Should we be afraid of meteorites? An expert from Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse answered us

“The old fear of humanity is falling on our heads. But taking an asteroid, yes, is a threat that exists. That fact must be taken into account. ” Experts help us see more clearly.

What are we talking about?

An asteroid, “it’s a rock that orbits in space”. A meteorite is “an asteroid that measures less than one meter in length”.

The asteroid becomes a meteor when it enters the Earth’s atmosphere and then becomes a meteor when it hits the ground.

A 40 km meteorite hole has been discovered at the unique site of Limusin’s Astroblame

Are we taking risks?

The atmosphere protects us from anything below 7 to 10 meters in length. “For the general public, threats, such as those sent by disaster films, are the ‘end of the world’ influencer. But the real danger may not be there. Asteroids more than a kilometer long, which will bring an end to civilization, we know them, we see them. The danger is the “city-killers”, hundreds of meters long asteroid, Olivier Sangui assures. Between the shock wave and the impact, they could equate a big city and cause a humanitarian catastrophe. A

If you understand the image of the cake
Olivia Sangui uses a limpid image to allow her conversation with scientists to realize the importance of meteorites. “Asteroids have been dropped from the planetary structure. Here’s what happens when you bake a cake: There’s always flour on the table. By studying these, we can examine the primary elements, the primary elements used during the formation of the solar system. Because, like cake flour, they are not processed. A

An asteroid recently landed on Earth?

“The most recent incident in Russia, Chelyabinsk, occurred in February 2013. It is a very interesting event, because the damage, injury and destruction of buildings is not due to hitting the ground but due to the impact of its isolation waves.”

This asteroid, about 15 meters long, came to Earth at a speed of 6,000 km / h …

January 2022: A large asteroid will “graze” the Earth on Tuesday evening, within two million kilometers

How is humanity preparing?

“A dozen automated telescopes are responsible for scanning the sky to detect these objects as part of a global agreement: data is public and shared.”

When are they so close to us? “As soon as the moon is between us, it’s very, very hot,” the expert smiled.

If its predicted trajectory touches the earth, action must be taken: “We do not yet have the equipment, but we have the idea to change its course. Dangers are identified, observed. Today, we are trying to get down to business. After all, it is one of the rare natural disasters that can be predicted. A

To understand everythingIMAX / City of Space
Toulouse’s Cité de l’Espace is open every day in summer (allow 6.5 hours for average visits). Film Asteroid hunter Admission costs included in 3D (from 16 16 to. 24.50).

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