“This drama haunts me,” admits one mother

“No matter, I’m devastated. “This card of sympathy, with its trembling writing, rests on three bouquets of flowers in front of the entrance to Danton Rev. Nursery (Leon 3rd). This Monday evening, many feathers are hanging from the ceiling, in a dreamcatcher environment that was removed from the drama of a Leon family experience last Wednesday. About thirty minutes after her arrival, in this private micro-nursery of the People and Baby Network (700 installations in France, including 32 in Rhne), an 11-month-old girl was severely poisoned by an early childhood agent, alone at the scene. This is the morning of June 22nd.

“After the baby’s crying was over, she sprayed him, then took him a caustic product,” said Destop for WC in the case, following the confession of the 27-year-old suspect, as described by his lawyer, on Friday. Fragile “. This horrific death deeply shocked many young parents in France, especially in Lyon, and even more so those who offered their child to People and Baby Cr কche.

“We want to know the correct regulatory policy”

In addition to the Danton Rêve, which typically accommodates 10 children in the Part-Dieu district, all other People & Baby establishments were open in Lyon on Monday. “It’s obviously worrying, explains a mother who prefers to remain anonymous, when she picked up her daughter from her micro-nursery in the 7th Arrondissement. Personally, I have a lot of confidence in the team here, which has been in very good contact with us since Friday. This kind of horror can also happen to a child’s mind. There are concerns as soon as you become a parent, but it is not associated with this structure. A

Another mother, who had been with La Belle Core Crচেche (Leon II) for several months for her child, added: “We have not yet received any formal communication from humans and children. We can have confidence in the whole team, we want to know the right regulatory policy. Because when I think about it, sometimes there was only one person to take care of eight children when I left my daughter, is that normal? “

At least two speakers all day now?

This is a major question for many parents this week, who don’t really dare to ask if all of these structures can really hold dangerous products like desktop WC. In this case, the rules from which micro-crচches benefit allow a professional to be alone with one to three children at certain times of the day. But as the mother noted on Monday morning, People & Baby has chosen to bring together three professionals (“first for a few months”) to reassure Leon’s family.

A bouquet of flowers was placed in front of the entrance to the Danton Rev. Cr্রেche in the Part-Dieu district.
A bouquet of flowers was placed in front of the entrance to the Danton Rev. Cr্রেche in the Part-Dieu district. – J. Laugier / 20 minutes

Some of them received an email from the regional management on Sunday evening that, in order to standardize, the installations would be opened and closed to at least two professionals from June 27 onwards. A device that could possibly prevent last week’s deadly poisoning. This email, Alice was surprised not to get it before she took her son Joseph (4 months) to La Belle Core Cr সোমবারche on Monday.

A complaint was filed in November at a microcredit

“We obviously can’t talk about it in front of the kids, but I want to know what help is planned for us and the staff,” he recalls. It was my first experience and even my first month of being in Crete, so when I left my son this morning I was really sick to my stomach. It’s hard to separate things after this horror, but the professionals were able to reassure me when I arrived. It is up to all of us to show kindness at such times. The death of this 11-month-old baby brought many painful memories for Emily and Steve Gregoire. From July 2021, Little Lewis’ parents, three months later, joined Nido de Savigan (Leon 3rd), one of the People and Baby Nurseries.

Emily Gregoire, a neuropsychologist at Women’s Mother Child Hospital (HFME) in Brunei, said: “When we arrived, there were four staff members and a director whom we admired. He recognized that he had a lot of difficulty recruiting staff and he left very quickly. Suddenly, there were only two employees, whose exact effectiveness was not known. I noticed that the organization was rarely strict. “Then on November 22, 2021, the couple recovered Lewis in their thirties” with large marks on the temple and around the eyes. Emilie Grégoire provided the material 20 minutesLike this picture below.

Lewis, here at 4 months old, last November, when his parents found him with significant marks on his temples and around his eyes.
Lewis, here at 4 months old, last November, when his parents found him with significant marks on his temples and around his eyes. – The Gregory family

“Children in this nursery may be in danger”

The staff’s explanation then becomes different around a collision with other children and shows the worst fears of young parents. “It sounded like a slap in the face, and when I had a new director on the phone, he never assured me that no member of the team was able to hit Lewis,” said Emily Gregoire. The young woman immediately filed a handrail at the police station and then complained to the Family Safety Brigade, when it was time to remove her baby from Nido de Sevigno.

I have no news of any consequences. Babies have been at risk in this nursery ever since, and it was the lack of company response that shocked me the most. On Friday I was devastated when I discovered that this poison was in a People & Baby Nursery. I didn’t sleep for a few nights, as if I had lost a member of my family myself. This drama haunts me. A

Lewis, who will celebrate her first birthday next month, has been caring for her grandmother since November 22, 2021. The only day-care where Emily and Steve Gregoire are completely confident today.

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