Manual activities for occupying children are recommended

It was during captivity that children and their parents discovered an interest in manual activity.

The puzzle of planning activities for children over the summer holidays returns this year with a few exceptions. On the one hand, the children will have only August to rest before the resumption of lessons in early September, and on the other hand, the parents could not take their leave in August. In this context, behavioral sociology doctor Leela Naim recommends that parents choose manual activities among other topics. These are constructive and allow the child to have fun while improving their creativity.

With the school holidays scheduled for the end of July, parents are looking for programs and activities to occupy their children during the day. Take a look at social networks to see how much this issue worries parents, especially those unable to take their vacation in August. As he must remember, this year the school holidays will be exceptional. They will be concentrated in August as per the decision taken by the Ministry of National Education earlier this year to extend classes till July due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

At the time of going to the press, the resumption date of the class has been maintained for the beginning of September and no change has been announced in this regard. Asked about this, Leela Naim, points out that summer vacations have never been easier for parents and the problem has intensified this year because children will only have one month off at the end and not all parents get a chance to take their leave. Annual holiday in that month. “The only solution in front of them is to provide activities to keep the kids busy instead of leaving them in front of the television all day or letting them do whatever they want on the pretext of being on vacation,” he explains. When asked about the type of activity to schedule for children, experts believe that anything that combines fun and intellectual and emotional intelligence should be favored.

In this sense, behavioral psychologists advise manual activity. “Whether done alone or with loved ones, these activities allow the child to have fun while improving their creativity and artistic direction,” he confirms. And to add that the specialty of these activities lies in the fact that they can be done at home. This includes, among other things, painting, painting and arranging glass jars. For Leila Naim, it was during captivity that children and their parents discovered an interest in manual activities.

For this holiday, he recommends, the ideal would be to plan a program for the week with the idea of ​​a creative workshop every day. “Every day, the child creates an artistic, as simple as it may seem, and takes the initiative to show it to his parents at the end of the day,” the expert notes. Thus it emphasizes the importance of recognition, both the effort and the result the child receives in his creative work. Leela Naim does not fail to mention that breakfast time can be transformed into a cooking workshop by offering the child the help of his parents or loved ones, to make a chocolate cake or an apple pie. Be organized but not upset by the child’s rhythm … In addition to creative and artistic workshops, experts recommend that parents choose sports activities whose benefits are well-established.

“Alone or depending on their age, the child can go cycling, play ball in the park or jump rope with his friends,” she advises. At the same time, Leela Naeem would like to mention that it is just as important to plan fun activities with her child to discover new things, especially in museums, zoos and heritage houses. “The list of activities is long, the main thing is to allow the child to discover new worlds and to expand his comfort zone by making him aware of places he does not know and ‘awakens their senses and their curiosity,'” he said. All activities are good, but it is important to take care not to upset the child’s daily life too much.

For example, he explains, it is clear that we need to allow him some late morning to restore his sleep, but we must be careful that he does not go to bed too late in the evening. Leela Naim recommends setting a limit for parents to go to bed at night and help them speed up a few days before the end of the holiday for a smooth recovery. For specialists, meals should be taken at regular intervals. He wants to remind you that the holidays, which have been reduced to a month, must go away very quickly and the child will quickly resume school habits: getting up every morning, eating at a regular time and exercising every day. On break.

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