Macron inflation checks for the start of the 2022 school year (100 or 150 euros + 50 or 100 euros per dependent child) will not be reserved for the purchase of food products.



Food testing, very complicated!

Controversy erupted over the mention of this food voucher for the most humble French people. Selecting only a few food products was very complicated, so it will be decided to cancel the allocation of this macron check addressed to the 8 million most humble French people from 2022 this summer. This will not be the Macron 2022 check. Purchasing power is part of the law and therefore can be paid without depositing for approval by the National Assembly.

3Details of June 27, 2022 : After the 4% increase in the social minimum on July 1, 2022 and especially after confirming RSA, Activity Bonus, AAH, ASPA Allowance (Purchasing Power Act), the recommended amount (check food) for this macron check will no longer be 150. Euros per person as initially mentioned, but only 100 euros per family! The check will be supplemented by 50 euros per dependent child, according to data released by Les Ecos. Which changes a lot! The amount of this assistance will still be provided via bank transfer at the beginning of the 2022 school year.
Details of June 7, 2022, given by Elizabeth Bourne in France Blue. Our Prime Minister has clarified the terms of this monthly “food test”, which is no longer one. In the end, after the usual rebuke, we come back easily. As such, this monthly food check will take the form of a single bank transfer, with the most humble families being paid directly into their bank account. This financial assistance will consider the number of children dependent on the family. The amount paid can be used freely and will not be taxable on income. The prime minister did not mention the number of concerned French citizens, but the number of 8 million still seems relevant. The CAF will be responsible for providing this money. The CROUS Scholarship will be responsible for the transfer for students.

Details of June 8, 2022 : The amount mentioned will be 150 euros per family, supplemented by 100 euros per child under 20 years. The amount of this assistance will be provided through bank transfer at the beginning of the 2022 academic year.

Macron 2022 Check: Who will benefit from it and how much will it cost?

Macron check for whom? The most humble French people, known and declared CAF, but not only. In fact, the most uncertain students (hence the scholarship holders) will also be affected, such as workers whose incomes are the lowest. In total, again, about 9 million people will be affected.

What is the amount of macron check? June 27 Apparently not all the details are known yet. Confirmed information indicates a The amount is revised downwards by 100 euros (150 euros mentioned at the beginning of June) for this financial assistance, which will be paid at once. It is very likely that the CAF will take care of sending it, because the beneficiaries of this food test are, again, the most humble French people. Fuel bonus, inflation bonus, energy test, food test here.

When will the macron check be sent?

This will be one of the first issues discussed in the National Assembly. A text should be proposed in early July, which suggests an implementation at the beginning of the school year in September, unless the system is simplified and adopts a mode of distribution of energy tests for example.

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