A mysterious crash on the moon leaves two impressive holes!

Destroyed by a machine The moon March 4th. Of Astronomer It’s announced. They were not wrong. A few days ago – it was May 25 to be exact – Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Of (LRO) NASA Even the left hole stains by injury. In reality, two holes. The first one is about 18 meters in diameter and the second one is about 16 meters in diameter.

Which the researchers did not expect. But they explain today that it could mean the corpse of a still unknown ship that was wrecked The moon Appears with Mass Important at every end.

No other effects Rocket On the moon – was already far from 50! – No double crater left. Because in general, the mass of the abandoned gear is concentrated near the engine. The other end being a summary Fuel tank Simply put, this double crater could ultimately help astronomers identify the craft responsible in the end. According to the bill GrayFor those who already tried to identify one a few months ago, it would actually be Chinese rocket Chang’e 5-T1.

Today the moon is going to be destroyed by an object of unknown origin!

Researchers announced this a few days ago: a Unknown object The moon will fall far away. A speed of about 9,300 km / h is expected at 1:25 pm Paris time this Friday, March 4, next to the Hertzprung hole. And that it’s finally about a wreck Launcher Chinese Long March 3C – Despite Chinese denials, researchers seem to want to confirm the concept specifically based on spectral measurements – or not, this will be the first time any spacecraft will accidentally hit our natural satellite – if ‘a failed lunar mission counts No.

Astronomers are ready. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO, NASA) has already scanned locations and created a pre-impact image. What, in principle, then obtains more precise measurements than before of the crater formed by the crash. Like them as a result of the intentional meeting of the third stage connected with Saturn V. Apollo program, It should be shallower than natural holes. And more Asymmetric Due to the low angle of impact.

Researchers hope that the breakdown of the machine – a cylinder of 12 meters long and 3 meters in diameter, not less than 3 tons – will come out Moon dust It makes holes between 10 and 20 meters in diameter and hundreds of kilometers away. Unfortunately, no mission will be able to attend the live event. The Chinese rover Those who walk The moon is far away The effect will be too far from the site. And just like the LRO Chandrayaan-2 Will also be out of reach.

In a few days, an unknown object will hit the moon

Of essays Nathalie Mayer Published on 02/22/2022

In a few days, an object will crash away from the moon. This is the first SpaceX and its Falcon 9 Which was separated by an expert to calculate the movement of objects in space.

Then a few days later, China and its Long March 3 C. An estimate was validated by NASA and the University of Arizona (USA).

Impossible, claims Chinese Foreign Ministry. “According to our information, the upper layer of the rocket that carried the Chang’e-5 mission into space has re-entered.Earth’s atmosphere And completely burned “, His spokesman said yesterday. A Statement, Seems to have been confirmed by data from the U.S. space force. The craft will fit us well Atmosphere In October 2015.

In the end, however, the debate here Space debris And following them hard is good and really reviving. Because if the declared effect on the moon should be without consequences for our natural satellites, spacecraft, they could be threatened by the remnants of space missions.

The object that will crash towards the far side of the moon does not come from SpaceX

Nathalie Mayer’s article published on 02/15/2022

A few days ago, Bill Gray, an astronomer, specializes in tracking Objects close to the earthAnnouncing the second stage of a launcher Falcon 9 Developed by SpaceX The moon is about to collapse in the distance. Inside New contacts, He explained today that he was wrong. If an object really wanted to hit our satellite, it would be part of a Long March 3C rocket that launched. Chinese Mission Chang’e 5-T1 In October 2014.

Bill Gray said how he identified it, already seven years ago and thanks to the data Catalina Sky Survey – A program responsible for object tracking NEO To evaluate They can be a threat to the earth -, which laid the second stage of the Falcon 9 launcher Deep Space Climate Observatory Inside Orbit. Brightness, Location, trajectory. Then everything seemed to fit.

“At least at first glance, I should have noticed something strange about the orbit of this object.”, Says Bill Gray today. This is finally an e-mail from an engineer Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) who brought them out. “The Overview The moon seemed believable, but John Giorgini suggested that I instead look at the objects launched shortly before March 2015 in a high orbit passing in front of the moon, in which a few machines arrive. A And whatever is a Rocket The Long March 3C finally seems to fit much better with the data.

Out of control, the SpaceX launcher will inadvertently crash into the moon

Nathalie Mayer’s article published on 01/29/2022

From February 2015, on the second floor Falcon 9 launcher Developed by SpaceX which kept in orbit Deep Space Climate Observatory – Understand, Observatory off Climate From deep space – follows a somewhat random path. And today, near-Earth object tracking experts – Asteroids And others CometIn particular – announce that it will soon collide with the moon.

The event is scheduled for March 4. Next to The moon is far away. NearEquator. It is not currently possible to say more precisely about the time and place of impact.

Incident or non-event? The event is perhaps the first example of the unintentional impact of debris from it Conquer space On the moon. And if one hopes to learn something from the eject that will be produced, there is an expert on the subject who discusses the situation. Blog, Doubt that in this case. Because the effect should be farther away from the moon – so invisible from Earth and probably out of the range of probes currently in the sector, such as the LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) – and in a region Descending Of little interest

Bill Gray, on the other hand, urged SpaceX and others to consider allowing the remnants of their launchers to cross the moon more frequently. To offer us glasses to hit an undisclosed area of ​​a visible face between them during the first or last trimester. And to allow probes to return data to newly formed impact craters.

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