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Prehistoric planets Apple TV + labeled new production, a platform that stands for the high quality of its projects (Foundation) So when the bitten apple decides to make a documentary on dinosaurs, we can only rejoice. As the first evidence of the only human presence and quality in the series, we have David Attenborough as a guide. Sir, the scientist, naturalist and producer of wildlife documentaries for years (and none other than his brother Richard Attenborough, aka John Hammond) Jurassic Park), Takes on the role of storyteller In this safari of an era that no one knows. And the dinosaurs are actually stars, the narrator knows how to keep quiet to let the magic work.

As an observer of this extinct world, visitors discover fragments of the life of these giant birds through various biomes that will chapter the series. So go through in front of us The most famous dinosaur Such as Triceratops, Velosyraptor, Mosassar or the inevitable Tyrannosaurus rex, as well as less popular but equally interesting ones such as Quetzalkoltus, Dinocheras, Pleissoceus and a dozen more. Even if some of them come back several times in the episode, it’s a chance Present a new stage in their life cycleRenew their best known images.

Who knew Rex could swim?

Thus different scenes Prehistoric planets Looks like moments captured by a reporting team that had to lower their cameras just to see a landscape. He appears Seeing these animals alive is a form of poetry and tenderness. When baby pterosaurs are about to try their first flight under the eyes of their parents and hunters are ready to pick them up, or this column of weather-adventurous edmontors, the series realizes the dream of placing us in the heart of this prehistoric creature.

With the life and death of these giant reptiles, Prehistoric planets By having Hans Zimmer in the music, he makes it strong again. Famous conductors (The Dark Knight, Caribbean pirates) Maybe the sign One of his most personal compositions. After the Oscar-winning soundtrack Hill, Prehistoric planets Lets him go back to the more lively and lively orchestral symphony. The tones change, perfectly matching the many scenes that could be moments of excitement, fights, romance or aerial rides. Thus, we find its airs InterstellarOf GladiatorOf Sherlock Holmes And obviously The lion king.

Prehistoric planets: picturesKing Triseratops

To throw money around

This is a huge highlight of the series and one that will surely appeal to the public: Prehistoric planets Mfg. John “Hammond” Favreau’s team has done an impressive job These dinosaurs look realistic. Animals have never been so truthful as to see patterns of the same species separated into skin by multiple imperfections, such as heavy breathing, expressive vision, or muscle contraction. Especially since modeling considers the latest paleontological discoveries by adding feathers and hair. It just can’t be heard, The same Jurassic World Don’t reach that.

Prehistoric planets: pictures“Saropad Patrol”

In the service of all these strategiesA stunning feat that reveals all the glory of these prehistoric Titans. The compelling sequences show all the dangers of natural selection on the stage borrowed from wildlife reports and movies. Thus, beautiful frames are laid Rocking the viewer in contemplation and ambush observation Worthy of a reporter National Geographic. Only the great lights that illuminate the landscapes occupied by dinosaurs and primitive plants create an image of incomparable beauty in the wildlife documentary.

If we believe so much in it, it also anchors the camera in space through staging. It can be attached to a tree and vibrate under the weight of a dinosaur, or use short focal lengths to distort a dinosaur that comes close to the lens and strengthen its magnitude. Prehistoric planets Also regularly compares dinosaurs with nature or other species for the size of cattle. Even night scenes benefit from techniques that make the journey real and realistic, for example, using a torch in a lens or using a night camera when descending into an abyss.

Prehistoric planets: picturesFirst date on Tinderus-rex

Digital Park

Even if the series plays an animal reporting card, we rarely find the brutality and bestiality of such productions. And we have even less source information that proves what the series shows us. An explanatory commentary may break the immersion sought by John Favreau’s series, but highlights the species for a false animal report whose entire behavior is based on conjecture, More scientific information would be welcomed. It would also be much more humble to describe as documentary how it came to life in CGI by developing how the documentary came to a conclusion.

Prehistoric planets: picturesA / She pushes him into the water. B / she calls him “Bravo Niels”.

Prehistoric planets There is not a single bone that tarnishes his experience. The Apple TV + series wants to sound like a wildlife report, but in the end, every scene comes out of the human mind and So is scripting. There is never an immediate and unexpected reality of a documentary of a true nature. Especially since this description often rubs into the characters of human beings sticking with dinosaurs, it brings us back to the fact that we are looking at digital and not real.

This visual perfection is wrapped in a very human emotion for animals Creates a similar annoying valley shape The lion king Jon Favreau’s speech, however, does not equate to the human appearance of reptiles. Dinosaurs 2000’s. Prehistoric planets The man wanted to exclude the presence, but unfortunately his big pink paw was still visible.

Prehistoric Planet aired on Apple TV + from May 23, 2022.

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