3 points for making the right decision

Initially reserved for freelance workers, Work place Growing is adopted by companies and professionals in all sectors. Call again Peer space, It provides many benefits and forms a real evolution in the world of work. However, to take full advantage of this, you must choose your coworker well and find what suits your needs. Find 3 elements in this article to know before you make a decision.

What to know for sure about a coworker’s workplace?

The peer space represents a shared or collaborative structure that is intended to conduct a variety of activities.
It mainly targets independent professionals and organizations who are looking for the ideal environment for their employees As a first advantage, This space provides autonomy, flexibility, mobility and economy. By choosing for example to rent a workplace in Paris, you will find the right environment to increase your activity in the city center.

Notice this tooThere are many facets to a workplace. So, according to your expectations, you can choose the most suitable one. Today, you can focus on:

  • A business incubator or incubator: This structure brings companies or start-ups together in the same sector. It offers office and general work rooms to optimize success;
  • A Fellow Cafe: It represents a large room reserved for those looking for a suitable place to work. It is equipped with a catering service, as well as tables and armchairs;
  • Monthly rental space: If you wish, you can choose a dedicated space in addition to a room access for your customers ’needs;
  • A sexual intercourse: This structure includes both a workplace and a residence. So it promotes meetings, exchanges and entertainment;
  • A business center: It provides the necessary equipment to run a business (equipped and equipped offices, internet connection, printers, overhead projectors, conference rooms, etc.). This is consistent with large companies.

The main advantage of the workplace

The peer space is distinguished above all by the accessibility of all areas of activity.
By renting such a framework, you offer your company A favorable environment for work, exchange and meeting with staff. However, its usefulness goes further: there are other aspects to office rental benefits such as:

  • Avoid isolation: Co-worker space ensures a cohesive environment and eliminates the loneliness associated with working from home;
  • Access to various tools and services: The framework provides you with the necessary elements for a business (video conferencing, audio and video equipment, reception area, etc.);
  • Benefits from flexibility and mobility: Depending on your speed and your needs, you can choose the location of your co-worker, whether in Paris or anywhere else in France;
  • Create a professional network: This allows you to meet new people and discuss with other project leaders.

In short, The workplace lets you join a professional community. You can benefit from advice and support, even enrolling new customers.

How to choose the right co-location?

At this time Rent a co-worker space, You will have multiple options. In the market, there is no shortage of offers and they are very diverse. However, they do not guarantee the same benefits and are not suitable for all types of business. So you must take the time to evaluate your needs and consider specific criteria. To help you do this, here are some essential things to check out:

  • Localization: Make sure the location is not too far from your business or home. But you can also choose a city center or suburb, a business or a cosmic district;
  • Suggested services: Depending on the facilities you are looking for, you can prioritize a location based on the availability of specific resources (access to sports classes, fitness offers, training, events, etc.);
  • Schedule: If you have to work all the time, choose a setting with flexible opening times to suit your lifestyle;
  • Price: It varies according to the service, location, duration and quality of service rendered You can compare different offers to find the best one.

As another criterion, You need to check the availability of meeting room and office type (Private or semi-private). The norm is found A solution that reflects the image of your company or your activity. Similarly, if you cannot tolerate noise, you will need to provide a separate closed office or buy active noise reduction headphones.

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