Wendy: She didn’t want a second child, the violent and conspiratorial man lives in hell with her pregnant partner

One Venden was sentenced to three years in prison for assaulting his partner. Leo Goutret

It took years for the young woman, Victims of regular violence From his partner, to escape.

This Monday, June 20, 2022, Taken from his ex-wife Jail To appear in front Criminal Court of La Roche-sur-Ion, Five counters, including four assaults against his wife. In fact, for almost three years, Violence and threats were almost daily.

The man, acting, has reigned in his home Lujan, The atmosphere of terror.

“I didn’t want a second child”

The couple has been living together for ten years.

In 2013 a first daughter was born.

It was in 2019, before the birth of their second child, that is Physical abuse Will explode

I didn’t want a second child, I always told my partner. I didn’t want it. He betrayed me.

Defendant at the bar

Although he told his wife to stop taking the pill due to side effects, he completely denied the thesis of “accident”. Just like his lawyer. “At 40, we have sex education, it can’t be an accident!”

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When his wife informs him of her pregnancy, A few months after he finds himself, the guy turns around. Add the effect of captivity to it and Excessive drinking Very regular which makes it violent.

The Watching a conspiratorial documentary Immersing him in an almost permanent delirium: he accused his nurse wife of “genocide” by vaccinating patients, he sided with Trump, and commented on the coronavirus that is slowly alienating his relatives.

Regularly, he insults his wife, insulting her: “Buffon, uneducated, sparrow’s head”, all in front of his eldest daughter.

He broke his nose with a slap

The date of the first major violence is from November 2018.

“It happened in the bedroom, we slept together and then she talked to me about having a baby. I got annoyed, I grabbed his hand, I pulled him hard to get him out of the room and he took me to the corner of the door. I did not want him to hurt me, ”said the accused.

The young woman opens the bones of her eyebrows and covers her wounds so as not to arouse suspicion at work.

Another time, the drunk, the man slapped him “about twenty times”, breaking his nose, according to the victim’s testimony.

The crack was caught several days after the scene, when the victim consulted a doctor.

He can recognize “just” two slaps.

Knife in the throat

That same evening, she threatens to kill him and He puts a knife to his throat.

She forces him to stand outside half-naked in the rain.

The man partially admits the truths, but does not speak on the stand.

I don’t know what went into my head. I made a mistake.


The president painfully tries to get the worm out of him. But the defendant remained cold during the two-hour hearing without sympathy and without a word of apology for his family.

“I wanted to leave,” he said repeatedly.

“But why didn’t you?” Asks the President. “It’s complicated: there were houses, kids… but I always wanted to leave. A

Finally, last January, after two and a half years of repeated violence, the young woman decided to leave home with the help of her nursing colleagues and the association. SOS female Wendy. “Save her daughters”, her lawyer slips.

A security order is taken and prohibits the defendant from approaching his home without any contact

But the man sends 4 text messages to his ex-girlfriend and enters the house, which sends him straight to jail. “Madam, why are you so afraid? Asks the President.

“That, I can’t explain,” replied the helper’s man.

Recognition of children as co-victims

The victim’s lawyer wanted to symbolize the trial and demanded that the court do so Also recognition of children as co-victims. He claims € 12,000 in non-financial losses For moms, € 2000 for 9 year olds and 1000 1000 for three year olds. He condemned the process of influencing the violent wife over his ex-partner and called for an anti-reunion bracelet.

Defendant’s attorney asked the court to try “a specific case.” He acknowledges that his client has been “worn out” for his difficult childhood as a foster child, but insists on the fact that he can “fully reintegrate into society” and claims A proportionate criminal response.

Conversely, wonder about the public prosecutor Dangerousness of the accused, Already a perpetrator of violence in the past and needed Four years in prison with 18 months suspended sentence.

Finally, a man who has already spent more than a year in a preventive prison has been sentenced. Three years in prison with one year probation for 3 years. He has to work, he has to take care of himself. He is forbidden to go to his ex-partner’s house and communicate with him.

He has to get out of jail and wear it An electronic bracelet Which will alert law enforcement as soon as the victim arrives within 10 kilometers.

Eventually the court found him guilty Compensation for three victims : 000 5000 non-financial loss for mother, € 1000 for older daughter and 500 500 for younger.

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