With Urbanis, real estate prospecting becomes a kid’s game

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Real Estate Agents, Promoters, Developers, Individual Home Builders Or Property Dealers … For All Real Estate Professionals, The Sign Of The War Of Expectations. To best assist them in this task, the company Urbanease offers a cartographic prospecting application and a freelance platform. Focus on these two innovative tools.

The company has created two digital prospecting platforms – © DR

Finding land for some, signing orders for others … Prospecting is not the same because it must adapt to every stage of property life and different strategies of professionals.

One problem was well understood by Valentin Pierceman Puzzle who created the Urban Company 3 and a half years ago. It must be said that the latter knows a lot about possibilities. After 7 years as a professor in a family real estate development company and 4 years in real estate prospecting, entrepreneurs are able to identify different stages of potential and develop adaptive tools to allow for the best possible feedback for each of them.

A unique global offer

Opportunity search, opportunity analysis, offer submission and discussion, systematic organization of potential work অনেক many necessary steps to follow to run effective prospecting.

With that in mind, we’ve created tools to cover 3 of these 4 points, submitting offers and discussing is an expression of professional talent. The general manager explained.

His latemotif? ” Cover the whole potential journey with the best tools possible. We are currently the only one to offer worldwide. Our philosophy is that professionals need precise, intuitive and complementary tools according to their needs. Similarly the way we don’t cook with a Swiss Army knife, we don’t expect with a single magnifying glass. “, He added.

To meet this demand, the Urbanage team has created two uniquely innovative digital prospecting platforms.

Necessary daily equipment

Prospec’Immo is a revolutionary freelance platform, broader and more precise than its competitors, to suit the needs of professionals to navigate it. It makes it possible to centralize all the products that come for sale, i.e. from real estate companies, individuals, notary auctions or even from the state …

Thanks to scripts and algorithms, the platform is able to read all ads instead of real estate professionals, create filters based on criteria such as land size, geographical area, but can also conduct comparative studies.

For its part, Urbanease is a cartographic prospecting tool, such as Google Maps for real estate. This makes it possible to compile all the information needed to analyze, anticipate and understand a property, such as cadastre, land information, city planning documents, mandatory attachments, DVF, data jury, tax component, owner information, development tax rate, building height, or Even all environmental levels.

Also available as a mobile app, Urbanease allows users to explore possibilities for sale or identify potential plots, consult with all the information needed to prepare a property analysis or mandate appointment, in addition to being a real field prospecting CRM “Said Valentine Pierceman Pujal.

With more than 7,000 users, the tool has already conquered big names in the real estate sector such as agency networks, promoters, developers, planners and individual home builders.

These include Orpi, Nesten, Keller Williams, Aquipier, Pichet, Hexaum and Sim Imobiliar. ” Finally, Urbanage teams have been working for several months on the final cornerstone of a global strategy: exclusive and exclusive sales leadership for users of our platform. “This offer will arrive in a few months and will complete the group’s range of offers,” announced the General Manager.

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