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Ukraine – February 24, the Russian war in Ukraine begins. For more than four months, the country has been living in the rhythm of war, progress or the retreat of Russian troops. At least 30,000 men have been killed in Ukraine. More than 6 million Ukrainians have been internally displaced, with 5.2 million who have fled abroad not counted.

If martial law concerns men between the ages of 18 and 60, some women have also decided to stay on all fronts, be part of the resistance, and take up arms. Among them, there are some brutal incidents that are hard to describe, including rape. Rape of war has always existed during times of conflict, and the war in Ukraine is no exception.

Whether they choose to stay, try to escape or manage it, Ukrainian women can find themselves in a very risky situation. That’s it for them Halfpost Chose to dedicate a dossierThis Wednesday, June 29, at 10:43 pm on Canal +, the documentary “Ukraine: Women in War” was re-released.

Here are the main lines of this dossier, the details of which you can find in each article

  • To help Ukrainian women, she set up a carpooling network of women at the border.

Carpooling of women and children, by women. Since the beginning of March, Polish women have been organizing in Dorohazk to safely evacuate Ukrainian refugees from a border crossing between Ukraine and Poland.

At the heart of the initiative is Ella Jarmulska, a 38-year-old Polish entrepreneur and mother who lives in the suburbs of the Polish capital, Warsaw. At the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he wanted to act. She started by collecting basic necessities at her daughter’s school. Money, diapers, baby milk, food, medicine …

“The women who have been there have this uncertainty about their future, about their children, they are worried, under pressure.” Olena Serhienko is a midwife and a member of the Medicins du Monde in Dinipro, eastern Ukraine. Since February 24, the date the conflict began, he has observed the consequences of the war on the mental and physical health of the pregnant women who remain there.

According to the United Nations Population Fund, 265,000 Ukrainian women were expecting a child at the start of the war. 80,000 deliveries are expected in the next three months.

On the ground, several American journalists were curious about their situation. Andrew E. Kramer visited a maternity hospital in Kiev in early May New York TimesLauren Egan at a hospital in the Polish capital, Warsaw NBC News The end of April. Both testify to the stress that these women feel and the complications it causes in their pregnancy.

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“If your passport is male, they won’t let you go abroad, they won’t let you go in the passport.” G. Familu is a 31-year-old trans woman from Kiev. If he is finally able to flee his country, he is first called a “war in war”: transphobia in armed conflict.

In April, an estimated 5 million Ukrainians fled their country. And for trans people, this decision to leave their home presents an additional difficulty. “During my recent visit to Ukraine, I was also informed that some transgender people have difficulty leaving the country,” explained Dunza Mizatovich, the European Council’s human rights commissioner, on May 17.

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  • These NGOs are coming together to help Ukrainian women in Poland get abortions

While abortion rights are threatened in the United States, the issue is also in Poland, a highly anti-abortion country where many Ukrainian women, victims of trafficking, violence and rape, have sought refuge since the start of their war with Russia. NGOs and activists, such as Women on the Web, are trying to help

Medical abortion support service, the company has been present in Poland for years. “Before the war, Polish women crossed the border for abortion in Ukraine, where the law was less strict,” he said. Halfpost Veni Ala-Siurua, executive director of the NGO.

Since 2005, Women on the Web has provided abortion pill kits to women less than 12 weeks pregnant in more than 200 countries, including Poland. “We get about 25,000 messages a year from this country, he estimates. Between 2020 and 2021, we’ve received 60,000 requests. While not all requests are successful, it’s very high.”

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Sexual violence is again being used as a weapon of war. In Ukraine, as in other conflicts, the evidence and stories of rape and violence perpetrated by the Ukrainian population, especially women, are growing. These are difficult to document and, when they are, put the victims at risk of re-injury.

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on 17 May announced the deployment of a team of 42 investigators and experts in Ukraine, the largest mission sent to the ground to investigate crimes committed during the aggression. Russian.

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