What if we stop despising housewives?

Michelle Daniau / AFP

Figarovox- For Women’s Day, the two mothers commemorate a work aristocracy that is often denied even by feminists: educating children at home.

Before the violence starts, the violent husband has a strategy to humiliate his wife, to convince her that he deserves treatment. The approach is largely similar to the violence that some women – calling themselves “feminists” – currently inflict on other women. They began by disqualifying family and educational work: “Who has to be beautiful, hands in shit?” Sung in 1981 by Ann Sylvester. “Even at a very young age, they learn to do the right thing.” MixCité adds today.

The humiliation, pity and then condemnation of domestic work overwhelms the women who devoted themselves to it. In 1963, when Betty Friedman was presented as the victim of a “comfortable concentration camp,” housewives were gradually separated: “Being a housewife remains a choice, and it’s honorable, but it’s a choice that is not compatible with the emancipation process.” In 2009, Gisele Halimi announced.

Instead of condemning exploitation in his name, he underestimated this work, because, according to Savi, “for the height of irony, the only one who is not entitled to a normal pension is the mother. Several children.”

Feminists have waged useful battles so that girls have access to the same education as boys, so that women can practice a trade, so that they can get the careers they deserve. But many “feminists” are getting lost in the real abuse of their “home” sisters who are currently facing a brutal acceleration: Marie-Joe Zimmerman and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem have defended their parents’ 6-month plan to leave. “Keep women away from the labor market”. Economist Séverine Lemière coldly announces that the marital quota should be abolished.“We can’t keep the system because it now protects women in couples with children from decent backgrounds without professional activity.”. Marisol Touraine has announced the end of family growth in pensions that have indirectly rewarded mothers of large families.

However, all studies show that about a quarter of Western women are deeply ambitious to dedicate their lives to their children and their homes (ForbesWoman 2012 in USA, Japanese Ministry of Health 2013, MMM-Europe 2010). As sociologist Katherine Hakim has observed, for about 20% of modern women, family and child life are top priorities. 60% choose work / family compromise and 20% build a career as their purpose, even if it means not being a mother.

One can admit that housewives are victims when they serve the cause by their ineffectiveness. But this is not the case: their domestic work, therefore, is condemned, used directly for Seku’s treasury because they increase future contributors to the pension plan. This represents a paltry 7.8 billion hours per year, or – on the basis of the minimum wage – 99 billion euros. However, the education of a large family – an activity that is extremely lucrative for pensions – usually requires the mother to stay home because of the workload. So, why would you want to impose on these women, in parallel, a full-time job? Why should their spouse “share” the job that they are willing to take? Whose purpose is to devalue this work without condemning exploitation in its name, as, according to Souvi, “To add insult to injury, the only one who is not entitled to a normal pension is the mother of several children.”

How do you explain that these “feminists” are abusing their sisters in this way, in the fearful silence of men, crippled by the idea of ​​being known as “machos”? It is clear that, through immediate remedial action, women claiming to have copied exactly from men will be able to get a useful lipfrog, on a personal basis.

After all, we are hurt by the terrible self-hatred expressed by their violent speech. “What’s coming back today, in a caricature way – although some women are unconscious or ignorant, is hatred of the mother.” Psychoanalyst Jenin Chaseguet-Smergel writes. This observation echoes Simone de Beauvoir: “Hatred for girls has always haunted feminism.” But if their mothers “put them on it”, will they reproduce in the same way, like some beaten children who become violent husbands?

“Children’s education is one of the greatest and most important tasks for humanity. Concern for children has helped women to attach themselves to their homes. We want to say is it artificial and imposed? It will depend on women when they respond independently. Will not be ashamed to claim. Exactly written by Sylvian Agassinski. We claim it.

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