Are the seven couples from season 6 still together?

The sixth edition of the M6 ​​romance program was shot last fall and aired during the spring, allowing fourteen singles to try to find a soul mate through analysis of compatibility criteria. But the results are very mixed.

The percentage of consistency estimated by experts Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter may be staggering, but those that allow couples to succeed since 2016 are particularly low. After the fifth season of “Married at First Sight” where only one of the seven unions lasted, Studio 89 Team does it again with seven more marriages organized for the first time in Gibraltar. Throughout the first five editions of the show, 58 contestants were invited to meet their good half for the first time on their wedding day. Among these 29 couples:
– I left before going to 3 Town Hall.
-1 did not validate his marriage before the mayor.
– 22 divorced.
– 3 Still Married: Charlene and Vivienne (Season 3), Elody and Joachim (Season 4) as well as Lor and Matthew (Season 5).

Note that the two participants of the first season, Tiffany (divorced from Thomas) and Justin (rejected by Town Hall by Valentine) fall into a relationship after their experience, get married and give birth to two children together. After Season 2, Emanuel (divorced from Florian) and Laurent (divorced from Vicky) lived together for more than a year before the breakup. What about the seven couples formed in Season 6?

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Alicia and Bruno (83% compatible): Still married

Between the 28-year-old decent nurse living near Aix-en-Provence and the 31-year-old civil engineer working near Cannes, Charm worked immediately. The young woman, identified by a serious traffic accident six years ago, had spent her older sister’s life, quickly reassured by Bruno’s calmness, elegance, patience and maturity. From their wedding in Gibraltar to the balance sheet with their honeymoon in Portugal, their story seems to have cut through the slightest wave. The production tried to convince us that Bruno’s sister Carin could damage the relationship because of her rightful side. The reality was completely different. Today, Alicia and Bruno are still happily married and together.

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Caroline and Axel (80% compatible): Divorced

Experts say they welcome the candidacy of the 29-year-old concierge entrepreneur as a real challenge. A devout woman, the mother of a three-and-a-half-year-old boy, this vegetarian nature and animal lover was looking for a man who shared his values ​​and way of life in a small village in Hauts-Alpes. . If he has much in common with the 30-year-old project manager and site pilot, the current did not pass during the meeting in Gibraltar. At least for Caroline who felt absolutely nothing deeply for him with whom she still agreed to marry. But 48 hours after trying to believe the story without any future, the couple first canceled their honeymoon before deciding to divorce.

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Emily and Frederick (84% compatible): Divorced

After her first divorce ten years ago, the real estate negotiator became pregnant by a man who left her during her pregnancy. At the time of filming, the single mother of the seven-month-old daughter was married to Frederick, a 40-year-old real estate agent and the father of a 14-year-old disabled girl. Their meeting in Gibraltar foreshadowed a promising relationship between them, as they seemed to be of the same wavelength. But outside of the camera, the first excitement occurred until there was a big argument at the end of the honeymoon in Prague. Despite the rapid reunion, returning to France with the obligation of a long-distance relationship – one in Paris and the other in Vare Hare – aggravates their problems. After many explosions, one and the other decided to divorce.

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Pauline and Damien (77% compatible): Still married

Supported by her parents who went so far to enroll her in the show, the 37-year-old car sales consultant met with her colleague, a 33-year-old generous nurse. Extremely sincere in their approach, Pauline and Damien have given the impression of knowing each other forever because their marriage is an example of success. They, like their respective families, liked each other at first sight. And even if a few more incidents happen than anything else (breaking the car at the wedding, the problem with the plane on their honeymoon…), it’s nice to see the beginning of their love story. During the assessment in front of the experts, they logically confirmed their desire to stay married.

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Jennifer and Eddie (81% compatible): Divorced

Looking for confidence in men after betrayal and a painful breakup, the 32-year-old hair salon manager is the mother of a 7-year-old boy. Despite her desire to participate in the experience, the Lily woman – a former Miss France contestant – had the most difficulty overcoming her monsters from the past and fully realizing the beginning of her relationship with Eddie. The 37-year-old event manager, who lives in Waskehall, also hurt by her past relationship, was patient and attentive in creating her story with Jennifer. Despite a relationship that is slow to unravel, one and the other decided to stay married at the end of the balance sheet in front of experts. But the following days did not allow their relationship to materialize and the decision to divorce was taken jointly.

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Cindy and Jaffrey (76% compatible): Divorced

The 39-year-old former professional swimmer, a friend of Florent Manaudu and Frederick Bosquet, began the experience in an attempt to end his long existence as a perpetual bachelor and build a family life. Marseilles ’meeting with the 33-year-old beautician Sparking Cindy, who lives in Grass, worked immediately. Very sensitive from the first day of their relationship, they both lived these first moments full life together. But once in France, their differences arise: the lack of communication, the rarity of their reunion, one after the other and their disagreement, Cindy and Jafre decide to divorce two weeks after they meet.

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Sandy and Alexander (77% compatible): Divorced

The 40-year-old telephony business manager who lives in Vare is the father of three children: a 17-year-old girl born from a first relationship then two boys aged 5 and 8 from a second love story. All the difficulty for her was to find someone who took her emotional past to form a new family. Experts have felt a consistency important enough to believe in a lasting relationship with the hypersensitive and silent 32-year-old school teacher. Frightened on the wedding day, Sandy expresses doubts about her feelings towards Alexander. After a beautiful honeymoon, a first disagreement arose in France, the young woman was very fond of his wife. If they decide to stay married after the balance sheet in front of the experts, their relationship ends quickly due to differences in their mentality.

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