Helen, a mother of three, makes jewelry from breast milk

Near Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), founder of Hélène Messé Tétou Né, a website where she sells jewelry to compose with breast milk stones and / or hair locks. (Brian Le Gough / News Renaissance)

This Bit common, Some would say. But not so much according to the increase of Teto was bornThe company was founded in 2019 Helen MesseNorth of Renaissance (Ille-et-Vilaine) for approximately three years, it has been producing and marketing for mothers through its anonymous website Jewelry to compose With a stone to them Breast milk And / or a Hair lock Of their child.

I went from about ten orders per month to about 200 orders.

Helen MesseTetur was born

This MomAge 36, was Three children, 7-year-old twins and a 5-year-old child. “I have always been a nursing mother and I am For natural milk weaning, That is, when the child decides to stop. It usually occurs between the ages of two and a half to five years. “For knowledge, Just watch with your child. “When he no longer asks or when we offer him and he doesn’t, we quickly realize that it’s over. A

His profession became his addiction

Helen Messi is always there Enjoyed breastfeeding And in particular Beneficial links That it makes with her child. “I was involved as a facilitator in the La Leche League Association, the only international organization that supports breastfeeding. I was very fast In contact with mothers With which there was pain or other problems. I understand thatWe do not inform them enough How to do it in this area. A

This was followed by a creation Facebook group To exchange between breastfeeding mothers. It’s more than that now 80,000 members.

Like me, many mothers wanted to keep the memory of their bond with their baby while breastfeeding. I noticed that a piece of jewelry with breast milk was made specifically in the United States.

Helen MesseTetur was born

“Enthusiastic about breastfeeding and manual, I wanted to do a work related to these two points. So I found a way to make jewelry from breast milk,” continued Hélène Messé.

Inside September 2019He started his entrepreneurial venture by creating his own website for sale Jewelry Consists of a stone of mother’s milk and / or a lock of the child’s hair: “I propose today More than 100 modelsFrom rings to earrings, bracelets and necklaces or even adjustable Pandora beads ”.

What does the gem look like when finished.
What it looks like is a finished pendant. (Brian Le Gough / News Renaissance)

How is jewelry made?

Count Between 35 and 120 euros Depending on the jewelry model selected. Once this step is completed, send Hélène Messé to each client Kit for breast milk recovery Necessary and hair lock which he has to send back to the workshop for preparation.

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When the breast milk and hair lock have arrived, the jeweler follows the mother Very strict protocol So that the breast milk becomes solid in its liquid state, close to the stone.

For this, I reduce breast milk, disinfect and dehydrate. Then I use a solvent that will give the milk a stone hardness.

Helen MesseTetur was born

Reached the stone aspect, the designer will be able to combine or not baby hair. “She can Personalized Jewelry with gold, rose gold or silver leaves, for example. গড়ে It takes an average of four to five days to make jewelry Six and eight weeks Between order and delivery.

“A sacred duty”

She admits that many mothers are surprised to be sure that they are getting jewelry with the right breast milk. “In response, I explain everything to them Traceability method, That breast milk does not leave their name. I know I have a big responsibility. Nothing to offer your breast milk. A

Development is an activity

Like Helen Mess, several websites use breast milk to design jewelry. In particular, you can find Ma parenthèse lactée, L’or d’une vie and Ouistiti & Co. The Lackto site also gives moms the possibility to create their own creations.

99% of its customers are mothers Who are giving themselves gifts. “Sometimes there are fathers who place orders for their wives, but this is still rare. He also observes the provocative questions and reactions to this activity.” It’s the mothers who know what it represents. “Hélène Messé concludes.

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