Who is the first woman president of the National Assembly, Yale Brown-Pivet?

1. Perch

After five years as head of the law commission, this woodworker replaces Richard Ferrand, who lost the June legislative election and became, De facto, the fourth character in the kingdom. Unlike Breton, he does not belong to the first circle of Emanuel Macron.

After the election of this legislature, a new republic was born

2. History

A woman in the park? This is a great first in V’s historye Since Jack Chaban-Delmas in the Republic in 1958, 14 men have replaced each other at the Hotel de Lhasa (the residence of the presidents of the Assembly). “It’s an important moment, a broken glass roof, Interested party comments on “l’Obs”. It is also the culmination of a long journey for women. A

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3. Lawyer

Long before she was conquered by the virus of politics, Nancy, a mother of five, wore a black dress. At the age of 26, after studying law in Nanterre and joining the Paris Bar, he joined the firm of criminal lawyer Harvey Tamim, who is considered one of the most powerful lawyers in the country today. He then set up his own firm in Newley with two partners.

Harvey Temim, Master of Mystery

4. Policy

If he goes through the local section of the PS in Tokyo very briefly, he gives the date of his entry into politics with the advent of macronism. In 2016, he joined the ranks of En Marche! “I immediately believed in this vision: overcoming divisions, progressivism. A An investment candidate at Yvelines the following year, he has the luxury of sending mats to an old road right, Jacques Myard.

5. Introduction

Elected, in the wake of his entry into the hemisphere, the chairman of the Law Commission, has allegations of incompetence against him. In an echo, “le Canard enchaîné” writes that it cannot separate a decree from a law. Shocked, he almost let go. Five years later, he was able to turn the situation around efficiently, maintaining great relationships between left and right. With a diverse personality like his socialist predecessor Claude Bertolon or the very conservative Eric Cotte. Which splits an SMS the day after Richard Ferrand’s defeat. “Are you going to Lassie? That would be great. A

6. Benalla

This case is the most delicate of his short political career. Named Yale Brown-Pivet, a co-reporter for the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry responsible for covering the issue in the summer of 2018 that set the Legislature on fire and poisoned Elysee, suddenly found himself on fire from critics. Because he refused to summon the president’s relatives, the right biased shouted. “This sequence was both intense and established.”He says today.

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7. Second chance

His Holy Grail presided over the assembly. In 2018, he tried his luck before changing his mind and joining Richard Ferrand’s candidacy. This time, he did not delay: as soon as the battle for Perch began, he immediately resigned from his brand new responsibility as foreign minister. Thirty-six days will go then? Foreign elected officials, often from the New Popular Ecological and Social Union (Nupes), protest. “Insults”.

Emmanuel Macron, relative president from President Jupiter

8. Globetrotter

In the early 2000s, she stuck to her career as a lawyer and moved to Asia – Taiwan, then Japan – to follow her husband, who is an executive at L’Oreal. After a trip to Portugal, the family returned to France. Where the granddaughter of a Polish-Jewish tailor became involved in Restos du Coure: she oversaw the center of Chantelup-les-Vignes, then built Certroville.

9. Big time

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He did Glennons (Brittany’s sailing school) and owns a 7.50-meter sailing boat in the port of Parnichet, a “Django”, which he took out as soon as possible. He also occasionally sided with some of his fellow Breton deputies, Jimmy Pahun and Erwan Balanant. “I like wind, material and bad weather”A slip that must now contain a bubble assembly where the macronists have lost an absolute majority.

10. Rebalance

Like all his predecessors, Yale Brown-Pivet wants to make sure that the hemisphere is a place where “Democracy truly expresses itself”. “I am convinced that the legislature has an important role to play in re-establishing the link between politics and citizens.”, He says. In December 2021, he signed a petition for the Jean-Jarres Foundation “Parliament has been strengthened” There are twenty-five proposals in mind “Balance of power”.

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