Abortion rights in movies: Discover 5 movies (re)

An opportunity to recall the events that have taken place in the United States in recent days is that even in movies, screenwriters and filmmakers are still campaigning and testifying today, as they did yesterday, depicting the stories of women sacrificed on the altar of honor. Some call it. From the beginning of time, the body of a woman is still considered the property of everyone. Abortion, an issue that goes beyond the political perspective, raises far more questions than the right to life. Watching 5 films or watching them again, a spotlight on women and their struggles, is still and always relevant.

5 – “A Women’s Issue” (1988)

In 1988, Claude Chabral Brought to the big screen is Francis Szpiner’s book, A Women’s Affair, inspired by the true story of Marie-Lewis Giraud, who was guillotineed to perform several abortions in the 1940s. In fiction, the latter is named Marie Lato and embodied Isabel Huppert. The mother of two children under the Vichy regime, a housewife whose husband had moved in front, but with whom she adapted very well, Mary dreamed of becoming a singer and gaining her independence.

After helping a neighbor successfully perform an abortion, Marie became an angel maker. This activity quickly earns him enough to live comfortably. In the process, he befriends a prostitute, rents her a room for subsequent lustful activities, and takes a boyfriend. All of this will lead Marie to her downfall when her husband, annoyed by his wife’s behavior, reports her to the police. Captive for more than 20 abortions, Mary will be sentenced to death.

In “A Women’s Affair” Claude Chabral Highlight women from all angles. Both mothers, friends, lovers, women have to be on all fronts, alone at the end of the day with the burden of responsibility. And even if it means suffering, even death, it is not the most important thing, until their bodies are theirs again.

And the film even reveals some taboos: having children, but not loving them, feeling deprived of one’s own body that is at the service of all. Carried out by a specially formed castIsabel Huppert, Franোয়াois Clujet Or Marie Trintigant“A Women’s Affair” is not just a story of a woman, but of all women, their thirst for freedom and their desire for liberation.

4 – “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days” (2007)

In Romania, just before the overthrow of communist rule, Otila and Gabita were two students and a roommate at a university residence. Gabita is pregnant and wants an abortion, Otila is going to help her in her business. Two young women call a man, an angel maker who, in order to perform the process and pay, asks the young women to sleep with him. In desperation, the two friends comply. After this incident, there will be nothing like before.

Perception by Christian Mungiu“4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days”, sets its story at the 60th Cannes Film Festival in Palme d’Or, Romania, Cousescu, where citizens have very little freedom and where abortion is prohibited.

The heavy environment of the film and its length reflect the oppression endured by the inhabitants of this omnipotent state and the violence endured by women, who even had to remove themselves from their bodies in order to be able to have an abortion. In this annoying feature film, even the occasional uncomfortable, Christian Mungiu Underlining women’s warfare, their indomitable will to defend their independent will despite physical and repressive risks. And in adversity, the Romanian director highlights the theme of sisterhood, or when a woman sacrifices all her being for a friend.

3 – “That See Lay” (2019)

They are women of all generations and all social strata who wear green scarves, it is a sign of assembly for a reason: the fight to criminalize voluntary pregnancy interventions. In 2018, in Argentina, although abortion is still illegal, a bill to legalize abortion has been hotly debated in the Senate for 8 weeks.

The controversy reaches the streets where thousands of fighters for freedom of choice come down to recognize this fundamental right to dispose of one’s own body. Facing activists for the right to abortion, the “pro-lifes”, posing as benefactors and guarantors of life, base their arguments on the hypocrisy and contradiction of a whole system where religious power is predominant. .

Selected out of the competition in Cannes in 2019, “Que sea Ley” offers an immersion in the fight for the green scarf. Its director Juan Solanas It sheds light on the fundamental questions raised in this burning and divisive debate in Argentine society, as well as in other parts of the world.

Thanks to this documentary film, Solanas bears witness to the upheaval of Argentine politics and the path that women have to travel before they can express their free will and finally decide what they have.

2 – “Sometimes Rarely Sometimes Always” (2020)

In a deserted Pennsylvania town, Autumn (Sydney Flanagan) Lives in hostile family environment. A troubled love life, there aren’t many people to go back to as a teenager. So when she thinks she’s pregnant, she goes to the local family planning office alone. At the scene, the “pro-life” speech that was served to her left the young girl with a few options. With his cousin Skyler (Talia Ryder), The young girl left for New York, where she could have pregnancy surgery without her parents’ permission.

Presented at the Sundance Festival in 2020, and the winner of the Grand Jury Award at the Berlinale the same year, “sometimes seldom always” is a steep dive into America’s disobedience to women’s free will. Director and screenwriter Eliza Hitman The depths of America give us an appointment where young people come up against harassment and abuse.

And if the central theme of the film is abortion and the question of independent choice, then solidarity among women is also a recurring theme of the story. Through the eyes of just two heroes from childhood, the film is freed from redundancy and humbly outlines a beautiful friendship deprived of all justice, a great example of courage and support in a world full of confusion.

1 – “The Event” (2021)

An ambitious and gifted student of letters, Ann (Anamaria vertolomei) Seeing her plan stop when she finds out she’s pregnant. She refuses to continue this pregnancy which will jeopardize all her career plans, she wants to have an abortion. Although the law criminalizing abortion has not yet been enacted, and no one is giving her the help she desperately needs, the young woman has been forced to go underground. A chaotic and painful journey to abortion. Endangering his life in order to regain his freedom, to assert his free will and to make his body suitable for him.

French director Audrey Diwan Adapted by eponymous autobiographical novelsAnnie Ernax Released in 2000 “The Event” is an immersive dive into Ann’s career, with a young student claiming the freedom of her choice. Filmed in a square format that allows the sometimes annoying intimacy with the characters, the feature film is not only related to abortion, it also deals with women’s sexuality and aspirations at a time when women are not only thought through the work of her reproduction.

Casey Mottet-Klein, Luana Bajrami, Sandrin Bonaire, Anna Moglis And PO Marmai Share the poster of this film which is moving and boring, extreme and painful in what it says and radical in its staging. With sensitivity and brutality, Audrey Diwan The tragic and tragic reality of women in the 1960s has been portrayed, forcing them to risk their lives to maintain their free will.

More worrying and frightening is that 50 years later, in 2022, women and their bodies are not a matter of personal choice, but a matter of political decision that kills freedom.

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