Roman Santarelli, a debut album and a live performance at the EuropaVox Festival on Friday 1st July: Electro-Sensation!

The wind is good! Roman Santarelli, at the co-operative’s residence in May, spent the whole of last week preparing the set he will give for EuropaVox on Friday, July 1, the day of the release of his debut album. Cosmo Safari !
The beginning of the dream-like electro definition.

Let’s talk about all of this in a good mood with this young Clarmontois whose name appears more and more in front of the huge electronic music scene.

How were you a few hours before the release of your first album and your set at Europavox?

How are you No, I’m stressed (laughs) Actually, it’s true, it’s a big deadline! Album releases, premieres of the show, events at Claremont. I have to be proud of Kupe, who believes in me; As a local artist I have to make everyone a little proud, even if I’ve been in Lyon for a while.

But I’m going to be back soon (laughs), I need these mountains that I love, I want to be green.

Which does not change much in terms of creation. Clermont, Lyons, Paris.

The difference is the world you see more easily. Later, getting out of my cave, leaving was interesting. Suddenly, I stopped doing everything alone and today, most of the team around me is from Lyon.

Especially since it’s not the only exercise we’ve seen you do in the beginning.

I didn’t really feel alone on stage …
Then, this was the moment when I said in my mind my song is not so bad (laughs), I started. What I have done with cowries or ultraviolet has allowed me to walk this path.

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Stress, suddenly, all for you!

There are advantages to being alone, but there are also disadvantages … I’m still sharing with the technical team. Anyway, I’m the Gang’s Stressed One (laughs)!

And then there’s the fact that the specialized press didn’t have the eyes of love for you: “The Next Generation”, “The Fine Flowers of Electro”, and so on.

It’s encouraging, seriously! Then, to move on, I tell myself it’s just music, you see (laughs) …

You’re right, but …

I think there are questions about time; It may be time to move something from a local project to a different scale.

Come on, let’s stop with this stressful story. Let’s talk about your album, “Cosmo Safari” which was released on 1st July. Love (s) and Emotions (s) Q: What is your music translation?

Speaking of the title Amormas For example, a neologism that awakens different aspects of love […] In another example, I questioned the idea of ​​love with an entity you haven’t met yet – when my sister gave birth – but you already know who you have to love. There is also self-love; There are also many embarrassments like cyber temptations, etc.

Also, with you, the idea of ​​dancing, of creating public dances, is really there. With which we will add here as a dose of frustration, right?

You have to come and watch live !!! I like the dilemma between the very cerebral aspect of music and the more club aspect. I like the ups and downs, the differences that actually cause frustration.

1,280 m² for artist accommodation at the La Diode cultural site in Clermont-Ferrand

It’s a gesture, a wish …

Yes, it is a wish. I think there is something urgent in a way. I composed the whole album while in captivity. I, like everyone else, was frustrated not to go out, not to go on stage. The frustration, which he wanted and enjoyed, comes from there, I think.

In that content you have confirmed your electro music culture.

I have heard, read and researched a lot. I have done an encyclopedic journey with pioneers like Jarre or Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream. I’ve actually heard a lot that I’m moving forward … (Laughter)


Lots of wrapping. I tried to understand. What I don’t find in electro music I find there. Sound, instability of energy; There is something that gives you the nickname right now. I have heard a lot of VALD, Isha, PNL.
Basically, I was rock. I came to music on guitar …

And you want to wake up one morning and do electro?

Well not really far away. At that point, I wanted a software to create and record myself. Naturally, once I had the tool in hand, I started putting on synths, and I discovered Ron, the big slap! Exclude guitar, vocals, my songs weren’t really that good, you know (laughs); And I had a flash, an opening for electronic music. I was immersed in a world that fascinated me.

How do you expect people to come out of your concert on Friday 1st July and then come on a summer tour?

I want them to be surprised, to feel more “broad”, I like this idea. I like, when I discover a word, to be a film, to be advanced, to be rich. Yes, I want it to be like this. n then see you on the factory stage! Yes! I tried to create the set, with different tables, both sound and visual, so that there is no monotony of one second!

Julien Dodon

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