Memories of Vieilles Charrues: “But who is this dog? “, The day a member of Joey Starr’s team insulted me – Vielis Charus

1996. My first “plow”, moved to Carhaeks a year ago. I was the only telegram journalist to cover the event. Another era that journalists under the age of 50 may not know. That year, Bernard Lavilliers, Zebda, Les Innocents … cape the fairgrounds. But I especially remember laughing with Serge, a man in the city’s technical services, who constantly threatened to “cut the juice” because of multiple quarrels with a manager.

1997. A member of Jane Birkin’s staff ran after me on the streets of Carhaix to take pictures of the singer at the rehearsal! I also took part behind the scenes, a monster fight between two of James Brown’s lyricists, whose arrival in Carrhicks was the most incredible.

1998.The festival is moving towards Kerampuil. “Happiness in the grassland,” Lee wrote in the Telegram for the first time. Not last … that year, we reported on three events. A luxury. Two pictures stuck with me. Residents of the Ehpad de Persivien, who came to greet Charles Trentet and who returned shortly after the end of the Concert du Fou Chantant. And a human tide of 100,000 festival-goers.

By relocating to Carampoo, Vielis Charus took on another dimension and now welcomes the tide of people every year (here, in 2001). (Archives The Telegram / Claude Present)

1999. A six-day festival and a strong memory: Bagadu entering Baghdad dance for the first time.

2000. Sick, I pass my turn.

2001. I especially remember the search for incredible hidden treasures around the Technival announced next to the festival. Rumors spread before the Ravers finally landed on Paul (22). A physically and nervously exhausting version.

2002. A picture remained with me: of 16-year-old Florian, who came from her crowd. 1,387 km on the clock! For this voyage to Central Britannia, he took six days, motivated, to find himself in the roadblocks of the peasants (always afraid of the Rev.)… Trefrin (22) and half-rounds. Before meeting the two bikers of Gendarmerie who helped him cross the road block!

2003. I think the great human chain, made up of 3,000 people, to protect the festival threatened by the uninterrupted bipartisan conflict, who later responded with a silent procession and a stand in front of the town hall, was much more horrific. Which intervenes in the evening when some reunited people try to invest in a site locked by volunteers and the name of the bird that fuses …

Photo Cloud Present / The Telegram.  Quimper (29) 08/07/2003: Demonstration of support for the Festival des Vialis Charues 2003, threatened by the intermittent Du Speckle movement.  A lot
On July 8, 2003, a demonstration in support of Vielis Charus was held in Kumper, threatening the strike movement of entertainment workers. (Telegram Archive)

2004. At Vieilles Charrues, we meet political stars that year, like Jack Lang, who came to town hall square to shake hands and … play shuffleboard on the ground.

2005. I remember a meeting with German fans of Deep Purple, who forced me to drive around town on a motorbike, and laugh at the festival’s vice-president, Jean-Philippe Quignon, when, by mistake, the manager of a food stand mistakenly ordered New Order (whom I didn’t know then And whom I no longer know today), I ask him how much sausage has been eaten! Or I forgot the response of a colleague Paris asking me charitably whether I had lost my mind.

2006. Horrible image: Johnny Halliday, lands in a helicopter at Pinson Stadium and immediately jumps into his 4X4.

2007. A smile after meeting the two Swiss retirees, Ajnava fans are desperately looking for the “Carhaix Country Club”, just to wait until the opening night in “good condition”.

2008. That year, reporters tracked Raymond Domenich, whose constant rumors announced his presence a month after the Blues dropped out of the Euros. Like many colleagues, I searched for it in vain. Finally, Jacqueline, the wife of our local correspondent Maurice Bilirit, who will manage to take a snapshot of the blues camouflage coach at the VIP stand during the concert of Vanessa Paradis.

2009. I remember Jeff Moran, the very “Flower Power” mayor of Woodstock (mentioned in a twin relationship with Carhaeks) and three English fans of Bruce Springsteen who blocked the post out of frustration at not being able to find a place to go. 5,000 to pay!

Bruce Springsteen is leaving his hotel during the 2009 Old Plow Festival.
Bruce Springsteen is leaving his hotel during the 2009 Vieilles Charrues Festival. (Archives Le Telegram)

2010. I remember the catastrophe that struck during the concert of Muse and the two cowboys (the Far West was honored that year), undressing in the middle of an interview and posing after their underwear in the puppet of the then-President of the Republic, Nicholas. Sarkozy. Picture not published.

2011. One meeting, on the opening day with the future president of the republic, Franোয়াois Hollande, who, before leaving for the festival, gave a stroll to the Karhaisian premises of the PS and gave a kiss to all his fans.

2012. Years of superheroes, sometimes not so super. I remember a fight between Superman and Batman near Station Bridge one evening. Reason for dispute: Ribery’s performance in the French team!

2013. In the scorching heat, the memory lost 3 kg in four days!

2014. Meet “Return”, a colorful character who hosted less than 115 festival-goers! And in memory of his famous “Chicken House”, this unused chicken coop was transformed into a nightclub after the Villis Charuce Party!

2015. I don’t recognize Joey Starr at all, lying on his deckchair, and almost pushing him while running behind a volunteer. “But who is this dog? Then a member of his group shouted. I have as many people to serve him! Wrapper, he won’t crack.

Carhaix (29) Vieilles Charrues Festival 2015 Joey Starr at the Caribbean Dundee Project to end the fire at Glenmore last night !!
Joey Starr in the Caribbean Dundee Project, Les Charles in 2015. (Telegram Archive)

2016. Two pictures come to mind. The day after the Nice attack, heavily armed troops were deployed along the Ring Road. And the Lighter One World Tricycle Championships over 30 meters arranged by Laurent Chandemerell and Mary Men of the Wood Bridge Association.

2017. A smile in front of the festival-passenger “circus” wearing stiletto heels after unexpectedly stepping on dung in Orange Car Park. “She should be happy, however, it brings good luck,” says one volunteer, ridiculously.

2018. Ongoing reunions with the big-hearted volunteers at Erra’s Nose, who gather every year for sick children.

2019 I remember walking about 80 kilometers in four days and winning the telegram journalists’ competition. Another interesting memory: a luncheon with the cheerful catering pro team, starting with caterpillars on the table, singing: “We cook and we have an explosion… it’s a great, great, great catering product! A

2021. I especially remember the 48-hour opening of the festival and the state of the site concerns the organizers who were forced to cancel the traditional pictures of volunteers.

This situation came to an end and on Tuesday 6th July it rained continuously throughout the day.
Site conditions, Tuesday, July 6, 2021, at the end of a continuous rainy day. (Telegram Archive)

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