25 reserve members of the Air Force and Space Force trained at the Joze (Pui-de-Dome)

CIIRAA 63’s 25 reserve persons, students of various ranks and professional backgrounds, students, employees, executives, business leaders, met last weekend at a place called Josette Tisoniares, on the shores of Aliar, for an intensive day of military instruction. Part of the IMFR (initial military training for conservatives).

Something to worry about is the locals who have seen several convoys of soldiers in disguised uniforms patrolling … in the program: teamwork, moments of solidarity, confidence and sharing.

Recruited to serve in the Army on an ad hoc basis

The Air and Space Force Reserve Information and Training Center CB942 (known as CIIRAAE 63), a unit under Leon Mont Verdun Air Base 942, is responsible for ensuring air and space force influence and cooperation in the Auvergne region. BA942 and other services at the Clermont-Ferrand Defense Base, to guarantee military training of reserved “Air” operational personnel who are committed to serving the Army on an ad hoc basis and to assist “active” (See below).

“I became goulash and abhorrent by adoption”: Martin Dothier, Corps Commander of the 92nd RI, Claremont-Ferrand, at the time of departure

Saturday, in the heart of nature, has become a common place for shooting traditional clay pigeons, for a day, a military training camp, a hostile area, an ideal ground for practice: a divider, a zipline and a created “drop zone”, a The term that is used to designate a helicopter landing area. It was here that Captain Hubert Vitry, the unit commander attached to BA942, welcomed the trainees.The 25 reserves had to set up a divider and set up a zip line especially on Saturdays.

Workshop Workshop

In the ranks, out of 25 reservists, two captains, three lieutenants, a chief warrant officer, a master sergeant, two master corporals, two corporals and a team of airmen are waiting for instructions for the proposed workshop. “The goal is to adapt, to trigger reflexes, to be confident, to consider all parameters and to develop automation,” explained Laurent, a retired active soldier, field instructor and chief warrant officer. In war, each future soldier is responsible for evaluating his ability to fulfill his mission. “Tough training, easy fighting!” “She is OK.

There are trees, all right! A canvas, a hammock and a kit of ropes are enough to set up a divider.

It remains to be seen how the right knot (bowl, capstan or prick knot 7) can be made to avoid danger. “Every special situation matches an ideal knot, and rarely two! “, He detailed.

“One of the objectives is to build mutual support, to bring the units together. We don’t put any comrades in trouble, “added Lieutenant Sandra Tixador, liaison officer and former active-duty soldier.

The afternoon was for practice, in groups, with their supervisors who were in the role of observers.

“To get acquainted with the strategic advances they have learned: pay attention to the environment, what positions to take, how to move, how to cover all angles well, how to react to what is happening around them.” Essential step!

Captain Hubert Vitry (Empty)

The day ended with congratulations to the department. A well-deserved moment of confidence!

The role of conservators

Their goal is to provide temporary reinforcements to the armed forces, especially for the protection of national territories (Sentinels, VGP) and operations conducted abroad. Participates in the day-to-day services of the reserve unit (surveillance patrols, research devices, public security missions or anti-crime measures, etc.). It also has a role to play in helping people affected by natural disasters.

Six unusual anecdotes about Claremont-Ferrand’s 92nd RI

The Operational Reserve consists of male and female volunteers who have subscribed to a commitment to serve a renewable one to five year reserve (ESR). Trained and trained, the guards must occupy a similar position to the active military personnel. These are essential reinforcements and have the same rights and duties as any aviator. The Air and Space Force gives its operational reserves the opportunity to build a demanding and rewarding career path, in addition to their professional activities.

By our local correspondent

Recruitment. More information on the website: www.gouvernement.fr/risques/la-reserve-militaire. Cirfa Air Clermont-Ferrand Recruitment and Air Force Recruitment, 71, at Boulevard Berthelot, Clermont-Ferrand. E.g.

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