Up to 7,500 euros: When a child’s funeral costs two more than an adult’s

Some funeral directors apply higher rates for child funerals (© TZ / Actu Lyon)

Single to double. This is how we can summarize Funeral costs for a child.

“We had an 18-month-old baby case whose burial cost more than my mother-in-law,” protested Corinne Vedren of the association. Eva for life Who works for children with cancer.

Together with Sun Grand Cancer of the Federation Grande, a massive survey was conducted in 2020 among hundreds of bereaved families. Millions? Compare rates charged by different funeral managers for the same service.

Up to ,500 7,500

And the observations say: it takes an average of 1,500 to 4,000 euros and 2,000 euros to burn a child. 7,500 For the funeral according to the results of this investigation [en sachant que, selon la Confédération des professionnels du funéraire et de la marbrerie, le coût moyen d’une inhumation pour un adulte s’élève à 4 300 euros et 3 800 euros pour une crémation, Ndlr].

Amazing numbers. Especially since the argument suggests that the coffin may be smaller, so less expensive? The Ethical questions Also raised: How can parents who have just experienced such a tragedy be paid more?

It remains to be seen whether this is a generality or a few isolated incidents of companies. Especially since, on their behalf, the federation and funeral directors demand Depending on the law in force.

Regional inequality

3,700 euros for a funeral and 6,000 euros for a vault, 10,000 euros for an arch, church and burial … These are just a few examples of the prices applied by funeral administrators for a child’s funeral. Everything came from a survey by the association.

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Already in 2014, the incident came to the attention of Stephen Vedren, co-founder of Federation Grande’s Sun Cancer, who remembers‘actu.fr :

That year, it was the first time that we realized, thanks to the testimony of a family, that when certain funeral administrators applied higher rates to a child’s (…) funeral, we also found that, from one region to another, it was different. In Hautes-de-France, for example, many families are in trouble.

Stephen VedrenCo-founder of Grandi’s Sans Cancer Federation

Immediately, the machine starts: evidence is collected and some deputy subject matter is seized.

Mourning laws have been enacted in 2020

In 2019, former MP Serin Mauborgen took the file to the parliamentary level by questioning various actors (French Federation of Funeral Directors, League Against Cancer, etc.). A list has been compiled showing the difficulties that certain families face in paying for the funeral of their deceased child.

But not just. Also in this report we have collectedA price inequality Among the actors in the environment.

You can read there:

Networks of large funeral groups apply different values ​​based on age. For example, the OGF group provides free vehicles and coffins for children up to one year, then 50% off the full catalog for children 2 to 16 years old. Independent operators charge separate charges on a case-by-case basis based on completely separate decisions. The federations do not impose such a fee schedule but are fully prepared to move forward on the issue, considering it time to respond to this well-known issue humanely.

In quiet Mauburgen

In 2020, after several months of fighting, mourning laws were enacted to help bereaved families. But this does not seem to be the solution Inequality Reward for a child’s funeral.

What is the provision of mourning?

Introduced in June 2020, the Mourning Act guarantees a number of points for families who have just lost a child. It provides:
– 8 days (for an employee) or 15 days (for a self-employed worker, practitioner or medical assistant, in case of compensated unemployment) mourning leave;
– Flat-rate allowance from CAF, the amount of which is determined according to the family’s assets and expenses;
– Family Allowance Maintenance and Education Allowance for Children with Disabilities (AEEH) continues to be provided considering the dead child for the period prescribed by the decree.

Funeral options: an additional cost

To understand this value, we interviewed several companies. In some families and working on a case-by-case basis for controlled prices, these so-called companies seem to be sending the ball elsewhere.

Thus, for this Gers-based company, it costs a minimum of 3,500 euros to burn a child between the ages of 1 and 12.

The price may then be Increase according to the number of kilometers The coffin must be moved from one place to another or if the vault must be opened (250 euros) or If a hole needs to be dug (560 euros). “Sometimes, in the event of a death in the municipality, we do not charge for transportation,” the Gers company explains.

For its equivalent in the north, one would have to pay around 4,000 euros for a crematorium “to know that when it comes to children we don’t charge for it”, explained the manager who “applied for the crematorium, the prices were recorded. Municipality”.

I can’t see why it would be more expensive for a baby. We do not want to make money from child funeral services.

A funeral home to the north

Mandatory benefits and additional benefits

However, This price difference exists. For the companies surveyed, this can be explained by the options chosen by the parents for their child’s funeral.

In fact, there are options such as compulsory services (coffin delivery, a cinnabar coffin in case of cremation, provision of an approved vehicle for transporting corpses) and the acquisition of a discount at the cemetery. Notice of death in newspapers or even marble work.

At this last point, the price difference can be substantial depending on the parent’s preference. “Usually, families take their children to an arch in three or four places. Inevitably it’s not the same price, ”explained the boss of the funeral directors in the north.

Need for more quotes

Arguments supported by the French Federation of Funeral Directors (FFPF). “You have to compare the same services! “, The organization with angernews.fr. “In this case From one municipality to another, The discount price is not the same: when in the countryside, the average price is 300 euros, it rises to 15,000 euros for a location in Père Lachaise. A

And to justify yourself:

Rate free, we enforce the law.

French Federation of Funeral Directors

For federations such as for private companies, it is Several quotes need to be made Before making your choice. But for the president of Grandi’s Sans Cancer, these arguments are unacceptable.

“At times like this, you don’t see the price.”

“Your child has just died and you are being asked for several quotes ?!» He is angry. “At such times, you will not see the price. The funeral is immediate. A

As a matter of fact comparing the same services, Stephen Vedren is official: this is actually the case. Comparative services were compulsory services (mentioned above) and not alternatives

With MPs, including MP Paul Christoph, the federation is unwilling to give up the fight to grow without cancer.

The first battle? Setting a floor price For compulsory service. Even if this means going in the direction of legislation, as the MP explained to us: “The law only provides for the obligation to pay taxes, but does not impose tariff adjustments. A

For this we will first go to the representative organizations and if not we will go under the law. We must ensure that this report does not remain as a dead letter.

Paul ChristopherAssistant

And the president of the federation, which grew up without cancer, concluded: “We will not hesitate to turn to funerals. A

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