At what age should a child be kept in a joy-go-round?

Different types of rides

There are merry-go-rounds and merry-go-rounds! There are different types:

Carousel ride: It is a rolling platform, with different sized seats for children. They can be stationary or mobile. In most traditional carousels, there are wooden horses or other animals. Most recent rides can offer machines (police cars, fire trucks, etc.) and racing cars carrying images of characters admired by superheroes and children. Some can animate, climb up and down (helicopters, planes and rockets), swing back and forth (horses and other animals). Using buttons or levers, children can activate a bell, a horn, and so on. These rides certainly have less magical aspects than the carousels of the past but make our little ones happy. Especially when there is a pompom (the famous “Mickey’s Tale”, which must be caught during a carousel ride), a carousel ride with a key!

Thrill ride (Less or less powerful): These attractions are found in theme parks (Disneyland Paris, Park Asterix, Jardin d’Acclimation, La Mere de Sabal, etc.). These can range from carousel rides at much higher speeds to fast trains, not to mention rocking boats flying in the sky or even moving movies. Often, the car we sit in follows a path on the railroad. Most extremes, roller coasters can have quick landings and climbs, even spins or loops. Most of these rides require a strong protection device.

Why advise a child to go to a carousel?

In addition to entertaining children, the rides also offer multiple learning opportunities for children, starting with imitation On the wheels of their cars or their motorcycles, they are like parents! They develop fine motor skills by activating the buttons and levers of their machine (it goes up when you press it and goes down when you let go) as well as understanding the “cause and effect” concept. Also, and this is a concern for the little ones, going on a carousel ride can help reduce the separation anxiety: even if he is no longer in sight at a certain moment in the ride, the child sees his parents reappearing and he feels reassured. Finally, joy also helps to teach children patience. They must wait for the previous round to end, but above all until all the children come down before their turn.

At what age should a child sit in a cheerful-go-round?

Babies are not always in such a hurry, often their parents are happy to give them their first trip! For young children, just seeing the colorful-go-round turn, observing the play of light and hearing the sound is already an attraction for them. It is best to wait for the child to show interest in this type of activity on their own. This can happen very quickly, especially if there is an older brother or sister nearby who can spend hours on the ride!

You can offer your child, from the age of 10 or 12 months, to discover the joy of a carousel-type ride. In the beginning, it is recommended to place your child in a certain seat, which is in place, which does not turn on itself and which has a belt. If the safety device remains mandatory for everyone, regardless of the carousel, it is forbidden for a very young child who still does not know the rules, such as standing while using the carousel. There are unexpected reactions to the road and what it can do, especially the first time. If the child has a need, before starting the test (or repeating it), it is essential to explain to him what he is going to do, how the carousel works and to monitor his behavior. During the first round, you can stay close to him in the carousel to reassure him and make sure everything is going well. After 18 months, the baby will benefit more from the moment. He can feel more attracted to the vehicle in the activity, which he can control and manage himself. And you go for 5 or 6 year negotiations (“We said two rounds, not three!”).

From about 5 years old, children – who already love the ride – will love the theme parks where there is often a wide choice of tastes and attractions for all generations. The older the question, the predominant size. Thrill rides usually impose a minimum height to access them for obvious safety reasons. To give you an idea, be able to board Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris “Crazy Train” (baby must be at least 1.02 m tall). For ‘Hyperspace mountain, It is the lowest 1.32. For A difficult time, Parc Astérix Swing Boat 1.20m. In addition to its size, the child’s desires and moods need to be considered. If the speed, the atmosphere of joy and excitement frightens him, then obviously he should not be forced.

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