This is a decision that will turn their lives upside down

Alicia and Bruno are one of the most beautiful couple Marriage at first sight. In front of the soft gaze of the M6 ​​viewers they seem to be feeling the real thunder. So they were among those on whom the fans of the show had no doubt. In fact, if the evaluation episodes of the adventure evoke a kind of suspense, no one had any doubts about them.

Because Alicia and Bruno seem to be literally ready for each other. Also, for the delight of the fans Marriage at first sight, They have confirmed that they want to stay married during the balance sheet. Even better, they are ready to speed up their relationship a little more. For this, they have several options. Objeko So we invite you to discover what they have chosen and what should happen before the end of the year.

Alicia and Bruno are obvious to the public

Its fans M.Ariés at first sight Rarely has a couple been convinced that will work. In fact, it remains a common suspicion that even the two of them seem to be ready for each other. And it’s lucky otherwise the show won’t provide any surprises for its viewers. Because all the couples formed by production are considered to be highly compatible.

However, it is not always enough to give birth to the spark of love. Again, it’s happy. Because if love is a proper science, who would find it wonderful to meet your soul mate?

But go back to Alicia and Bruno who are so in love more than ever. Since the public isn’t wrong about them, the audience Marriage at first sight Maybe think they want to speed up the stage of their relationship.

After all, just because two people are married does not automatically mean that they have to live together or start a family. These are projects that take time, especially when the bride and groom are strangers during the ceremony, Objeko I won’t tell you. But so we must believe that love gives wings. As Alicia and Bruno say they are ready to take a new step.

They are so confident about themselves and so happy with their decision that they say it will happen before the end of 2022 this year. In fact, just six months after the shooting Marriage at first sightAlicia and Bruno decided to stay under the same roof!

A big decision for lovers

It’s a big jump for Alicia and Bruno, they’re now sure enough about what it feels like for each other to share a life under the same roof. And above all, they trust each other enough where not long ago they knew nothing about each other. It was a successful blind marriage for our two lovers. It is all the more satisfying to the fans Marriage at first sight I know that such success is very rare.

Obviously, everyone wants their story to be as long-lasting as possible. And writingObjeko Also wish all the happiness in the world for Alicia and Bruno. But as important as this milestone may be for their relationship, it is another no-brainer for fans of this couple. In fact, the relationship between lovers cannot surprise the public any more. The only way to surprise them is to tell them that they are no longer with you. And what we see as the episodes progress is not ready to happen.

Remember, even Bruno’s sister, who was very close to her brother, could have no doubt in her mind about Alicia. And luckily! Moreover, during the balance sheet she still apologized for it and the lovers realized that her fear was based solely on her deep love for her brother. Also, he will soon be leaving to allow Alicia and Bruno to stay together.

Starting life together allows Alicia and Bruno to come together more than ever. In fact, he himself says with a lot of humor that they spark the most when they don’t leave each other. “The biggest part of our success as a couple is when we turn off the lights.”, Then he said. And soon after this touch of humor he announced his sweet big news: “We plan to stay together for years.”

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