At the end of the baby’s month, Aicha Nanet Conte: “Those who subject children to FGM will face justice.”

The celebration of Children’s Month is coming to an end in Ginni. On this occasion, the Minister for the Protection of Women, Children and Vulnerable Persons, Mrs. Aicha Nanet Conte, yesterday, Tuesday, June 28, 2022, proceeded to inaugurate the open days dedicated to the children of Guinea, noted a journalist from who attended the event.

After thanking and congratulating the President on the passage, Colonel Mamadi Doumbuia, CNRD, Prime Minister’s Head of Government, Technical and Financial Partners for their support and cooperation, Madam Minister for Protection of Women, Children and Vulnerable People, warned against temptation to circumcise girls .

“The end of June does not mean that we have to stop interfering. We start vacations and this is an opportunity for some people that our kids have harmful habits, female genital mutilation. I am saying loudly and clearly here that anyone who tries to carry out such violence against our girls will be found and brought to justice and our young girls will be found guilty of rape, ”Aicha Nanette warned Conte.

But this warning is not only for circumcisers, who open orphanages without fulfilling the conditions, they have been asked to refrain.

“On the occasion of this month of baby in Guinea, I have visited several orphanages across the country. Overall they are well kept. The children’s department provides periodic inspections and social workers and we even go to the scene. Since the unfortunate incident at Akauna Mataka Orphanage was recorded, orphanage caretakers and tenants have been trained so that everyone is challenged about their responsibilities. The first and foremost task of the state is to take care of those who do not have parents. So we are not going to abandon them. I would like to request orphanages that are not in the situation to sort themselves out. Everyone should be able to take their responsibilities and align themselves. If you can’t run the orphanage properly. It is not an open one, ”the minister said, referring to the protection of women, children and the vulnerable.

For its part, the National Director of Children, Akoï Guilavogui, has listed the actions performed by the department on the occasion of this month of the child.

Akoï Guilavogui, National Director for Children

“The activities for the Children’s Month in Guinea started from Kankon, the head of government of the Prime Minister, Mohamed Bevogui. Solidarity measures have been taken by the Minister for the advancement of women and children, towards vulnerable children. She went to Kankan Regional Hospital where she brought kits for newborns and children in difficult nutritional situations. It has provided assistance to some centers, especially the residents of the orphanage and a center that welcomes children with disabilities. In the lab, he has visited orphanages and reception centers. But also the structure that cooperates with us. This is the case of the Police Service, Juvenile Court. This is also the case in Kindia, where families and the needy have benefited from the solidarity and support of the department. On June 16, on the occasion of African Children’s Month, a national campaign against violence against children was launched. And today’s conclusion is the summary of the child’s month where all partners, through a single document, will read current progress, challenges and proposed solutions. This is to allow the Minister to make requests to the other departments and structures involved so that we can move faster to fulfill Guinea’s promise. It will be possible to end violence against children by 2025, ”recalled the National Director for Children.

Attending the meeting, UNICEF Representative Dr. Adama Wedrago, after welcoming Guinea’s innovations and advances in child protection, reiterated his organization’s commitment to supporting the country in its goal of protecting children.

Dr. Adama Vedrago

“I reiterate UNICEF’s commitment to supporting the services of the Ministry of Public Works for the Improvement of Child Protection in the Republic of Guinea for Women, Children and the Vulnerable,” she said.

In a highly illustrious intervention, the President of the Children’s Parliament, Mariama Diallo, called on the government and all actors involved to unite citizens to protect children against all forms of violence and especially child rape and child marriage.

Honorable Mariama Diallo, President of the Children’s Parliament

A call that fits perfectly with this year’s theme, the title: Eliminating harmful habits affecting children: Progress in policy and practice since 2013 ”.

Through the establishment of a number of legal instruments and tools, in particular, the ratification of the International Convention on the Protection of the Child, the adoption of the Child Code, the Child Court and the National Gender Protection Office, Child and Ethics (OPROGEM), Guinea. Out on the continent’s best in preventing and protecting children’s rights.

Among the partners present at the event, we mentioned UNICEF, Plan-Guinea, Child Fund, Children’s Village and a number of local NGOs that support the government in its policy of protecting children’s rights. The event, an open day that runs through June 30, 2022, was marked by stand inspections by officials and technical and financial partners.

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