Mirelli Dumas, after the death of her grown-up child, now lives in Corsica with her husband of 39 years.

Mirelli Dumas did not want to have a child, but was still able to experience motherhood with Dominic Colonna’s son. Since the disappearance of her child at heart, the 68-year-old director has been living in Corsica with her husband.

Merylli Dumas, presenter of “Private Life, Public Life” between 2000 and 2011, did not exempt her guests from her questions. Later, he found himself in a guest place and did not hesitate to be transparent about his personal life.

Mirelli Dumas, French television journalist. | Photo: Getty Images

She did not want to carry a child

Carrying a baby in her womb Was not innate For the former host of “Private Life, Public Life”. How does he explain it? In an interview with Gala Magazine in November 2021, Miriel Dumas agreed to talk about it. He said:

“I am one of those women who did not want to have children. It’s something foreign to me. “

Mirelli Dumas on the set of her show “Bus Les Mascus”. | Photo: Getty Images

However, her maternal instincts were present, as she was able to form a strong bond with Dominic Colonna’s son. Born from her husband’s previous relationship, she raised Antoine as her own child.

“I was happy to raise Antoine (…) since he was a different child, with a mild form of autism, he needed a lot of attention (…) he filled my life and I loved it. If I had to do it again, I’d do the same thing to him. “

He hid the gala.

Mirelli Dumas has joined the French TNT launch. | Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately, like all mothers, the death of her beloved child has greatly disturbed her.

The death of the child she raised

By marrying Dominic in 1983, Mirelli became the mother-in-law of 4-year-old Antoine at the time. When he became very close to the child, he had to say goodbye to her at the age of 36. The loving mother shared her feelings during her appearance on the show “L’instant de Luxe” and said:

“It was very difficult because at one point I considered him my son.”

Losing Antoine was hard, but it strengthened the bond between Dominic and Mirelli Colona. Combined for good or bad, the couple has been united for almost 50 years.

Portrait of Mirelli Dumas on August 30, 1999 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

You should know that Dominic has fully accepted his wife’s choice regarding motherhood. Being Antoine’s mother-in-law was enough for the producer.

Raising a child with idiosyncrasy is not easy. Fortunately for Mirelli that she and her husband had a way to take care of Antoine.

Portrait of Merylli Dumas in 1994 Photo: Getty Images

His salary is 20,000 euros

Talking about money is no longer forbidden on television sets. In recent years, we have been playing with transparency about the income of media personalities. During her appearance on the Jordan de Lux show, Mirelli Dumas hid what she earned through her shows:

“20,000 euros per month (to animate private life, public life) and a little less for“ less masks ”. (…) I was working so hard that I didn’t even have time to spend. “

He said in his interview.

Journalist and producer, Mirelli Dumas also hosted the show “Bus Les Masks”. | Photo: Getty Images

As a reminder, the show “Private Life and Public Life” stopped airing in 2011. The former host thinks it’s because of his double cap as producer and host which is why:

“Everything shut down overnight in mid-July, the team was in July and I thought about starting again (…) I took back my camera and went to the field to make a documentary.”

He said in his interview.

In fact, it was frowned upon by the public service which at the time preyed on the “profiteers of the system”. Since then, in Corsica, close to her husband, that Mirelli has been making documentaries.

His life in Corsica at the age of 69

Mirelli Dumas, born in September 1953, had a relationship with Corsica long before she settled on the island with her husband. In fact, three years ago, he had already made a first trip there. A passage during which he fell in love with the region, which reminds him of his Italian roots.

“Dominic’s large family and the island that acts as maternal protection over me, an amniotic fluid that gives me shelter from the earth.”

He described the place.

Mirelli Dumas attended the Paris premiere of Alad’2 at the Grand Rex on September 21, 2018 in Paris, France. | Photo: Getty Images

At first, the couple lived in the Colona family home before settling in Partinello. In addition to hiking and boat trips, the director prefers to hang out on Busaglia beach or at the “Gallets” restaurant, which is a legacy from his father-in-law to his sister-in-law.

Although the place is the ideal place to retreat, Mirelli Dumas is not ready to take off her camera. He explained:

“I am a journalist but also a documentary maker. I am used to giving time. I want to show and hear what is in people’s hearts (…) When you are emotional, leisure does not exist (…) I am making several documentaries for 2022.

Meryl Dumas arrives at the Saint-Germain-des-Press Church in Paris on June 4, 2020 to attend the funeral of the late comedian Guy Bedos. – Bedos has died at the age of 85, his son Nicholas announced on social media on May 28, 2020. Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, he can afford to continue with all the support of his beloved and gentle, Dominic Colonna.

That’s her 39-year-old husband and she doesn’t want to say ‘husband’

Documentary producers Dominic Colona and Mirelli Dumas have known each other for 48 years. Combined by television, they have been married for almost 40 years. Although their union has become official, the former host does not like to call Dominic Her husband “. He clarified:

“I find it hard to say ‘my husband’ when I talk about Dominic, I always say: ‘my travel companion’.”

Mirelli Dumas, French television presenter, journalist, film producer and author, at the Printamps du Livre in Montague, western France, April 2, 2022. Photo: Getty Images

Self-educated, she entered the world of television thanks to her older sister. Starting with making documentaries, the guy has had massive success. Seeing his talent, the Institute for Advanced Film Studies invited him to teach at their institution.

He then worked on documentaries and programs with journalist Mirelli Dumas before continuing his solo journey. Otherwise, her couple could go on a spin.

Mirelli Dumas and Dominic Colona. | Photo: Getty Images

She is almost divorced from her husband

Indeed, combining personal life and professional life can be wrong. It was this incident between Dominic and Mirelli that led to an “explosive relationship”. Director Jordan de Luxe hid:

“There were a lot of ‘clashes’ between us. We were both in a very bad mood. It was very funny, because in control, during the show, we heard her big voice: ‘Mirel, pull out your lamp, do it, the makeup is wrong’ …”

Although their collaboration worked in the air, it had to end. Mirelli hinted in her interview that they stopped working together because she was at the end of the divorce.

Fortunately, they made the decision in time, as they are now much more united than before.

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