The play is a success because people laugh throughout 90 minutes for the text and the extraordinary interpretation of the 9 actors. It is also successful because the audience has the impression of seeing a new style: the play is very contemporary in its choice of content and also in the doors used. So when people go out laughing with their heads off on important things, they are happy and they recommend it and it’s this facial expression that keeps our people attracted.

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