A married man and the father of a child will be priests

Stephen Raine, a former member of the Anglican Church, received a contract from the Vatican to run directly for the new position.

An order validated by Pope Francis personally At 3:30 p.m. So far, no surprises. The difference is that Stephen Raine, who has been married since 1975 and has fathered a child since the 1930s, has disobeyed a number of universal rules when Catholicism imposes celibacy on its representatives.

A “miracle” indicates that the 73-year-old man had already been made possible by a well-fulfilled spiritual journey, having received a slanting order in 1976, before the Priest’s Ordinance in 1987. Free Charente. Only, these sacraments took place in Britain and were regulated by the Anglican Church, which is much more flexible in the privacy of its followers. In 1975, Stephen thus met Rosemary, who was going to be his wife, and with whom he formed a family.

In 2014, Stephen Raine withdrew from the religion and in 2016 crossed the Channel, in Charente, where he settled in Montmorere to spend his leisure time. But the call of the Lord is strong. As the Diocese of Angulem mentions in an article dedicated to the journey of a man of faith, he received the Catholic Communion in 2018 before the Sacrament of Confirmation and when he had already expressed a “deep desire to be able to be a priest”. Catholic Church.

Papal insult

Only, in order to get this function of the priesthood which he himself qualified as spiritual continuity, other more “administrative” steps had to be taken. Among them, and not the least, is the personal approval of the pope to whom he had to send what is called “pontifical dispensation”, a document that makes it possible for former Anglican ministers to be welcomed to the full meeting of the Catholic Church. Married “, still indicates the diocese of Angoulême.

“This method and this‘ pontifical dispensation ’, of course, in no way calls into question the greatness, value and beauty of the priestly celibacy prevalent in the Roman Church”, but what it is directed by the religious authorities.

In its column Free CharenteThe future priest explains that he made one Petition, A file of about forty pages that restores his life, was sent directly to the Vatican. “I got the answer around Holy Week, it surprised me because it didn’t really take long,” he says.

“The Pope himself signed a paper to release me from the vow of celibacy because I was married,” he recalls.

The first public relations in August

On June 24, a first step was taken by the man of faith, who was appointed deacon in the chapel of the Works of the Cathedral of Anguilla. During the ceremony, and under the name “Pontifical Dispensation”, there was also “acceptance” by the Catholic authorities of Rosemary as Stephen’s wife.

“Rosemary, the church has asked me to appoint your husband as a priest, and this is thanks to the pontifical dispensation granted by Pope Francis. Will you accept the diakonet and ministerial priesthood that he will receive? Something new in your relationship and your family life?” The question which the former teacher answered positively.

On behalf of the local religious authorities, we wanted to support the Septuagint in this choice. In recent months, he has already done animated folks in English in the department, according to the first Free Charente.

For Harvey Gosselin, Bishop of Angulem, the Anglican and Catholic Churches are the “Sister Church,” which can facilitate conversions. However, according to the regional daily, some Parisians are still unsure about this transformation. Stephen Raine will have every opportunity to explain them during the pre-scheduled mass in the department next week, which he will hold in French.

The ordination will be followed next Sunday, live on the Catholic Church’s YouTube channel in Charente.

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