A child dies after colliding with a scooter in Nice: an update on safety issues related to this growing practice

The city of Nice mourned the death of a 5-and-a-half-year-old child on Wednesday, June 30th. Hit by an electric scooter At Promenade des Anglais.

The little boy fell. “At a pedestrian crossing, on a bicycle path, Prom “by the sea”, Assistant to the Public Prosecutor of Nice, according to Parvin Derivari.

The man who was driving the scooter, in his forties, was slightly more injured. According to the first material sent to the prosecution by the national police, the man was driving “Extra speed”. He was arrested on a charge of murder.

In France, the death rate of scooter riders has risen sharply in recent years – at the same time the use of scooters is spreading. 22 deaths in 2021.

But do we behave like driving on the handlebars of a scooter, e.g. So not sure.

Sometimes unbridled use

In the 18 years that the Axa resistance barometer has existed, it has never shown such comfortable use of electric scooters. The latest report, published in early April, examines the behavior of road users.

Conclusion: The new mode of transport, less polluting, is on the rise, as two-thirds of French people question whether they want to choose an active mode of transport.

Walking, cycling, scooter or overboard belong to this “soft mobility”.

Vocabulary can be confusing. “Now, these modes of travel are called rather active mobility”Clotilde du Fretay, general secretary of the Axa Prevention Association, which operates the barometer each year.

“The problem with this mobility is accidents. In the street landscape, there have been more deaths in this section than in the past.” And this is the whole paradox.

Even if the scooter does not represent an accident “She” Of the 1% of victims on the road, the increase in fatal accidents is a matter of concern.

A four-point tour of the challenges of this new use.

1. The impression that it is not dangerous

It is actually a feeling, a lie and a delusion, which we must get rid of. Users “Don’t think they’re riding in a dangerous vehicle. They’re free from the rules. Carrying passengers, for example, is completely forbidden.”

Gold, “49% of scooter owners do that, including parents who take their children to school in the morning. And those who rent scooters do more, 58% for passenger transport, this time for sports.”

2. Effects of alcohol or drugs

Plan to leave your car and return to the scooter to go in the evening. Another false good idea. Using a scooter under the influence of drugs or alcohol “Increased sharply. 58% took it after drinking more than two drinks. 55%, after taking drugs.”

Still this ratio according to the barometer “Sharply up”.

3. Grip of mobile phone

Another highlight: the impact of mobile phones, which enjoy all modes of transport, but which worries most scooter users.

Two-thirds admit to consulting with their text messages and almost all read notifications sent to social networks in the handlebars. “There is a moment when we take our eyes off the road. For the generation born with smartphones, we live in our social life network, living with scooters.”

If the use of GPS is widespread, it is accepted, “This program provided you before you hit the road”. And that is held by a fixing of the phone.

4. But positive

“At AXA Prevention, we’re optimistic. A few decades ago, people didn’t wear their seatbelts. For scooters, everyone realized we didn’t drive on sidewalks anymore. 79% did, but only 19% did.”

The association wants changes to regulations that would make helmets mandatory, and will not be recommended as of today. “We believe a lot in the importance of helmets, because the risks are obvious. The skull pushes.”

And according to Axa Prevention, part of the French are ready for it.

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