Married at first sight: groom accused of adultery, revealing compromising message … shocked

In 2016, a brand new reality TV show, “Married at First Sight”, landed in France. With the idea of ​​getting together in a wedding bond, two strangers who are selected for their account after various tests created by experts, every season it gathers millions of viewers on M6. Proof of its success, the show is already in its sixth season. Candidates accused of adultery are a season marked by some controversy and recent concerns.

Married at first sight: a brief description

On Monday, June 27, 2022, M6 will air the final episode of Season 6 of “First Look Married”. D-Day, a couple made up of experts, Estelle Dossin and Pascal De Sutter will undoubtedly have many fans in front of their screens to find out the final verdict of the couple. For those who have missed previous episodes, keep in mind that Caroline and Axel, Emile and Frederick are already divorced, as well as Cindy and Jaffrey.

For now, we already know that the three couples have decided to stay married. These include Pauline and Damien, Jennifer and Eddie and Bruno and Alicia. As for Sandy and Alex, we have to wait for the final episode to find out where they are in their relationship. However, due to the growing controversy on social networks, one of our couples may end soon. And for good reason, a groom is suspected of cheating.

“If I weren’t married …”

It’s blogger Jefflang2VIP, known for his scoop for reality TV contestants, who dropped the big bomb on Instagram. In fact, she has shared the message of the famous unfaithful husband. And in the discussion, it is clearly seen how much the fickle husband desires a certain Alice. In very intimate messages, we can specifically read:

“But you make any man fau”, “See you one day”, “If I weren’t married, I’d walk miles to see you … because you’re a man of love”, “But you know what I mean to you Can’t remember? I’m a married man “,” I think you’re beautiful “,” You’re the only woman I have a conversation with “,” No seriously, I’ve met you before, I’ll never let you go “, “I’m sorry when you don’t talk to me”, “Actually, I really like you … so here … but I’m chatting because you’re so far away and so there’s no risk of sleeping up”

Source: Instagram screenshot

Who is the culprit?

It is clear that such messages can damage any relationship. So what is the candidate’s wife thinking? So far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. And of course, Jefflang2Vip’s publication caught the attention of many Internet users who conducted their investigation to discover the person behind these articles.

Although many suspected Bruno, the blogger reported that the latter was not the culprit. So there are two suspects, Damien and Eddie. As for Alex, we can give him the benefit of the doubt because we still don’t know if he was married to the beautiful Sandy. Jefflang2Vip hopes that the restless husband will talk to his wife first before revealing his identity, which is what most of us curious are waiting for.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Loved it more than ever

Fans of Bruno and Alicia are so reassured because according to the blogger the beautiful brown is not the culprit. Moreover, on Instagram, June 20, 2022, the Lovebirds formalized their couple. As a beautiful photo caption where they exchange a sweet kiss, we can read:

“Love. Love at first sight, it exists. We’re glad to announce it to you! It’s a crazy experience, it’s true, you have to be brave, you have to take risks and it was worth it. The most beautiful madness of our lives! The fear of not knowing what we are doing, the reality of not knowing each other and bringing our family into this experience, we always went ahead because we always believed in it and saw it with our own eyes. It was clear from the beginning. “

Also in the publication, the lovers recalled that they were madly in love with each other for eight months. So hopefully their romance will last a long time.

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