The workers of Karte Ehpad U Serenu are on strike today.

Corte’s CGT “U Serenu” section and Haute Corse’s UD CGT have been condemning the unemployment between Ehpad for several weeks. “Despite repeated and justified warnings to the appropriate authorities, ARS and DREETS, in the face of contempt displayed by management for legitimate demands of employees, our Serenu employees plan to stop work and alert the family, CDC and media about the situation. “Without resolving our demands quickly, the book of demands given to the management, ARS, labor inspection, is endangering the residents of Serenur.”.

Ehpad employees U Serenu The court closed today, June 28, to express their dissatisfaction with the deteriorating working conditions, inadequate care of residents, disrespect to labor laws and the enforcement of contract laws. . The workers have called for a strike until Monday, July 4, 2022, with a meeting of the board of directors and a decision to continue activities for them.

If the promises are not followed through firm action, the workers will stop all activities until they receive their demands on the same day.

You will find attachments and leaflets attached to the population and families of residents today attached.

Demand for strike on 28 June 2022

Working environment:

  • Restructure working days on contract with employees.
  • Accelerate or start work and / or improve the establishment of “U Serenu 1”, which is obsolete and especially does not comply with hygiene rules.
  • Construction of rest rooms in each institution.
  • Purchase of appropriate equipment;

Considering the number of bedridden people, there is no motor (patient lift).
– Used equipment (dishwasher, air conditioner, restaurant blinds, breakfast coffee machine).
– Furniture (tables and chairs) suitable for catering and residents.

  • Training: AFGSU in particular, compulsory every two years.
  • Assurance of growth and recruitment of new staff.
  • Six nursing assistants per day and on site.
  • Allow new employees to be supervised within a week; At the time of hiring, sign the job description, which has been verified by staff and management.
  • Create a job description for the psychologist.
  • Creating night shifts; ASH for example.
  • Satellite kitchen help.

Wages and social rights

  • A thirteen month
  • Waiting for everyone pressed 3 days
  • Abolition of Solidarity Day from the first year of seniority
  • Withdrawal for All (Salary Maintenance: Illness and Accidents at Work).
  • For equal positions, systematically align salaries with newcomers when the latter are higher than the employees already in office, taking into account the seniority already acquired,
  • Weekend and public holiday allowances doubled (0.8%).
  • 10% net increase in wages below 2.5 times the minimum wage
  • The agreed 1% annual increase for all calculated on the agreed minimum wage, especially for employees who are not seen on the grid.
  • Mutual insurance is financed at 50% by the employer regardless of the package chosen.
  • Renewal of exceptional purchasing power bonus (PEPA) up to 1,000 euros
  • Systematic payment of differential allowance stipulated in Art76 of the agreement for VAE staff and supervisors performing AS functions.
  • Put in a total recovery and compensatory night rest peslip
  • Add a box to suspend paid vacation.
  • Allocation of additional two days leave for seniority every ten years
  • Remuneration in proportion to the number of children set the day for sick children

Wage regulation:

  • SMIC up to date.
  • Check FEHAP points and do it regularly.
  • Regular pay slips for missing staff for COVID-19. (Seniority bonus, decentralized, effective and deducted from SEGUR salary).
  • Three day deficit regularization.
  • Regulation of points and salaries of night employees.
  • Transportation every six months is bonus and not monthly.

Implementation of new CSE elections, for:

  • Minutes of meeting and agreement signed.
  • Establish a specific bulletin board.
  • Order holiday vouchers
  • Sign and implement agreements for incentive bonuses as agreed.
  • Make the full contract 51 available to employees of both organizations.


  • Right to training for all:

– A training plan accessible to all staff
– Implement training assistance that can be consulted by all employees.


  • Establish a trade union display space by the company so that employees can read leaflets and union information with the opening of a company contract in the coming months.
  • Distribution and posting of Union leaflets by management on each site.
  • Profit sharing and profit sharing agreements are renegotiated.

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