She publishes pictures of her home in Corsica and is deceived

Host Christine Bravo sure. Since he has escaped from Paris, he is breathing a sigh of relief. However, a joke upset his balance!

Christine Bravo, more fulfilling than ever!

Christine Bravo returns to the show after a heated argument with her BFF Laurent Ruku Big head. The two never explained to the audience why they were cold. Thanks for the archive video provided by Objeko, You realize the emotions of the two main characters in this relationship. Between the first captivity and the sudden death of their mutual friend Pierre Benichou, all this had an effect on their reorganization. Two years later, what has been engraved forever in the history of the PAF has revealed incredible, whether for the public service or the TNT. His fans can not believe! Not only did he abandon his Parisian barge, he also moved to the provinces. Did the fly bite him? Who is responsible for his deportation? Answer, we give it to you immediately!

On the way to a new life!

About a month ago, Christine Bravo sowed the seeds of panic on her Instagram account. The one who captured her freedom as well as her bizarre lifestyle seems to be finally moving her marbles away. To celebrate as it deserves to be, go to the out-of-course! Instead of looking at the stolen pictures in the press, he prefers to post them on social networks. This is practical for those who could not travel. Objeko thinks of Laurent Rukuer in particular. Even if he recently agreed to hand over the keys to the box to Leah Salam on Saturday evening, Hugo Manas’s favorite has an extra schedule. In this article, his colleague Stevie scolds him for passing in front of the mayor… will he one day agree to take this step? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Today, Christine Bravo has a property well anchored on Earth. It sure made him change from his barge which was often the target of curiosity. By achieving a similarity in the seventeenth century, he knows that it risks creating a stir on the web. Also, for a few months, he will take care of the reforms … in his own way! For example, the garden that surrounds her only comes from her wedding list. Nature lovers and especially the small town of Ochiatana, the couple have escaped the darkness of the capital for profit. Truth

Christine Bravo has forgotten a small detail.

As if to justify himself, he remembers that he spent all his leisure time To travel outside the tourist circuit. At the age when others are retiring, Christine Bravo has achieved her goal. ” To find [son] Anchoring“Since happiness never comes alone, he jokingly says that it is a few kilometers away from the old family landmark. If he had to compare it with all his adventures on the four corners of the planet, he believes he could never have dreamed better!” Greetings from Objeko’s team! In one sentence, those who dare to criticize close their valves. “It’s hard [sa] New and final home, without noise or luxury ”. With a smile, he makes it clear that there are no neighbors for miles around him. Once at home, “One hears only birds, flock bells and village angels. A The overactive ex eventually removes his electric battery suite. From now on he wishes peace. And beware of anyone who disturbs his daily peace. ” Observe Makis and breathe. ! Faced with so much Zen attitude, it doesn’t take much to fight behind the haters!

We know, the members of the ceremony Big head Build a family at heart. Even though many fans regret the absence of legend Philip Bouvard, Laurent Rukuye puts small meals among adults. For example, he proposed to a former master of midi from TF1 to join them. After a while of adaptation, Paul L. Kharrat gets used to it and asks for more. How does he answer in front of historian Frank Ferrand or Christine Bravo? The one who loves to describe the intimacy of the crown head loses his Latin!

Who will have the last word?

Next to Christian Bravo, he has more to do with a certain Florian Gazan. Always teasing, he can’t help analyzing photos with a magnifying glass. Suddenly clicks. What is this analogy doing there? Like anyone else anxious to drive evil spirits out of his sanctuary of peace, the owner of the premises noted that he does not work. Who will I trust? For now, the mystery is elusive!

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